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Stronger, double-stitched seams, plus heavier duty shoulder strap clasps. So heavy-duty we’ve classified them as “Unbreakable”.


Unique shoe compartment design. Space for lifting shoes, runners, etc. Now fully constructed with water-resistant 1000D nylon construction which doubles as a wet bag for used towels, etc.





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I got the JNR bag for my birthday and I LOVE this bag!! It is perfect for my OCD self that has to have things separate and contained. The shoe pouch is genius! I can fit everything I need for the gym: clothes, shoes, supplements, etc. It’s also a great bag to pack for some time away. Make a purse please? Fanny Pack? Something smaller so I can have it close to me at all times? The customer service is wonderful too. I made a complete user error fail, and they still made things right! Would definitely recommend anything King Kong to anyone (BF has the OG bag, meal bag, and preordered the backpack)

April 6, 2016
Review By Rebecca Richmond

    The Original King Kong Bag is now available as an unbreakable Junior Kong. All that you love about the Original has been compressed into a 30 percent smaller package that’s highly portable. It’s perfect for your active lifestyle and is built specifically for the demands of Elite Fitness.

    This bag’s compact design still leaves it with a capacity of 8.7 gallons, so it’s spacious enough to carry all your gear. Your gym clothes, shoes, accessories and valuables will be secure and organized for quick access thanks to the dedicated compartments and partitions.

    The Jnr Kong Bag is available in seven colors. It’s constructed with military spec. 1000D nylon and comes with an innovative magnetic carry strap closure, heavy-duty shoulder strap clasps and double-stitched seams. It’ll comfortably withstand the rigours of any hectic workout program.

    All our 1000D nylon-constructed bags come with our Generation warranty.  This means that the buckles, zippers, bindings, fabric and stitching on our products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 25 years as long as the original purchaser owns the product. If one of our products fails during the warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace the defective part or entire bag after photo assessment by our team.  This will require you to send it to us with postage paid, together with your proof of purchase.

    1. 55555

      In a compact size this bag provides everything you need: convenient pockets for various items (wallet; keys; phone; etc) along with enough space in the main compartment for your gym clothes and essential gear. A must buy for gym rats.

    2. 44444

      Seems very well made. Nice straps and pockets. Only negative is it doesn’t have built in supports so stands up in its own. Maybe one on bottom and two long sides and would be perfect

    3. 55555

      This bag is bombproof, lightweight and durable. If you’re looking for a bag that will last no matter what you throw at it, look no further. The size is perfect for any occasion….

    4. 55555

      I bought the bag as a Christmas gift for my sister. She absolutely loves it and said it was exactly what she wanted! Thank you!

    5. 55555

      Nice bag. Perfect size.

    6. 55555

      Great bag and fits everything that I need for the gym plus a change of clothes for work.

    7. 55555

      Top quality I also have the giant bag very happy with both

    8. 55555

      Great bag! The durability is above all bags I have ever purchased. Love all the pockets for items such as shoes, wrist wraps, and etc.

    9. 55555

      I have the original and it is perfect. My partner thought the features were great, but she felt it was too big for her needs. Got her the Jr. and she loves it!!

    10. 55555

      I bought this bag as a gift for my crossfitter husband. He loves it! Great quality and perfect amount of space! The bag has structure so it doesn’t flop around like the one he previously used. Great purchase!

    11. 44444

      First time buyer for this product & i’m impressed! Great quality, holds all my gym supplies, and it’s very durable. Only problem is they didn’t send a shoulder strap with the bag. Need to correct this issue…….

    12. 55555

      This bag is the perfect size for going to the gym!! There are so many pockets for various things to go in. I am even considering using it on my upcoming trip across the pond!

    13. 44444

      Would have been five star, but the shoe compartment in the “jr.” bag is too small for size 12 tennis shoes. Maybe the compartment is only meant for slippers.

    14. 55555

      Awesome quality and craftsmanship! Recommend it to all!

    15. 55555

      After buying the King Kong Jr. for my daughter as a Christmas present. I loved the bag so I decided to buy one for my gym gear. I absolutely love it it is so durable. I would highly recommend this bag you will not regret it.

    16. 55555

      I’ve been using the Jr. King Kong for about a month. I use it as my all purpose bag. I put clothes and gym gear when going to work. I also use it for my Muay Thai gear when training. It fits my gloves, clothes, water bottle, and any other small items I need. It’s deceivinglly big for its size. So far no complaints. I like the magnet handle clasp compared to the Velcro style. On my old bags the Velcro would always fail, with one side falling off, or just not sticking anymore. Curious to see how long the magnets last.

    17. 55555

      I just started my using my bag. I totally love it I recommend it to everyone.

    18. 11111

      Awesome bag holds everything that I need. Had a small warranty issue that was resolved same day. A new bag was sent to me with no problems.

    19. 55555

      By far my favorite gym bag! It is the perfect size for what I need it for. Also makes for a great weekend bag when going on short trips. This bag is everything I hoped for.

    20. 55555

      Great bag. Well constructed and holds up to being tossed around in the gym. I also love the fact even for a “small” sized bag, it holds all my Crossfit gear.

    21. 55555

      This is a really good functional gym bag. It has pockets everywhere… seriously, everywhere. I will say that I purchased the junior and the original at the same time because I was unsure about the size, because the model view didn’t really help me since I don’t meet his dimensions. The original is definitely much larger and reminds more of the duffel bags I used growing up playing soccer. The junior fits perfectly into the locker at me gym and still fits everything I need inside. My favorite features include the absolute badass quality, shoe compartment and its “compact” size. Keep in mind you are paying for the quality.

    22. 55555

      I purchased the Jar. Kong bag to take to my gym. For mr it is the perfect size and has all of the right pockets and compartments.
      I had spent a large amount of time looking for a bag that was not too big. This one fit the bill entirely.
      Ordering was easy and the bag arrived two days ahead of schedule.

    23. 55555

      this bag is great!!! it’s a tad smaller than i thought but that’s my fault. still fits all my junk (2 belts, shoes, 2 slingshots, therapy peanut thing, wrist wraps, gloves, floss band, barbell collars). and phone, wallet, keys go in the pockets just fine. awesome quality. comfy to carry. probably gonna get the original eventually

    24. 55555

      Bought this as a gift for my wife.
      She had a regular gym bag, not thrills. kind of like a Honda Civic, it got you from point A to B, looks nice but nothing crazy… This is like upgrading to a lamborghini!!!
      This is by far the nicest constructed product I’ve ever bought. Right out of the box you can tell they went the extra mile on the product. Tons of Pockets, the zippers are heavy duty and don’t look to ever want to come off and the carry handles are comfy.
      This is the bag you want to take to the gym!!

    25. 55555

      Got a junior for Father’s Day from my wife. Fits everything I need for the gym perfectly without feeling as though I’m carrying around the whole world with me as one. The ability to keep everything separated and organized is a refreshing change from my normal mess of a gym bag. Thanks a lot I’m very satisfied!

    26. 55555

      Great bag! You can fit a lot more in there than it looks like empty. High quality zippers that will last forever. The magnets on the handles are also very cool. The padding in the shoulder strap is very comfortable. Only complaint is that the mesh pouch on the side is a little small for my Nalgene bottle. I just use a small carabiner tho on the shoulder buckle. Problem solved.

    27. 55555

      The JNR. Kong was the perfect size. Strong, durable, and plenty of compartments for all of my stuff. Great bag!

    28. 55555

      If you’re reading the reviews, you’re probably on the fence about spending about $100 on a gym bag. Right? Well, just go hit “add to cart” and be done with it. You’re making the right choice. Promise!

      Like many other insanely active people, I have a graveyard of gear that didn’t quite make the cut. You’d think I would have learnt my lesson sooner, but no. I kept buying less expensive temporary solutions hoping one would stick, and none did. I’ve yet to add up my mistakes but I can assure you the gym bag section of the gear graveyard certainly adds up to more than $100. *sad trombone*

      So what’s keeping King Kong out of the graveyard? Quality and functionality. The materials that go into these products are so nice. No more of that waxy thin gym bag material and zippers that get stuck at the worst times. And it’s like someone who actually does things designed the bags. There’s a super logical pocket for everything. My knee sleeves have a place. My jump rope has stopped getting mangled. My snacks are no longer falling into my sweaty shoes. It’s magic. Pure magic.

    29. 55555

      The Junior is my second King Kong Bag purchase. I had the original for about a year and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately my gym schedule switched to where I needed a smaller bag to commute into work with so I can go straight to the gym after work. The junior works perfectly. Its not too bulky to carry even when wearing a suit and it fits everything I need for that days workout. I recommend this bag to all my friends and some have taken me up on the offer and love it as well.

    30. 55555

      Love the Jr King kong bag. Just love this brand and the quality. I have the original king Kong bag as well. My wife and I workout together so the original is great for both our stuff including our lifting shoes as they can be stored in the dual shoe slot. Then I have the Jr for myself as I travel a lot for work and it’s a perfect size for just me. I’m even considering buying their new carry-on luggage bag for my trips just because I love the quality of their stuff. Will never use another brand again as these withstand everything and still look new after heavy usage.

    31. 55555

      Finally a gym bag that fits everything. It’s so hard to find a durable gym bag that has 2 shoe compartments and everything else this bag has. I can carry my biking shoes, running shoes, and shoes to change in. Both mesh pockets hold my 32oz water bottle and a smoothie cup. Love the smaller side compartments.

    32. 55555

      King Kong Jr. is perfect for the daily visit to the gym or an overnight when you don’t need the depth of the original Kong. Easy to pack and to find your gear. Great quality material and construction.

    33. 55555

      LOve this bag. I had the original for a long time and just needed a bit smaller bag. Perfect for me!

    34. 55555

      Ordered this bag for my wife after putting my original through hell without a scratch. She absolutely loves the bag and it has helped keep her organized. First class product and well worth the investment!

    35. 55555

      Love!!!! My new king king jr bag!!! It’s the perfect size for me. Great quality!!! I definitely recommend to this bag!!!

    36. 55555

      I had been searching for a gym for quite some time and when I stumbled across this guy, i knew it was something speacial. The bag came in and I feel even more in love with it! The YKK zippers are incredibly tough and smooth all at the same time! The shoulder strap has just the right amount of cushion, and the bag overall feels indestructible! It’s the perfect every day gym bag. I take that sucker with me everywhere I go! I always keep a pair of lifters in it, a belt, a few different types of wraps, my headphones, a Bluetooth speaker, chalk, some extra clothes, swim trunks, and goggles. And the bag still has room to throw in a gallon of water each time I go work out. I only bought the Jr, and I can’t imagine how much the bigger bags hold! Overall, I would recommend this bag to family, friends, and anyone who is a devoted athlete and looking for a gym bag that will last through it all!!!! King Kong for life!

    37. 55555

      This bag is very rugged and well built!! Probably the most heavy duty construction I have ever seen in any duffle or backpack. The Jnr. fits in the typical gym size locker perfectly, without having to cram it in the locker. I would say it’s the perfect gym bag!!

    38. 55555

      I absolutely love this bag! Huge step up from my previous gym bag. My favorite thing is all of the smaller pockets so I can organize and I’m not searching for my other wrist wrap anymore or my pen for my workout journal. I got the bag in teal and it’s definitely darker than the picture indicates but I love it, I was worried about it showing dirt but the actual color looks like it’ll hold up great! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

    39. 55555


    40. 55555

      This bag is perfect! Fits all of my gear and shoes, with room for extras. Super durable and is my everyday wod bag and competition necessity!

    41. 44444

      Great construction, has a spot for all my stuff. Smaller than my other bag which is good. All my stuff isn’t jostling around.

    42. 44444

      The bag seems tough, and fits all my stuff, which is nice. However, the zippers are a little tough to close, hopefully they’ll loosen with use. The under-shoe pouch is a space saver, I understand, but putting shoes in is not easy unless you tip the whole bag on its side. Otherwise, with stuff in it, forget about it.

      But the biggest reason to take away a star is no good space for a water bottle. Seriously?! I just assumed there’d be a spot, but nope. There are 2 mesh pouches on the outside, one is tiny and one gigantic, so neither fits a standard water bottle. The zipper pocket above the shoe pouch requires the bottle to be on its side, so I hope you remembered to close it after a workout. That’s a huge miss that I hope gets remedied when I’m looking for my next bag.

    43. 55555

      Very durable bag. Nice design, simple and efficient. I bounce between different locations and conditions for training and this bag takes it all.

    44. 55555

      Great product! Durable, and a compartment for all of my stuff.

    45. 55555

      Best Duffel I’ve ever owned. Keeps all of my Crossfit gear well organized. Holds a lot more than it looks. Also well made and durable.

    46. 55555

      I have struggled for years as an athlete to find a bag that helps keep me organized and on track toward my goals. The jr King Kong duffel is perfect. It has a spot for everything I need to take to the gym. It also has room for everything I need to shower and run to work. I recommend this bag to anyone that needs to feel organized!! It really is the perfect bag.

    47. 55555

      Super high quality. Easy to access everything. Made the switch over from a Reebok backpack, and I’m never going back. I’m a 5’6 female, size 8 shoe, and this bag is able to hold everything with no problem. Lifters, an extra pair of metcons, two pairs of sleeves, weight belt, wraps, jump rope, and a bunch of other sh*t that I pretend is important. The mesh pocket on the side is a bit short to use to hold your water bottle, but I still love the bag. Two thumbs way up!

    48. 55555

      The King Kong brand on the bag suits it well – even the “Junior” size has a strong and hefty look and feel that is worthy of the brand name. Functionally, well it’s a bag with pockets – what you see in the photos is what you get. Impossible to find a better quality bag at any price.

    49. 55555

      This bad is by far the best gym bag I’ve ever owned, not only is it durable but it’s so spacious and well organized I absolutely love this bad and we’ll definitely recommend it to everyone.

    50. 55555

      This bag is very spacious! It’s such a easy gym bag to get into and stuff out of. I lovvvveeee the shoe compartment which is located underneath the bag. Makes for much more room within side the bag itself. Only thing I would change about this Kong bag is…. the color but that just means I will buy another one lol

    51. 55555

      Through my 12 years in the military we receive all sorts of cool gear and various duffels. Most of which are very basic and only have one or two compartments. Not many of them ever turn out to be good gym bags. In the last 6 years I’ve gone through 10 gym bags. Everyone of them having a different obstacle for me to overcome, more mental than anything. But in the end, there wasn’t ever enough pockets to organize anything. Blind rummaging, is often the cause of my gym injuries. I seen this bag and got twitter paited, thinking of all the pockets I could put my gym stuff in. I can now carry supplements, kt tape, shoes, extra clothes, food, a gallon of water and more. I love this bag, and fully intend on buying more in the future.

    52. 55555

      This bag is hands-down, flat-out the BEST gym bag I have ever used in my entire life. I have been dreaming of King Kong bags since I stumbled upon their products a few years ago. My gym bags usually consisted of cheap nylon bags that eventually fell apart. I was also hesitant to spend so much on a bag, but oh hot damn this bag is worth every penny! I use this bag for everything. From carting around supplements and lifting shoes to rock climbing gear and food. I can easily fit everything in this bag. The material is strong and holds its shape well, the rugged zippers and clasps will last forever. I am a life long customer and have already convinced several other friends to buy their new gym bags from King Kong. Everyone loves them!!

    53. 55555

      Got my jr teal bag and love it! I’m able to organize my items to where I can find them without dragging everything out. It’s amazing and I’m positive it will last me years! I would definitely recommend these bags!

    54. 55555

      Great compact bag with a lot of space!

    55. 55555

      Amaizing quality. Best bag I’ve ever owned

    56. 55555

      I bought one for my wife and she loves it! Compared to other gym bags we have used this one by far is better in quality and functionality. I will also be purchasing one for myself very soon.

    57. 55555

      Do you wish you could live at the box, but the owner says there isn’t enough room for your cot? If you answered yes, this is the bag for you! Don’t let the “Jnr.” Fool you; this bag easily fits my leather lifting belt, OLY shoes, jump rope collection, supplements, notebook, spare clothes, mobility stuff, and wrist wrap type goodies in an organized manner. Keep all of your gear in a bombproof easy to carry King Kong Jnr. Bag! Do it now!

    58. 55555

      I had a pretty decent bag before getting this one, but as I acquired more Crossfit things, I outgrew it. This bag is roughly the same size, but all the compartments make things organized and easy to find. Everything fits. I know it sounds odd, but even though I have all the same gear in this bag, it feels lighter, like the weight is distributed better. It is very well made. This bag will outlast me. I would definitely recommend this bag.

    59. 55555

      Man I tell you what, I don’t know what I’d do without this bag. I’ve been working out for 6+ years and have used everything from the run of the mill Nike duffle to a basic backpack. I saw this on IG and I knew right away I had to have it. Was a little skeptical on the price at first but after receiving it holy hell this things a tank. The zippers are insane i feel they’ll never break. The nylon is thick and strong. There is a spot for everything. No more searching blindly through a big duffle. I know right where everything is and it looks good at the same time. Definitely recommend if your hesitant like I was don’t overthink it just get it you won’t be disappointed!!!

    60. 44444

      Love the bag! Only thing that would make it better is having a breathable part of the bag for where the shoes go… it would help air out sweaty shoes etc..

    61. 55555

      I already have 2 but I bought this one as a Valentine’s Day gift and my friend loved it. This was a great upgrade to what she had!

    62. 55555

      This is my second purchase of King Kong Bags. I have already purchased the Original and absolutely love it. Love the Compartments, especially the shoe compartments. This Junior Kong was for my wife. She saw how much I loved my bag she had to have one as well. Very well constructed of durable material will always recommend this bad to friends and always purchase this as my gym bag in the future. Thank you!!

    63. 55555

      Absolutely love the bag! Perfect size and I love that there is a pocket for everything! The material is durable and I absolutely love the pink!!

    64. 55555

      I bought a King Kong bag for my wife after getting one for myself a couple years ago. They are great!

    65. 55555

      I bought one of these for my teenage grandson who does cross fit. I liked it so much I had to get one for my self. really enjoy it. now I’m going to order one for my wife.

    66. 44444

      Great gym bag. Works perfectly for all my swim gear.

    67. 55555

      Great bag. I was worried that it would be too small with the name “Jr”. But it is the perfect size for my needs. I like that there is only one shoe compartment. It’s great when I need to put my size 15 shoes in and it tucks away nicely when I don’t need to take shoes.

    68. 55555

      Love my pink bag! All the other bags I had – I felt like things just got lost inside them. With this bag everything has a place. I wont be buying any other bag for my crossfit stuff again!

    69. 55555

      Love the bag. It easily devoured everything that was in my old bag (in a much more organized way) with plenty of room to spare for more goodies. I do wish it had a dedicated water bottle pocket, and that I had been able to score one in the teal blue during the few hours before they sold out. Still very happy with my purchase.

    70. 55555

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I have been using my Jnr Kong everyday and in the 8 years I’ve been weightlifting I’ve never had a better gym bag. In fact, Kong bags should be in a category of their own, they are miles above some of the best/most expensive once I’ve had in the past! Quality/warranty is exceptional and the storage space is perfect for all my needs! Workout accessories are all organized into pockets now instead of having to dig for something in the middle of the bag! Everyone at my gym has never seen one before and are all asking where I got it. You guys get a huge 2-thumbs up from me. Happy customer for life right here!

    71. 55555

      LOVE my new bag. Only used it a week so far but I love all the different pockets. My husband and I share a bag and he recently started coaching at his work so this helps keep all our stuff organized for him to easily find when I’m not around! Would definitely recommend!

    72. 44444

      Overall a good bag, but the mesh pockets in the front are too small (both height and width) for a water bottle. Love my original bag, but this flaw with th jr. is really disappointing.

    73. 44444

      Great bag for keeping all my gym stuff organized. Just wish it were a little easier to get my shoes in the bottom shoe compartment. I usually have to tilt my bag up and wiggle the shoes in versus sliding them in. The Jr size is good for my frame (5’2” and about 115 lbs.) and doesn’t make me feel like I’m weighed down by a huge bag.

    74. 55555

      I bought this bag for my wife as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loves it! It has the perfect amount of space and pockets, and the shoe compartment is awesome. I’ll definitely be purchasing one of my own!

    75. 55555

      Great bag! Was just a little small for my needs (carrying everything I need to shower and get ready at the gym after my workout) so I upgraded to the next size up. Super sturdy and exactly what I wanted!

    76. 55555

      This is exactly what i was looking for. It’s not a HUGE gym bag, but it perfect for any day to day athlete. There’s a pocket for everything which helps keep everything organized and you can easy fit two pairs of shoes and spare shirts, etc.

    77. 55555

      Bought the bag for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. It’s very durable and excellent quality. So much so I asked him to buy me one.

    78. 55555

      Bought the bag for my wife and she loves it. The material is strong to stand up to the abuse. It fits all the essentials she needs. I’m a little jealous now might have to buy one for myself.

    79. 55555

      Christmas gift. Perfect size, and allows me to carry all my gear.

    80. 55555

      Purchased for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! It’s the perfect size for him to bring his basic gear with him to the gym (lifters, jump rope, tape, etc.); not too large and bulky with wasted space. Very well made and my husband loves the different compartments and magnetic closure. Great bag!

    81. 44444

      The King Kong jr bag is the best I’ve ever received. The pouch for the shoes is awesome. I don’t have to worry about my items in the main compartment getting wet or dirty from them. I love it!!

    82. 44444

      Awesome bag! Money well spent!!

    83. 55555

      I received this bag as a Christmas present and it is the best gift I received this year. I workout twice a day (cardio in am then crossfit in pm) and it fits 2 sets of clothes, a pair of shoes, towel, shaker bottle, water bottles and my other CF related stuff. The design of the bag is functional and beautiful and it seems very sturdy and tough. A lot of folks from the gym have already asked about it. I highly recommend it to everyone!

    84. 55555

      Awesome bag! This is my second King Kong bag…Durable, plenty of pockets and looks great!

    85. 55555

      Love this bag. Perfect size for me and all my gear, for crossfit and weightlifting. I am now much more organized at the gym and I don’t have to search in a “blackhole” for all my other accessories that I may need during the course of a workout.
      Materials seem to be very durable and I love the vibrant color (I got the red). The straps are perfect for me… I prefer a shorter shoulder strap and the sleeve over the strap is just right. The handles are also very easy to grab whether the bag is zipped closed or not.

    86. 55555

      I absolutely love my jr. bag. I considered purchasing a less expensive gym bag, but I am glad I didn’t. I anticipate that this bag will last for many years, saving me money in the long run.

    87. 55555

      Excellent bag! Just the right size for any athlete. There are lots of pockets, as well as a place for shoes, my favorite feature. It could also be used as an overnight bag. Very versatile. The best gym bag I have ever owned.

    88. 55555

      Bought this bag for myself a few months ago love love love it. Just the right size with tons of space. Just purchased another as a gift!

    89. 55555

      I bought this bag as a gift for my daughter and she loves it. It is just the right size. I love the quality.

    90. 55555

      I’m in love with my King Kong Bag. I had to wait a while for it as the blue colour was a special edition but the wait was well worth it. There is so much room for all my stuff. I love the shoe compartment. It is made very well and I can see it lasting forever. Its also very stylish. Thank you

    91. 55555

      I picked up the special edition Teal Jr. Kong bag for my wife’s birthday this year. She was very excited and surprised to receive it,and has been the envy of more than a few members of the gym when she has brought it in. The size is just right for her needs, and having had my Original for a couple of years now, we know the durability is superb. Thank you again!

    92. 55555

      I bought this bag for my husband for the gym. He is pretty particular about bags, however he loved the quality of this King Kong bag! The shoe pocket is perfect to store his lifters! I would recommend this bag to any gym rat or even casual bag users looking for great quality and plenty of room!

    93. 55555

      Very nice bag. It fits all my needs for the gym.

    94. 55555

      I’m not into CF, but I do make daily trips to my gym & to running trails before & after work. The Jr. is perfect for my needs. Shoe garage, pockets for gadgets, make-up, toiletries make everything easy to organize. No more digging for hair bands – got a pocket for that! And the Jr. size fits perfectly in my gym’s lockers. Love it!

    95. 44444

      I loved this bag it fits everything I need in an organized manner. Perfect size too not too big or too small! However I was very disappointed when I saw my teal bag in person compared to what it looked like online it was almost a completely different color. Overall happy with the functionality of the bag.

    96. 55555

      I bought myself the JR. over a year ago now and have loved every stitch of it since. I loved it so much I pre-ordered the JR in the limited TEAL color for my wife, who was super stoked to have it come in the mail. She replaced her no name brand crap bag with this quality beast and loves it as much as I love mine.

      The second you hold it you can feel a difference in quality. You feel like you can stuff full with 20 dictionaries and throw out of a moving car and it will still hold up. That’s the toughness and durability that comes with these bags. They’re amazing. King Kong has thought of everything with these bags. My favorite little bit that they covered is the magnetic handle latch that they used to replace the standard velcro. Which everyone knows is a constant pain in the ass to deal with. Especially if you’re going in and out of your bag to switch out hand grips, chalk, tape, weight belt, etc. It also holds it’s shape really well and doesn’t bow at the bottom while you have it slung over your shoulder.

      My only real negative critique would be the water bottle holder. The top hemline is just a tad too short and sometimes my water bottle falls out. And I’m using just a standard Gatorade bottle. I understand the reason behind it, if the hemline was any higher it would cover the logo on the side of the bag. But other than that these bags should be dominating the gym bag industry!

    97. 55555

      Best gym bag I’ve ever owned! Amazing quality!

    98. 55555

      Got the teal for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it! Everyone has a KK bag in our gym but no one has the teal so she stands out of the crowd. Just enough space for your average crossfitter. All the little pockets are perfect for all the little extras.

    99. 44444

      My wife and I are avid fans of the King Kong bags. She loves the King Kong mini I just bought her to use for crossfit. It fits all her needs. Only thing that was a little disappointing was the color that was advertised on the website didn’t quite match the color that we received. My wife thought the teal bag looked like the tiffanys blue. However, when she received it the color looked different on the actual bag. That would be my only negative other then that great bag!

    100. 55555

      Purchased the Jr. bag for my nephew. He is an active sports player and needs the perfect bag to lug all of his gear around. He loves the compartment for shoes, in his case, cleats. It keeps the rest of the bag clean and debris free. Not only it is great for the gym, but for his sports traveling needs. The camo color was a great choice. The bag also arrived in plenty of time for his birthday! He absolutely loves it! Thanks again!

    101. 55555

      Great crossfit bag! Fits he need perfectly.

    102. 55555

      Love my Jr. size bag. Very durable and perfect size and just enough compartments for my shoes and gear. Been searching for 6 months for the perfect gym bag and I’ve found it!

    103. 44444

      Overall, good bag, perfect size for a gym bag. Seriously strong material. Only issue is that the mesh bottle holder is weak, bottles fall out easily. Sewing two lines of stitching so it would secure three bottles would be better. Also, they need to be higher on the bag. Other thing on the wish list would be a strong “pull strap” on the other side so it would be easier to hang in a locker .

    104. 55555

      This bag is exactly what I’ve been searching for. i had been searching for a bag to use for my climbing gear. the shoe compartment is super handy, now I’m not fumbling around with shoes as well as not putting them in with my clean clothes. Even given the small size it is able to fit lots of stuff, and i still haven’t run out of room. The material is top notch and you can feel the difference. There are also little details, like the magnets in the handles as opposed to Velcro. i will definitely be buying another one! There is really only one improvement that i can think of and that would be making the bottom of the bag waterproof so that the canvas doesn’t get wet setting it down in the locker room, but that’s minor and i still give the bag five stars. STOP WAITING AND BUY THIS BAG NOW!

    105. 55555

      I just received my bag a couple weeks ago, so this review may be preemptive. With that said, the bag is awesome. So far it’s stood up to the abuse of me cramming it in and out of a locker, it’s a bag with the right amount of storage compartments to keep all of my stuff organized in it’s own place, but without an obnoxious amount of storage either. The junior bag is the perfect size. I love having a duffel bag, but not having to carry around something massive that has excess space inside that I’ll never fill. To top it all of it looks great too. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    106. 55555

      I bought one for my husband for Christmas and had to get one for myself too! This bag is the perfect size for everything! It’s very sturdy and I have a feeling it’ll hold up for years! The only thing I would change is the mesh pocket on the outside should be a little bigger; my waterbottle keeps falling out.

    107. 44444

      I’ve been using this bag for about 2 weeks now. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but the features sold me. I LOVE the storage options on this bag and it seems like it will be EXTREMELY durable. I could definitely see me buying another in the future as a gift, or possibly for myself if they address the reason for my 4 and not 5 stars. My only complaint is that all the bags (including the lighter colors) have a same color bottom. Almost everywhere I take my bag has grungy floors and I know the bottom of the bag would start looking terrible very quickly. I wanted to get the new teal colored bag but was afraid the bottom would look terrible. As soon as they put out a bag with a black bottom or a rubber-ish bottom, I will definitely buy another. Just a small, nit-picky complaint for an AWESOME BAG.

    108. 55555

      Amazing bag! Perfect for Crossfit.

    109. 55555

      So happy I got the Jr. Bag! Color is great, it’s a nice deep pink. Size is great. Holds all my gym gear and the meal bag as well. I love it. Perfect gym bag and great quality!

    110. 44444

      My only issue with this bag is the magnet strap handle. They dont hold. Button snaps would have been a better design. The handles come loose every time, forcing you to use the shoulder strap. Other than that, its a solid bag.

    111. 55555

      Exactly what I was looking for in a gym bag.

    112. 44444

      Overall I really like the bag, which replaced a bag I purchased from Amazon that reached its expiration date (zipper loops broke off etc). Overall the bag is very well constructed and the perfect size for all my Crossfit needs. I actually surprised people would go for the bigger bag than the Junior – which in itself is quite large. I typically carry a pair of Oly shoes, a 2 lb case of protein, extra shirt, grips and the like, two water bottles and still have space to spare. My only gripe is the handles/straps. The trap cover, which in most bags is static and padded, slides and is more of a velcro closure that just slides around and doesn’t really provide any great purpose. It also allows the bag to shift if you ever end up using it while riding a bike. Additionally the straps have a wrap so that you can carry both straps comfortably and although it works, I think that by not sewing in a velcro closure it really goes unused – at least it did for me. Its more effort to make sure the wrap is wrapping both straps then just carrying it normally – in turn making it superfluous. Beyond that its a 5 star bag. Great construction, great item management and a great size. Would buy again at that current price point.

    113. 55555

      A gym friend walked in one day with what looked like a backpack out of the Matrix! His new King Kong backpack looked sturdy, sleek and incredibly well put together; more like art than a gym backpack. I fell in love. Two personal problems though: 1) I’m not a fan of backpacks and 2) traditional sized gym duffle bags aren’t my thing… they’re too big for what I need. Like serendipity though, when I went to KingKongApparel.com to check out their items, I came across the bag I’ve been searching YEARS for! I immediately ordered it and I can tell you now that the Jnr. Kong bag EXCEEDED my expectations and in my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d care this much about a gym bag!

      If you’re reading this, then you probably already know this is the bag for you. What I didn’t know though and what you’ll discover when you open the box it comes in, is the level of quality, the build, and the craftsmanship will blow you away! Part of me wondered if I was spending too much on a bag. It’s just a bag, right? When you open the box and unwrap it though, it hits you. “AH! I see. THIS is where the money went.” And it’s worth every penny. Funny enough, it’s now MY bag that has gym members stopping and asking questions. I wouldn’t trade the Jnr. Kong bag for the world, and I’m pretty sure neither will you!

    114. 44444

      Jnr bag is almost perfect. Wish it had mesh pockets on both ends and maybe a dedicated water bottle pocket. Size is perfect for day to day gym needs and it is a great looking bag.

    115. 55555

      Excellent bag. Exactly what I was looking for. Plenty of room. Very heavy duty bag.

    116. 55555

      This is an awesome bag. It takes the place of about 5 different bags I was carrying before hand. Super tough and reliable.

    117. 55555

      What a great all capable bag! All of my gym equipment fits in this bag and there is plenty of room to spare. I was surprised by it’s carrying capacity and organization for a mid sized bag!

    118. 55555

      This bag is the perfect size. I love how compact it is yet it fits everything. The multiple pockets are great for organization and the breathable grommets let stuff air out.

    119. 55555

      I spent weeks looking through every local sports Store trying to find the right bag. Every store had the typical cheap one pocket I only go to the gym once a month type of bag. I needed something rugged with lots of space. I stumbled upon the Kong Jr and by far the best on the market for price and quality. Not to mention free shipping up to Canada I thought it was too good to be true. That being said this bag has met all my expectations and more I couldn’t be happier and have been recommended King Kong to all my friends at the gym. Well done !

    120. 55555

      The King Kong Jr. Is an awesome bag and fits everything I need for my crossfire training. I couldn’t ask for a better bag!!!! Money well spent!!!

    121. 55555

      This bag has met and exceeded my expectations!

    122. 55555

      Love my first King Kong Jr. !

    123. 44444

      Awesome, Awesome Awesome bag! Great space, pockets make perfect sense. Easy to get lifters in out, even when bad is full. Study, strong zippers and straps. Perfect size for all my gear and change of clothes for work.

      Sorry to be negative, but two complaints. 1) Would love the mesh pocket to be a little higher up or larger. Water bottle can fall out pretty easily. 2) Would love a hard(ish) sided duffel bag. It does a pretty good job of not collapsing on itself, but just a little something to help keep the shape would be totally sweet!

      Overall, absolutely a great bag. Would recommend to anyone!

    124. 55555

      Bought this bag as an anniversary gift for my husband and now I want one for myself! It’s the perfect size. Small and compact yet fits all of his gear.

    125. 55555

      I love this bag. It’s strong and sturdy, holds everything I need. The only small thing I have to say that isn’t glowing is that the shoe compartment zippers make it a little difficult to get shoes into place. I wish the zipper made an arch upward instead of a “u” shape.

    126. 55555

      The brand came highly recommended by several different fitness friends. I needed a bag that was durable, with compartments while being stylish. I travel a lot for work. I’ve been super thrilled with this bag. I searched for several months and am glad that I decided on King Kong.

      Since using this bag, I’ve recommended it to many friends.

    127. 55555

      This is the best built bag I’ve owned. The zippers run smoothly, the fabric is nice -n- heavy. The shoe sleeve is very convenient – no more sand, dirt, dog S%#$T etc in the main compartment! Plenty of pockets, very nice.

    128. 55555

      Durable bag. Just the right size. Not too bulky and can take a beating. I can fit two pairs of CrossFit shoes, clothes, shaker bottle and all my workout tools. What it doesn’t fit is my lifting belt. Nice array of pockets for all my personal items. Best gym bag out there.

    129. 55555

      Awesome bag! Super fast shipping to Canada. The quality of the materials are amazing, zipper is so smooth, and the color is awesome. Perfect size for all my gym gear!

    130. 55555

      The bag was awesome but just a little small. I went back and exchanged it for a larger size.

    131. 55555

      Kong jr. is everything I hoped it would be! It is the perfect size, and there is a place for everything! Stores my lifting shoes and all my gear, even my jump rope has its own compartment. Perfect amount of pockets, I love the way it is designed. Wish I had bought this a long time ago!!! <3

    132. 55555

      Love this bag! Perfect size and plenty of compartments.

    133. 55555

      This Bag is the perfect size. I am 5’5 and can carry it comfortably across my chest. Shoe compartment can fit my work out shoes and a slender pair of flip flops. Bag is heavy duty and clips feel substantial velcro is strong on the pocket, zippers are heavy and slide well. I can fit a few days worth of items in the bag, including a small toiletry bag. Magnetic handle is a nice ease of use detail. Well thought-out bag, good looking too. .

    134. 55555

      Awesome bag perfect size

    135. 55555

      I already had an “Original” King Kong bag, which I love and use almost daily, but wanted a smaller one for “lighter” occasions. I love this bag because it’s construction and quality are great. It’s a perfect size for the gym and fits easily in the lockers at my gym. It’s small enough to keep in the car for those unplanned trips to the gym. I highly recommend this bag to anyone shopping for a gym bag.

    136. 44444

      I”ve had the bag for 2 weeks now, and no complaints at all. It’s a very solid bag. The fabric, webbing, and zippers are top quality. My only suggestion is the padding on the shoulder strap could have a better binding finish around it. It flips up, and doesn’t sit flat. It would have been a 5 star, but that issue held it up. I can’t wait to travel with it as my check in bag.

    137. 55555

      I love this bag! Perfect size. I can go straight from work to crossfit with everything I need in my bag. Super sturdy and stylish too! Would highly recommend it.

    138. 55555

      Love the larger zipper pocket on the front of the bag. This bag is extremely well thought out, utilizing every bit of space for a compartment and maximum storage. Well done!

    139. 55555

      This bag is perfect. It holds everything need and isn’t bulky. I am a small person and don’t need a giant bag with wasted space to lug around. I couldn’t be happier with the Jr bag!

    140. 55555

      It Is THE bag to have ! Very sturdy and perfect color !

    141. 55555

      Perfect gym bag. I use it for boxing and it’s the perfect size. Fits two pair of gloves with plenty of room in the main compartment. Two pairs of tennis shoes can fit in the shoe compartment and my boxing wraps fit in the side pouches. Jewelry is safe and sound in the front zipper pocket. Have also used this bag for travel and it is great!

    142. 55555

      I got this Jr. size bag in hot pink for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it!!! i ALWAYS ruin my bags by throwing them around, this one is definitely holding up!

    143. 55555

      Great bag….enough said!

    144. 55555

      Hands down, Great bag!!!! I am able to fit 3-4 pairs of shoes: nanos, lifters, sandals, and running sneakers. Currently I have tape, vet wrap, 3 pairs of gloves, speed rope, spare set of clothing, and a bunch of other things. Only negative is that the bigger the bag the more stuff you tend to carry. Great durability and with so many compartments it’s easy to stay organized and know where things are especially when you may be rushing to start a WOD. All in all, a great purchase and definitely worth every penny spent. Would definitely recommend this bag.

    145. 55555

      I have had a lot of gym bags in my life. Nike. Under Armor. Adidas. You name it. This bag is by far the best bag I have ever had. It is durable. It looks great. It is comfortable to carry or wear on your shoulder. I fit all kinds of stuff in here. Usually there is a set of clothes, pair of shoes, jump rope, two lacrosse balls, headphones, and a water bottle. It isn’t just all piled up in one big spot either. Everything has its own space in all the pockets. Then I can change out what else I decide to put in it for the day. Another pair of shoes, work clothes, all my meals and snacks, and my shaker. This is the most versatile bag I have ever had in my life. This is a fantastic company as well. If you do find something wrong, they will fix it. I had one of their original models and sadly, it did wear out on a seam. It was passed the warranty, which on the newer ones is an even better warranty by the way, and they didn’t just say “Oh that sucks.” They gave me a discount towards another bag. This is the one I picked and I love it. I own an affiliate and encourage anyone looking for a bag or backpack to check this company out. They are the real deal. It will be money well spent, I promise.

    146. 55555

      Got this bag to replace my old Nike and I LOVED IT! There are just enough compartments to hold all my crossfit gears, from chalk bag to wrist wraps, 3 belts, knee sleeves, oly shoes, protein, water, jump rope! It is just big enough for me and not too bulking. The materials are good and the zippers seem very tough! Best gym bag I’ve ever had!

    147. 55555


    148. 44444

      This bag is obviously well made. The zippers do not break like my other gym bags have and compartment sizes are very nice. Honestly, I wish I would have purchased the larger size as this is a little smaller than expected. But, overall, it’s a great bag!

    149. 55555

      I’ve had this bag for a little while now and I love it. It’s the perfect size for me (I’m a 5’4″ female) and my stuff. I don’t carry a ton of stuff with me–I just need my towel, change of clothes for work, shower shoes, and work shoes. When I’m done showering I can fit everything nicely back in the bag and put the wet stuff in the shoe pocket to keep it separated. The zippers are high quality which I always appreciate! I have also traveled twice with this bag and it has been every bit as perfect for travel as I’d hoped. I sprang for the meal insert which I ended up giving away. I personally found it kind of useless and too bulky for this bag.

    150. 55555

      This is the greatest gym bag I have ever owned. I utilize every square inch of it and it is the envy of all in my gym.

    151. 55555

      I go to the gym just about every morning, and once or twice a week I’ll go again in the afternoon if I’m getting a little cabin fever. I have accumulated a decent amount of gear. Jump rope, lifters, leather lifting belt, knee sleeves, a few wrist wraps, always have rolls of tape, a change of clothes, and other misc stuff. Needless to say I was worried this bag was going to be too small compared to the original bag. It turned out perfect for me. Fits all my stuff with plenty of room for more. This is the best bag I have had and it seems like it is going to last quite awhile. Quality product, it’s a little expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. I would highly recommend to anyone who is hauling their stuff back and forth every day.

    152. 55555

      This is an amazing crossfit bag, everything i have jump row, extra shirts, weightlifting shoes and more fit in here, the material feels durable and plenty pockets to put your cellphone and keys.
      Very Good product i recommend 100%

    153. 55555

      Perfect size for everything I need for the gym! Amazing quality too! And I love the camouflage!

    154. 55555

      The size is perfect for everyday gym use. A lot of room and compartments. I am an organizer and love to have everything in its place and this bag does that!

    155. 33333

      It’s a good bag for the money. It would be nice if you could order without the shoe pocket.

    156. 55555

      Very pleased with this bag. It is sturdy with tons of storage. I was worried that the “Jr.” size might be too small. Not at all. I haven’t come close to filling it to capacity.

    157. 55555

      I absolutely love this bag. The quality of this product is amazing and I am impressed. From the material to the zippers, everything is sturdy and well constructed. I use it as my daily gymbag and it holds everything you’d take with room to spare. I highly recommend this bag and am looking forward to purchase more products very soon

    158. 55555

      Perfect size for shoes, a change of clothes, snacks, water, and training accessories!

    159. 44444

      I love all of the separate compartments for wrist wraps, hair things, snacks, etc. etc. I’m also able to fit 2 pairs of shoes. The only thing I wish for was a compartment on the outside (a little higher and more rounded than the current mesh ones) for my protein drink shaker. Oh, and I would love the option to wear it as a backpack as well (I’ve had other duffels that could do this). But I am being super nit-picky. Ultimately, I am very happy with my bag.

    160. 55555

      There is nothing more you can add to this bag to make it better. Five Stars!
      -Whittier-24 hour fitness

    161. 55555

      I got the JNR bag for my birthday and I LOVE this bag!! It is perfect for my OCD self that has to have things separate and contained. The shoe pouch is genius! I can fit everything I need for the gym: clothes, shoes, supplements, etc. It’s also a great bag to pack for some time away. Make a purse please? Fanny Pack? Something smaller so I can have it close to me at all times?

      The customer service is wonderful too. I made a complete user error fail, and they still made things right!

      Would definitely recommend anything King Kong to anyone (BF has the OG bag, meal bag, and preordered the backpack)

    162. I have had my King Kong Jnr. Bag in pink for about a month , and it is so awesome !!! It is super durable and holds SO much stuff ! I can fit a pair of nanos , a pair of lifters, two changes of clothes, and any other random things I need to keep in my gym bag. As a crossfitter of 3 years I have had a hard time finding a bag that fits my needs , and this bag definitely goes above and beyond what I expected . Thank you King Kong for making such an amazing bag !!!

    163. It’s been around 1.5 months since I received the junior King Kong bag and I absolutely love it!! I love the separate pockets for my lifting shoes, wrist wraps, wallet, phone, jump rope, etc. I’m thinking about getting another one for my boyfriend.

      Thank you so much for a great product!

    164. I love this bag. I pre-ordered and waited patiently for it to arrive. It was definitely worth the wait. Before this bag, I though I had too much gym stuff. Now, I’ve got space to expand. The shoe sleeve in amazing. Multiple pockets keep small items organized. The main body of the bag supports itself and holds everything else that I could possibly need as a casual gym member.

    165. Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than this bag. The several times delayed pre-order process was aggravating, but the bag itself was worth the wait.

      1. It’s sturdy and doesn’t fall in on itself like a lot of gym bags.
      2. The pockets make sense – the things you have to grab really fast in a mid-class equipment change (lifters, sleeves, grips) are all readily accessible in outside pockets.
      3. The size is perfect for me, a petite female.

      This is what my bag holds, and it is pretty full: 1 pair of lifters, 1 pair of knee sleeves, 1 pair of emergency rope climb pants, 1 foam roller, 1 jar of glutamine, 1 water bottle, several headbands and assorted small items. It’s perfect for me, but if you need to carry more than that (2 pairs of shoes), go for the full-sized bag.

    166. I relieved my King Kong Junior bag in November and I use it for everything. For me, it’s the prefect size for the gym or a weekend away (plus gym)! It’s super well-built and worth the money. I’m probably going to order the size up soon because my boyfriend has threatened to steal the junior. Definitely would recommend.

    167. This bag is unreal! Craftsmanship and workmanship are unmatched by any bag I have ever owned. The Jr is the perfect size for my shoes, jump rope, lax balls, TRX, and water bottle. People at my box are always commenting on it! I love it so much that I’ll empty it out to pack my belongings when I go on a trip!

      I would also like to add that the professionalism and customer service are top notch! I had many requests and they were all dealt with in a timely and professional manner. These guys will take excellent care of you, no joke!

    168. 55555

      Pre-ordered the bag so got it at the reduced price wasn’t expecting much never had any experience with this company. Month and a half break in period and I am sold so worth the price. The JR bag is perfect for the amount of things I carry in my bag. Waiting for the next promo or sale in order to get the regular sized kong bag looking to add an extra pair of shoes to my gym bag etc, going to demote my kong jr as my travel bag thats how much I love it.

    169. 44444

      I love this bag! So much better than the WODFitters gym bag that I have been using for the last couple of months. Unlike the WODFitters bag, all of the pockets on the Jnr KK make sense and are sized in a way that I can actually use them! I love that the handle closure thingy is magnetic instead of Velcro, and the 2 exterior mesh pockets are perfect for my wrist wraps and grips. The large pocket opposite of the shoe enclosure keeps my jump rope from getting tangled around all of my other “essentials”.

    170. 55555

      I initially got the Original King Kong bag but found it to be a little too big for what I was looking for. After speaking with the King Kong staff, they upgraded me with the King Kong Jr which is exactly what I needed. Just the right amount of pockets, support for the shoes in the bottom and i love the magnetic fasteners. Would highly recommend this bag for the gym or even a weekend trip.

    171. 55555

      I just received my bag and it is hands down one of the best gym bags I have owned. I have gone through Ogio, Oakley and Nike bags ripping/tearing/wearing them down in only a couple months. I can already tell the sturdiness and quality in this bag. I am just disappointed in myself for not ordering the bigger one! Thank you for the great customer service and updates!

    172. 55555

      My Jnr King Kong bag. I have been waiting patiently since I pre-ordered it and I just received my bag today and I must say that I absolutely love it! It was definitely worth the wait and I’m so happy that I finally have my bag!! Absolutely love love love my bag and I use it when I go Boxing or to the gym. I am definitely a satisfied customer!!

    173. 55555

      Totally worth the wait! This is THE best gym bag. I am a compulsive bag buyer, only because I can never find the perfect bag. But it stops here! I pre ordered the Junior because from the description it seemed like it would be the best fir for my needs. The size is perfect and the material is very durable. There are enough pockets to dump all my stuff. I can comfortably fit both lifting shoes and sneakers with plenty of room for everything else. The bag is rugged but the color if feminine. Just what I was looking for!
      What’s even more impressive is King Kongs customer service. I was highly impressed with the up to date communication and personal service. Thanks Stefan!

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