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King Kong Unfiltered: The Final Stages

It’s nearly launch-time for our new range of Athletic Luggage!

We’ve been busy finalizing the design for this exciting new line. Over the past few months, we’ve worked with various factories to make the injection molds for parts of the luggage, as well as getting prepared for production.


This is inside the factory making our shell, wheel and telescopic handle components. What looks like discarded robots are in fact injection molds for all sorts of different parts!


Attention to detail: a closer look at the production of one of the injection molds for our athlete carry-on luggage.

Injection Mold

A huge injection mold machine to produce the shell component of our luggage.

Wheels in motion

King Kong customers need to be able to rely on long-lasting performance!

We went through over 50 types of wheels before settling on a ‘rollerblade-style’ wheel that rotates smoothly over all types of terrain.


Color Choices

There will be two color styles to pick from. These photorealistic mockups are very accurate – especially on the left shell part. The soft nylon front will be slightly different.


Locked in style

Even the TSA locks have been produced to Pantone-match the nylon front material color and shell. They look fantastic!


Get a grip

We’ve designed our handle by going back to basics and working up. It’s a large caliber telescopic handle for unrivalled strength and adjustable height, while maintaining lightness. This is so important for our travelling athletes who need resilience and ease of transport. Here you can see the 3D printed prototypes of the handle in a yellow cream color (the final finish will be metal).

Handle molds
Plenty of room for essentials

Here you can see the prototypes for the padded front pocket. This is perfect for a laptop and other gear, and everything is well-protected by the quality padding.


First True Glimpse of How You’ll Be Travelling Will be Available in the Next 1-2 weeks.  

We’ll make it available for Pre-Order shortly HERE at a steep discount to future retail pricing ($195 instead of $269.95).

If you want to join us on this journey to build better luggage – and get early-bird access when we launch it, enter your name and email below.