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The back zipper is perfect for when you travel, as it allows you to open this backpack wide and lay it flat for quick and organised packing. The padded laptop sleeve fits a 15-inch computer.


The top pocket has high-density EVA foam padding to protect your valuables. Separate sleeves cradle your wallet, accessories and phone (with headphones outlet) while making them easy to access.






28L MAIN POCKET CAPACITY (20 x 13 x 7 in)

Expandable bottle/shaker pockets

15in laptop compartment - secured & protected

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I’ve owned quite a few backpacks over the years, covering all sorts of genres (hiking, biking, backpacking, camping photography, workout etc..). This bag may be the most well thought out one I’ve purchased yet. You can pack a deceptively large amount into it, but still not have bulk. It has tons of access points to get at your stuff. Construction is top notch. Locations for things are well designed and placed. I absolutely love it.

June 30, 2016
Review By Alex


    We wanted to Build a Better Backpack from the ground up. We wanted to design, build and test a class-dominating backpack for gym, work and travel.

    Having spent the best part of the last 20 years biking, running, busing and generally commuting to and from, gyms, sports grounds, beaches (…and the workplace), our list of functional requirements was long and distinguished.

    List of functions requirements

    1. Generous internal area for all our precious gear.
    2. Quick access valuables pocket – padded for protection, separated for organization.
    3. Numerous pockets in different sizes for all the accessories and gear we bring carry day – to the gym and to work.
    4. Protected laptop sleeve – up to 15in.
    5. Water bottle/shakers pockets – one on each side.
    6. Shoe compartment/area that doubles as a meal bag insert area. Separated from the internal area of the bag to avoid dirt and odor
    7. Top packing and duffel-style packing options – perfect for travel packing
    8. Sternum strap for comfortable and secure carry – removable
    9. Breathable, comfortable and contoured fit.
    10. Carry-on size – there’s nothing worse than checking-in a backpack

    Materials – amazing materials turn a great design into a truly great bag.

    • Military spec. 1000D nylon. This is the toughest in the game – no surprise this is used on more high-end packs than any other material.
    • Nylon webbing and thread. Initially, its almost impossible to tell the difference between this and cheaper polyester (without doing a burn test), but after 2-3 years of use, nylon will still look brand new.
    • Rip-stop nylon lining. A light internal lining material that is as beautiful as it is brutally tough.
    • YKK zippers – The best zippers in the world, bar none.
    • Heavy-duty buckles. Check out the buckles we are using (above). Quick- release buckles made from carbon steel with a black epoxy finish. Their 4400lb/2000kg breaking strength might well be the definition of over-engineering – and we think they look really cool.

    All our 1000D nylon-constructed bags come with our Generation warranty.  This means that the buckles, zippers, bindings, fabric and stitching on our products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 25 years as long as the original purchaser owns the product. If one of our products fails during the warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace the defective part or entire bag after photo assessment by our team.  This will require you to send it to us with postage paid, together with your proof of purchase.

    1. 55555

      Amazing backpack!! I bought this bag for everyday gym use and my expectations have been exceeded! I needed something that was large enough to hold two pairs of shoes and was easy to get in and out of. It is extremely roomy, but doesn’t take up too much space. I used it during a competition this weekend, and had plenty of room for all of the things I needed. Very impressed!

    2. 55555

      I love this backpack. The size is perfect for the spring/summer/fall. I go to the gym after work so I pack extra keep-warm after workout clothes in the winter….my King Kong Giant works great for this and all my gear, but it is too huge when I don’t have to pack extra clothes. I also love the quality of the bags…very heavy duty.

    3. 55555

      I’ve been looking for a stylish, functional backpack to fit all my gym gear and all my daily necessities. The King Kong Burnout Backpack II is perfect! There is a back zipper and top zipper to access the main compartment which also has a padded laptop sleeve and 2 small zipper sections. It’s well built and made to last. The perfect back pack in every way!

    4. 55555

      I love this backpack; it is exactly what I was searching for. It is roomy and is very comfortable while wearing.

    5. 55555

      Seriously one of the best purchases I have made over the last few years. It’s so versatile, as it is my work bag AND my gym bag. Everything I need goes right in this backpack. Its incredibly durable, and all my belongings are easily accessible. I get compliments and questions about it ALL OF THE TIME. NO JOKE. From the gym, to work, to the pool and beyond. In fact, the thing that prompted this review was a question from a stranger in a coffee shop. I bought this a couple years ago, and I would buy it again. Great bag, great price.

    6. 55555

      I love the backpack. It feels durable, but I haven’t had it long enough to really use it yet. It’s big enough to fit all my stuff, but the bag itself is narrow, so that when I close it, nothing slides around. Everything stays where I put it instead of ending but up a jumbled mess in the bottom of the bag. That’s probably my favorite part about the slim-line construction.

    7. 44444

      I had ordered a Reebok crossfit grip bag and was severely disappointed in what they called heavy ripstop mateial. I sent it back and then looked at what seemed like 100+ bags and watched a bunch of youtube videos before i purchased this backpack. I have to say the quality is definitely there and the material should definitely hold up. I use it as a laptop case and gym bag and love how the interior contrast with the outside of the bag. There is nothing like loosing stuff in the black abyss of a darkly lined bag. My only slight complaint is that the main compartment is a tad small for such a small backpack. If it was 2 inches wider i think it would be perfect. Otherwise I a very happy with my investment!

    8. 55555

      Awesome backpack exceeds all my expectations. Great for travel and competitions holds everything I need.

    9. 55555

      This backpack exceeds expectations. Easy to use and rugged. My first choice for the gym and travel.

    10. 55555

      Bag is amazing for workout gear, clothes for the office or simply traveling to your next destination. The shoe compartment is more realistic then a bag inside the gym bag and with the top pouch, its easy to put keys, electronics away. By far my favorite gym bag, and still surprised how compact but more then capable to store all of my gear.

    11. 55555

      TThis bag has been awesome. I am able to carry my metcons in the outside pocket, lifters, wrist wraps, belt, toiletries and an change of clothes, no problem. It has been great for everyday use and I look forward to using it for my first competition next month.

    12. 55555

      Loving my bag…no more duffle bag for me. Easily fits into gym locker and has the space for 2 pair of shoes and plenty more space for other equipment. So many pockets makes it so easy to find what I need without having to empty the entire bag

    13. 44444

      This bag is great! The only negative would be if you have a lot of stuff (think multiple pairs of shoes, etc.), the duffel bag might be more appropriate. The backpack is awesome quality.

    14. 55555

      I got this bag for my sister for Christmas and she loves it! All the varying pocket sizes are perfect for all the different gear she carries. The pocket specified for you lifters or trainers keeps them safe from other contents of your bag while also allowing a little venting room. The bag itself is very durable unlike most of the other gym bags on the market.
      I ordered the bag a week before Christmas and was in fear that it would not arrive in time but they were very efficient in getting the package out for shipment as quickly as possible.
      $150 seems like a high price but when you factor in the durability of one bag that, if used properly, you’ll see it will likely last you longer than 2 bags of nike or adidas brand.

    15. 55555

      I got this bag for my boyfriend for Christmas and he LOVES it! I was so glad. I did so much research to find the best bag for him. He does CrossFit but also relies on his pack to carry his work clothes, and essentially get him through the day. This pack was way bigger than I thought it would be, which was awesome! My boyfriend loves that he can pack it like a suitcase. The front pouch is perfect for his phone, iPad, wallet, and small things he needs quick access to. He loves the shoe pouch and the side pouches that hold his shaker bottle. He still will randomly tell me how much he loves his pack and thank me!! 😉 Any girlfriends out there, I highly recommend you get this for your man. He will be obsessed.

    16. 55555

      Love this bag! It made my military move so simple. It allowed me to stay organized while still staying into my fitness goals. Plus it doubled for my carry on bag 🙂

    17. 55555

      Great gift for my husband who can fit his lifting gear, strongman gear and crossfit gear!!!!

    18. 55555

      Well like many reviews before me, this bag is exceptional. I recently changed jobs which requires me to take the train and walk decent distances between the train and my office and this purchase was the best I ever made. I own the duffel for my crossfit stuff but this backpack is perfect for my long trek through the busy city. The material is incredible durable, the straps are awesome and the bag is very comfortable. I also purchased the lunch bag insert because I was fed up of carrying my purse and lunch. I love that it fits perfectly in the bag! As always, amazing products and I will definitely be a return customer!

    19. 55555

      I love this bag! So comfortable. This brand in general is top notch! Had the original king king duffle and loved it. Switched over to the backpack because it’s easier for my long walks to the gym.

    20. 55555

      Love this bag! I primarily use it to carry my gym gear but I’ve also used it as a carry-on bag when flying. It’s very versatile and the several pockets and ample space come very handy. I love that the main compartment opens both from the top for a backpack feel, and from the sides to open similar to a suitcase which makes packing easier. I like that the pockets on the side and the pocket on the front can expand to hold larger items. Overall a great bag! It’s a little pricey in my opinion but this is my first King Kong bag and I’ve only had it a short period of time, so if the bag’s quality is good and it lasts for a long time then it’d definitely be worth the hefty pricetag.

    21. 55555

      So, one of my biggest issues was finding a bag that can not only carry my work computer, but my workout clothes. This bag does it all! The comfort is amazing and the bag is sturdy and strong. I highly recommend this bag for anyone looking to consolidate two bags into one

    22. 55555

      Nothing much I can say that hasn’t been said about this bag. Quality materials and design, especially like the zipper to open the bag like a suit case.
      Perfect for my wife’s Christmas present this year.

    23. 55555

      Love the durability and the design of the bags. This is the second King Kong bag I have purchased. I use the backpack for travel and the duffel bag for the gym. Love them both. Best bags I have owned and I have had everything from Nike to Adidas from being a former high school basketball coach. Highly recommend the bag.

    24. 55555

      The best backpack I’ve ever owned. I recommend this bag to any serious athlete looking for solid gear. It has held up with all the wear and tear from being a trainer and athlete.

    25. 55555

      Great backpack!! High quality and durable!!

    26. 55555

      I was google for gym/work backpack bags after couldn’t find anything solid in Amazon. Found in search King kong, I bought Backpack, Duffels & Lunch box .Very happy with the product solid build seem like will stay for long time. Over all the quality is awesome zip material & design.
      I will highly recommend it –

    27. 55555

      So far so good for the bag. Although I’ve not been able to use it fully how I wanted due to my schedule it’s been great for work.

    28. 55555

      I have only used my bag for a couple weeks and I really love it. It fits all of my gym gear (I might even need more!) and is so comfortable to wear!

    29. 55555

      Great space and super convienent. Best bag I’ve ever purchased.

    30. 55555

      i love my backpack! it fits my whole gym clothes, gear, and more!

    31. 55555

      After 7 years of using the same old gym backpack from technical training I decided it was time to buy a new one. My biggest regret is not doing it sooner, because this backpack exceeds all expectations. Durable and heavy duty is exactly what someone needs who frequents the gym. Thanks for a great backpack!

    32. 55555

      I am a full time Law Student and an avid Crossfit athlete, so you can only imagine how much crap I have to pack around. When I bought this bag, I was not sure if I wanted to use it for my gym gear or for school. So far, I have only used it for school. IT IS AMAZING! I have 5 doctrinal classes, with those criminally enormous books, and it hold them all. It has plenty of pockets to store all of my supplies, its been sturdy, and i honesty don’t feel like I overload it. If I take my time packing it, I can usually fit my lunch bag in the bag as well. Overall, I am really impressed with the bag. Would highly recommend.

    33. 44444

      This bag is great! It is really thought out well with all the pockets and the way it expands to fit all your gear. It’s very versitle with making a travel carry on also. My only thing would be is, I want it more comfortable to carry for hours, to many bag now a day have all the needs but can’t be worn comfortably for long periods of time, especially when loaded up and especially if your making a bag for muscular athletes. I gave this bag to my wife to try a carry on a hiking trip, she gave it back after 5mins, she couldn’t adjust it to fit her.

    34. 55555

      King Kong ain’t got s**t on this bag.
      I purchased the backpack 2 with a gracious reply from kingkongapparel that helped me afford it with a 10% discount code. I have bee using this bad daily for about 2 weeks and it is my work bag for my laptop and my gym bag. I keep a few supp, a complete change of clothes, laptop, shoes, water bottle, headphones, and I still have empty pockets and space. The materials feel built to last even for rugged gym goers which I would not classify myself as. With many pockets being able to be collapsed via zippers is feels much more compact than the size is. My fav feature is the large zipper that allows it to open suitcase style. Makes packing closes very easy and organized. The only thing that could have been better is being able to incorporate a wet/dry pouch somehow. My last pack was the Nike sport backpack I paid 85 for and lasted less than a year. I am confident I will have this bag most of my life. Next up the wife.

    35. 55555

      Exactly what you need. i use this bag primarily for travel (airplane) and it’s perfect. The ability to pack/unpack from the top or opening like a regular suitcase is great. I have the original King Kong bag for use daily at the gym; it looks exactly like it did 4 years ago when I purchased it. The material and build quality are identical to the backpack so I suspect it will hold up for years.D

    36. 55555

      I’ve used the Backpack II for a couple years for my sports massage therapy, and decided to get them for my kids for school. I have bought new backpacks for my kids every year because they get destroyed by carrying so much stuff all day long. So, I decided to invest in in KingKong backpacks because you can’t destroy them! My backpack has proven to be sturdy, roomy, functional, and I can’t wait to see if they will stand up to 2 busy kids!

    37. 55555

      Most durable bag I’ve ever owned. Love the compartments and size. Straps are very comfortable to carry on my shoulders. Can pack it full for a weekend trip or full of gym essentials

    38. 55555

      Great bag! Sturdy and well designed!

    39. 55555

      This bad is great and helps me keep all my gym stuff together. I love all the pockets!!! I absolutely love the front pocket for my shoes, so convenient! I also use it for a carry on, it works perfect! All around great bad and built tough!!!

    40. 55555

      SO MANY POCKETS! I love being able to keep everything organized. I super love the pocket for shoes in the front. I hate pulling out my shoes and all the randomness I have in my bag coming out with them. Bag is very durable. I love it!

    41. 55555

      LOVE this bag! Doesn’t weigh down one shoulder since it’s a backpack, which is a huge plus when i’m worn out after a workout.

    42. 55555

      Got to feel the bag at Regionals and was impressed with the design, convenience, and structure. Great sized bag to be used for traveling or edc. You won’t be disappointed with this bag!

    43. 55555

      The King Kong Backpack has made my life easier, by allowing me to carry all me gear from home gym to the firehouse. The bag is built tough. Must have for any lifter or crossfitter.

    44. 55555

      Amazing! I absolutely love the feature that it opens up like a suit case AND a back pack. So comfortable to wear and plenty of space for all my gear; weight belt, knee sleeves, work out clothes, wrist wraps, and a couple of spots for water bottles . Highly recommend!

    45. 55555

      Hands down love this backpack…i purchased this to replace my King Kong Giant duffle becausr all the extra space wasnt needed and I wanted better stability for my shoulders. I’ve been using the backpack for a few weeks at the gym and LOVE it. Holds ly lifters, PL belt and all my essentials…including my lap top when doing nutrition coaching…def dietitian approved! I also recently used it for traveling abroad to Greece for a week and it was a perfect fit underneath the seat and housed everything I needed for a 10+ hour flight and connections. From gym to traveling…10/10 would recommend.

    46. 55555

      Awesome Backpack, not only for the gym but everyday traveling as well. Really glad I bought it.

    47. 55555

      I am in love with this backpack. It is everything and more than I wished for. It holds ALL my gym gear and then some (2 belts, wraps, sleeves, straps, microplates, shoes etc) as well as keys, headphones, cell, training log, a change of clothes and whatever else I lug to the gym that day. I really love the way it rests on my back without pulling on my shoulder. And it just plain looks good. This bag is perfect in every way.

    48. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag. Awesome to have so much space in a bag. I commute to campus everyday riding my bike so it’s awesome to just carry one bag instead of several for the day. Enough for school, gym gear, and lunch!

    49. 44444

      Super happy with this bag. It’s very comfortable, it looks good and it carries all of my gym gear, no problems. In fact, I have yet to fill it anywhere near capacity. Recently I went on a trip to Mexico and took all of my gym gear (clothes, shoes, knee sleeves, wraps, belt, jump rope, etc.) and it was the perfect gym bag, carry on, and beach bag. Only additions I might make are a waist belt to secure it if you need to hump it any distance and some sort of exterior mesh pockets for wet items (wrist wraps, knee sleeves, etc.); although the side water bottle pockets and the clip on the shoe pocket work in a pinch to keep your wet stinky items away from the rest of your gear. All in all it’s awesome. I’d buy another if there bags if they are as good as this one.

    50. 55555

      Even with my duffel bag I was prone to leaving things behind at the gym and was told many times to get a new bag. I decided on the Kong Backpack II over the Hylete equivalent. I am very pleased with my bag. I was able to fit everything from my old bag into this one. And better yet instead of everything tossed into one area and being forced to dig for an item, I am able to organize everything with all the great pockets! I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    51. 55555

      Awesome backpack with solid build and high quality zippers and buckles. Lots of space to pack everything you need for the office and WOD in one tidy package.

    52. 55555

      I bought this backpack because I needed something to carry everything I needed in one day, in one bag. This bag does just that, excellently! I am able to carry my lunch, gym clothes, and work laptop all int he same bag making it very easy to get around NYC in one day without having to head back to my apartment. Love it!

    53. 55555

      Amazing bag, perfect for gym and day to day all in one I have my meal pack that fits handily and also my gym clothes and accessories. Would buy again!!

    54. 55555

      This bag is everything I needed and much more. Before purchasing this bag I was using a Nike duffel bag that was way to big. I purchased the King Kong and I was very pleased with how I was able to store two pair of shoes and the rest of my gym equipment with no issues. Besides have a lot of storage it’s also compact and efficient when I need grab certain things for my workout.

    55. 55555

      Purchased for myself and love it so much bought one for my son. The backpack is everything we wanted and needed! Great job KingKong!

    56. 55555

      Ordered this for my boyfriend and KK sent me the wrong one. They promptly sent me a return label and sent me the Back Pack II I ordered along with the KK lunch box. My dude absolutely loves his backpack. He is a power lifter and has plenty of room for all of his gear.

    57. 55555

      Hands down the BEST bag for the gym!! Customer for life. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy it!!

    58. 55555

      Wow… this backpack is built tough! A solid piece of gear, and just what I wanted. I like the outside pocket for shoes, the side pockets for water, and especially the way it opens completely flat. I often travel (bike) in my workout gear and carry my dress clothes in the bag. I can pack everything flat so my work clothes don’t get mashed and wrinkled. Plenty of room in this bag too. After changing, all the exercise gear and the bike helmet fit inside. Love the separate pocket on top for glasses and stuff I don’t want floating around in the pack. But I’m most impressed with how rugged this pack is. I expect to be using it a long time.

    59. 55555

      FINALLY a backpack that I actually love. I’ve had literally dozens of backpacks over the years in search for the perfect one. I saw King Kong Apparel on Facebook and immediately bought one. I’m not a crossfitter, but I still needed a large backpack to hold shin guards, boxing gloves, change of clothes, hand wraps, jump rope, large water bottle and some food— this worked out great! I easily stored the shin guards in the outside pocket instead of shoes; my boxing gloves and other gear fit very easily in the main compartment. I also brought this on a 3-day trip and it fit underneath the seat on United Airlines– not sure about other airlines, but it can easily fit in the overhead bins. I stuffed the backpack with lots of clothes, bathroom stuff and my ipad. I’m very happy and very impressed. I just bought the mini King Kong backpack, too, for the gym when I don’t need all of that gear. Customer for life now. Thank you!

    60. 55555

      I have been looking for a new gym bag for a while then I found King Kong apparel.. I was looking on this website for an hour trying to decide what bag I should get so I went for the king king II this is definitely the best bag I ever bought so much space.. SO MUCH it’s amazing I will definitely be buying all my gym bags from King Kong from now on!

    61. 55555

      BEST backpack I’ve ever owned….and I’ve gone through quite a few over the years. The zippers would usually break because of all my gear that I stuff into them. I work two jobs & hit the gym on a regular basis, so I basically live out of it. Very durable. Size is perfect & has many little miscellaneous pockets for everything I carry. Also sits up nice and high on my back, which is one of my favorite features. Looks sharp & gets me many compliments at the gym & work! Very happy with this purchase.

    62. 33333

      The outside pocket for shoes (who wants to keep sweaty shoes inside a bag?!? Recipe for disaster. And a science experiment) as well as the dual backpack/duffel zippers are what sold me on the Kong Backpack II. I’m very pleased with the quality/durability of the bag, the generous storage space. and the number of individual slots/pockets inside. The only qualm I have is that the zippers themselves don’t seem to track as nicely as other backpacks I’ve owned. They get caught frequently and require a good tug to get over the places where there’s padding on the inside of the bag. Overall very pleased though! I hope this lasts!

    63. 55555

      I stinkin’ love this backpack! I used to carry your average gym bag which was bulky and cumbersome (no to mention my wife hated having it around our apartment). This backpack holds all of the things that fit into my other bag and is easier to carry. I also use it when I travel for work because it makes a great carry-on bag. It’s the perfect size. I definitely recommend getting this!

    64. 55555

      Awesome great bag for the gym

    65. 55555

      Love it so far! I am a fireman and in paramedic class. I split my time between class, clinicals and bouncing around to different fire stations and basically living out of my car. I got this mainly as a bag for lots of textbooks and occasionally other stuff. I am hell on bags, but so far this one is holding up great. Lots of room, seems pretty adaptable.

    66. 55555

      I ordered the camo Backpack II and I love it. Plenty of room to carry knee sleeves, 2 pairs of shoes, lifting belt, and all of the small stuff I keep in my bag for workouts, as well as a change of clothes. It’s well built and feels like it will last forever. The pattern looks great, and the back padding makes it super comfortable when the bag is loaded. I did lots of researching bags before purchasing this one and I am 100% satisfied with my decision.

    67. 55555

      I order this bag for my son and he loves it. He uses the bag for cross fit training.

    68. 55555

      Love this bag! Love the shoe pocket on the outside. I can fit everything I need in here and I have a lot of stuff that comes with me everyday since I need to change abs get ready for work after my workout.

    69. 55555

      King Kong II delivers the space I was looking for in a backpack: space for gym clothes, shoes, water, a laptop and more. It looks good, and the back is padded for extra comfort. Super happy with the purchase!

    70. 55555

      This has quickly become my new favorite, go-to bag. It is a great bag with tons of room and compartments. I am a teacher and track coach and this bag holds all of my gear and then some. Having the shoe pocket/lunchbox holder in the front is such a great feature!

    71. 55555

      I finally received my Kong Backpack II ( shipping was real quick got it at my front door sooner than expected ) and put it straight to work . Packing it with enough gear to do 2 a days for 2 Weeks straight before putting to an ultimate test of using it for a 3 day Trip to Dallas . It wasn’t completely full but it was pretty dang close to it & fit nicely in the overhead compartment fine even with my shoes in the external pouch . I definitely recommend. Picking one of these up and now I’m trying to decide which duffle bag I should be ordering for those longer trips I have planned

    72. 55555

      I am admittly in search of the perfect bag for the gym. This. Bag has the best organization for my Raquetball and handball gear. My gloves dry out on the way home on the motorcycle. The backpack wears well and holds the load well. Also, it’s incredible how the big zips
      Up tight somit doesnt seem so bulky. It’s my favorite part of the bag
      I have a ton of Tom Bihn and Goruck bags. Both are better quality but a lot more expensive- made in America has a price. I do love his bag though and I have been showing it off to my buddies at the gym Looking forward to needing a duffle bag soon

    73. 55555

      What’s there not to love. Great bag and design. We’ve had 6 athletes purchase after my wife and I purchased a bundle.

    74. 55555

      Best bag I’ve ever owned. Also have to King Kong 2.0. This bag is the perfect size for everyday gym use.

    75. 55555

      I bought the royal blue backpack II and honestly I’M IN LOVE! Had it about a month now & can’t find a single thing to complain about. This is serious seeing as I’m a grouchy female. I can find a problem with everything! The color is vibrant and the bag is extremely spacious. I love the side load and top load option. Plenty of pockets for me to cram my entire life. Chapstick/keys/sports tape/money <if I had any. There is a laptop sleeve but I'm to cool for laptops, I like paper & 600 colored pens/stickers. So I use the sleeve to keep my knee sleeves in. I add this awesome Wonder Woman patch to make it match my personality. Should've went with Harlin Quinzel tho, I'm sort of crazy per my lifting squad. I don't agree, they all want my bag and don't have one yet. That makes them the crazy ones. The best part about my bag has to be when I have it on (I'm mexican) everyone says "D*MNNNN DORA" & it honestly sets the mood for a great workout. So glad I bought my bag. It's holding up and keeping me organized and fabulous! Thanks for such an awesome product!

      Premiere Athletix/ Tupelo MS

    76. 55555

      Great product. Does the job, from small use to whole day packing. I love it. You definitely get what you pay for.

    77. 55555

      Backpack is big enough and sturdy enough that I can use it for work and gym. Fits my laptop, two pairs of shoes, lifting belt, many other small accessories and fits comfortably on my shoulders, great backpack!

    78. 55555

      I absolutely love this bag! It suits my needs perfectly, and it is quite comfortable to carry.

    79. 55555

      This bag is awesome!
      Front pocket is big enough to fit my shoes. Side pockets are large and deep enough to fit my water bottles/shaker containers.
      I wasn’t to excited about the 2 zip mesh pockets inside the bag plus i found it to be pretty tight when i have my shoes in the front pocket of the bag. The other 2 pockets, outside and inside the bag are great. as for the laptop compartment, i love it! my 15″ macbook fits in there, nicely and snug!
      As for the main compartment, its large enough to hold all my crap!
      This is a solid bag, quality is suburb and doesn’t feel like a cheap backpack.

    80. 55555

      Great bag, lots of room and looks great!

    81. 55555

      Amazing bag! It was a toss up between the backpack 2 and the duffle for me. After having made the choice to go with the backpack 2 I am 100% satisfied with my decision! Phenomenal quality with a great design! I have more than enough room to pack all of my daily workout needs.

    82. 55555

      I love this bag. The fact that it’s big enough for all my gear, but not to bulky. The reason I ordered it was because I was tired of hauling around my duffel bag that was way to big. I don’t regret ordering my backpack at all.

    83. 55555

      I love this thing. It is durrable and huge enough for all of my stuff. The shoes being easily accessible is the best part of the entire bag.

    84. 55555

      This is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. It is spacious with several different sized pockets throughout and feels like it was created to mold to my back. I would recommend this bag to students as well as gym or travel enthusiasts.

    85. 55555

      I love this bag! Sturdy, great storage spaces and stylish. I think I need 2!

    86. 55555

      Absolutely amazing!! I got it for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it! It fits everything he needs for work as a crossfit coach and everything he needs for a wod! I just recently bought another for myself! We can’t wait to travel with it to wodapalooza in two weeks!

    87. 55555

      The most heavy duty and versatile bag I have ever owned!! I would recommend this bag to anybody.

    88. 55555

      Awesome backpack. I didn’t pull the trigger back when this was on the pre-order price. And I regretted for a long time until King Kong had their Black Friday sale. And boy did I make the right by decision. The back pack has a lot of room for clothes, your laptop, and many accessories. I love the front pouch for my shoes or for my meal bag insert. You won’t regret this buying this bag!

    89. 55555

      Great construction, able to hold all my necessary gear. very happy with all my King Kong products.

    90. 55555

      I love my back pack! It fits all of my stuff and it’s easy to carry around! I have my oly shoes and Metcons in there as well as all my wrist wraps and knee sleeves! Extra clothe, my WOD book and all my tape! Comfortable and spacious! Love it!

    91. 55555

      Love it! I’m happy the teal is a bit darker so It won’t show dirt as much. It worked perfect for a carry on! It fit all of my necessary lifting stuff, and my normal carry on items. And, it’s comfortable.

    92. 55555

      So far, really nice and plenty of room. Just got this back in blue. I really enjoy the amount of space with the comfort and ease for transportation. Not so bulky and I don’t have to turn sideways just to go through a door.

    93. 55555

      Love the Teal color! Spacious back pack for all my needs – cycling, kayaking, gym, work.
      Sturdy feel, metal buckles, padded shoulder straps. Love it!

    94. 44444

      Good well thought out bag. Tuff enough for many years of use.

    95. 55555

      Great bag. Just used it for travel and it was perfect for a carry on.

    96. 55555

      LOVE this backpack. It fits multiple pairs of shoes, all my food, change(s) of clothes, supplements, equipment, laptop and so much more. It has the capacity for all of this while also keeping things organized. It’s a sturdy everyday carry for an active guy, or girl, who is going to and from work and the gym.

    97. 55555

      I love back pack and it’s a bit bigger than I’d imagine. Plenty of room to keep my supplements and shaker bottles along with shoes and a change of clothes. It is extremely well made as all their products are. I have their duffel and love it as well.

    98. 55555

      This is the one and only backpack you will ever need to buy…seriously. Heavy-duty, and enough storage space for anything you need to lug to the gym. Buy it. Done.

    99. 44444

      Very solid back pack. Well constructed , sturdy zippers and lots of nice features. I’ve used it as a gym back and a travel bag thanks to the expandable seams. Every bag I’ve bought from King Kong has been a winner.

    100. 55555

      Perfect bag. I’m a firefighter and this bag is great for storing everything I need on a 24 hour shift. Built sturdy, very durable and comfortable. I love the exterior shoe storage. I wear a size 15 and my shoes easily fit securely. I highly recommend this bag.

    101. 55555

      I bought this backpack for my son, a drummer living in New York City. He was blown away by the durability of the material, the strength of the buckles–and the 25-year warranty! He loves the flexibility to organize his sticks, brushes, hardware, as well as his Metro card and personal items (and even a change of clothes). He has been through dozens of backpacks since college, working on a cruise line, and in the city. This backpack is great even if you don’t go to the gym everyday!

    102. 44444

      Awesome bag. Very happy with it, and it does everything I need. Carries a lot, and is pretty comfortable. I use it for work/gym travel. My ONLY reason for not five stars are:

      The shoulder straps could be better. While they are really comfortable, they are straight and not contoured to my shoulders/back. I’m a backpacker, and I’m used to bags like Osprey and Gregory, so maybe I’m spoiled…

      The position of the inner mesh pouches aren’t great. There are two at the way bottom/inside of the pack that I use for toiletries. But you have to take everything out of it to access them. This makes it very difficult for quick access. I’d also like to see the “suitcase-like opening” on the other side of the bag so that those inner pouches are on the flap rather than the inside.

    103. 55555

      Love this bag. I have used the same bag for over a decade and could not part with it and this one got me to finally let go. With everything I carry I still dont fill this bag completely up and the weight on my shoulders and back feels lighter than ever with the way weight is distributed in this bag. SO happy with my purchase and the customer service is outstanding. I will be coming back for more and have been showing off my bag and sending everyone at our gym to the site to see their options. Couldnt be more pleased with King Kong

    104. 55555

      I just bought this bag and it is great! I love the access to all of the compartments, and that it can open flat so I don’t have to rummage for everything. It’s especially good for packing all of my work clothes in when I hit the gym in the morning. Great quality material and construction.

    105. 55555

      This bag is awesome! It’s big enough to fit everything I need for the day, and also very comfortable. All of the pockets make it easy to find things when then I need them without digging through the bag.

    106. 55555

      This bag has the room and the toughness I’ve been looking for. Worth it in every aspect for a gym bag.

    107. 44444

      Fantastic bag! Works great when going to my local Crossfit box or traveling out to another box. Worth the money. As a matter of fact, I need to buy another one for my wife.

    108. 55555

      Love my King Kong back 2 its fits just about everything i need for my travels,gym and for my daily day. i able to fit a foam roller with some change of clothes plus with my large water bottle and shoes. it feels really comfortable to wear the backpack with some amazing padding and long strap. it’s seem like a real durable backpack that’s made very pretty well i can it lasting for years to come.
      get yourself one you won’t regret it i sure didn’t

    109. 55555

      Love this backpack–it’s bombproof and is well thought out. Highly recommend it.

    110. 55555

      Love this bag. I was skeptical. Thought there weren’t enough pockets. But there is plenty of storage. Great to use as a carry on for flights also. Heavy duty material and zippers. Feels stout when you wear it. Definitely happy I went with this bag.

    111. 55555

      Great bag, very durable, lots of space. Easy access to all pockets.

    112. 55555

      Great bag. Solid construction, very spacious, well thought out compartments.

    113. 44444

      Quality is great. I’m 5 ft and got this bc I have the duffle in camo and its huge. Perfect for traveling but kind of overkill for regular training days. That being said, I wish I had gotten the mini backpack. And not in grey (my duffle is camo so I was trying to change it up), bc it isn’t as nice in person as on site. Camo wins. Haha

    114. 55555

      I didn’t buy this as a gym bag. I bought it as a weekend out-of-town travel pack. This backpack is bigger than I expected, but not overly huge. On a 4 day trip to San Diego I fit four changes of clothes, two pairs of shoes, a dell laptop workstation, iPad Pro, sketch pads, a mini midi keyboard, a mirrorless camera, chargers, power cables, headphones, a tripod, and a jumprope. Fully packed it still fit into the overhead bin. I like how it’s organized. I love the easy access openings. But most of all I love that almost all external surfaces of the bag are padded so I don’t have to worry about my stuff inside taking a beating. The external shoe pocket is genius! Nothing sucks as bad as having to use up that much space on the inside of a bag just for a pair of workout shoes. I also love the expandable “water bottle” pockets. They will easily accommodate a mid-sized tripod and hold it securely in place. I used the second one to store my laptop’s power supply since it’s pretty bulky. The bag is pretty comfortable to wear and the top carry handle is useful. I might have to buy a mini for everyday work stuff. I really like this bag a lot.

      For version III can it be made with a zipper to get a laptop out quickly from the outside when going through security? How about weatherproofing? That would be the icing on the cake!

      Great job on this King Kong!

    115. 55555

      Bought this for my daughter-in-law and she absolutely loves it! The best ever!!
      Thanks so much

    116. 44444

      It’s what you would expect from king kong. Very organized and enough room for everything from my lifting shoes and belt to my towel. If you don’t need a towel and clothes I’d go with a mini for regular use.

    117. 55555

      Awesome back pack very durable this back pack can handle anything I throw at it. I ride a dyna motorcycle and is an awesome back pack to carry my stuff and a lot of good padding on the back.

    118. 55555

      I use this bag to carry my equipment for mobile sports massage. There is so much room! The bag is very well built and offers plenty of pockets to organize everything so it’s easy to find. Love King Kong bags!X

    119. 44444

      So nice not to have to sling a heavy bag over my shoulder and carry awkwardly anymore. Now with the backpack, the weight is distributed evenly on my back while carrying all my items. Only suggestion is to have more inside pockets. Feel the laptop compartment is unnecessary as I would never bring my computer to the gym and leave unattended.

    120. 55555

      This was an awesome bag. So many compartments fits everything he needs for the gym without a huge bag! 🙂 perfect color as well

    121. 55555

      This bag is the f***en best! It works perfectly for what I need it for.

    122. 44444

      As with my previous King Kong purchase, the customer experience was dreadful but the product is so good that I keep coming back. If they could get their purchase experience dialed in, they’d be unstoppable.

      About the bag:
      The good: I love, love, love it. It has the right number of pockets in the right places. I use it to commute to work (bike primarily, but occasionally I walk and take the train), and it’s perfect for that application. It’s comfortable to carry and the quality is outstanding. I look forward to traveling with this bag, too. It’ll easily hold everything I need for a 4-5 day trip, and possibly up to a week.
      The not-so good: The buckle on the front takes some getting used to, and the fastener on the laptop compartment is superfluous (and kind of flimsy feeling). I’d love to have the laptop accessible from the outside, so I can get at it easily when the bag is full.

    123. 44444

      Very functional. A litter smaller than it looks online but can still easily fit everything I need into one form factor. Love the laptop pouch – makes for a good work/workout bag. Side pockets accommodate water and supplements. Super sturdy nylon construction and decent fitability. 10/10 would buy again

    124. 44444

      Very well made product – it’s huge for a backpack but that’s because it’s really a backpack / duffel. It holds a ton of stuff. Very pleased with the quality.

    125. 55555

      I have had the backpack for a couple of weeks now and so far it is pretty sweet! I have the Kong gym bag and have not used it since getting the backpack. I can pack all my gym stuff I use, a change of clothes, shower bag and some shoes and I still don’t think it is even close to being overloaded! The storage pockets are great for beats, heart rate monitor,wallet etc. the pack fits well also, I’m 5,9 175 and it is very comfortable, think it will work great on days I ride my bike to the gym. So far I have nothing negative to say, when I received the pack the zippers were a little messed up but they self corrected first try! Do not think you will be disappointed with the purchase!

    126. 55555

      Hands down best backpack I’ve ever had! This is designed for the gym, and fits everything I need. The outer, expanding pocket is great for shoes. The expansion zippers are an amazing design feature. It helps my bag fit everything I want, but then slims down when I’m carrying less. Perfect!

    127. 55555

      Truly awesome backpack. I was looking for a backpack that could fit my laptop plus hella gym gear plus whatever other crap I was carrying around, and this does the trick above and beyond my expectations. I love that I can fit my lifting shoes inside or on the outside, that it has a handy small item pocket, and that the main compartment fully opens to lie flat. It’s large enough that if I pack light, I can fit my computer, gym gear, and enough clothes for a multi-day business trip. I was initially concerned that it would be too big and uncomfortable for my small frame (I’m a 5’3″ woman), but it’s flexible enough that this is not the case and I have no problem with it. It would fit someone of average stature like a dream. I can’t recommend this enough!

    128. 55555

      I absolutely love this bag. I travel a tremendous amount for work and had been using the King Kong Messenger bag (which is also fantastic) as my personal item carry on bag. The backpack offers a ton of room, has a protected area for my laptop and has an “easy to get to” small pocket for items that you need to access quickly – such as wallet, keys and other items. The best feature in my view is the front flap that stores my sneakers. With all the restrictions on airlines related to carry on bags, I’m able to have more room in my carry on bag by not having to pack my sneakers. The big difference between the messenger bag and the back pack is my shoulders no longer hurt after long travel days of lugging the bag around. I tend to overstuff the bag and it gets extremely heavy so the double straps provide more support. A great product and highly recommend for anyone traveling a fair bit.

    129. 55555

      First off, this bag is quality! Once I pulled the bag out of the box, the first thing that came to mind was, “Wow, this bag is well built!” The design and layout of the bag makes storing all my CrossFit gear super easy to find with room to spare. The bag is extremely comfortable when on the bag, almost form fitting. My only dilemma is that the bag would also be perfect to carry my regular items to work. I may just need to get a second one for work because I already have a nice amount of chalk all over the bag!

    130. 44444

      Great bag, very heavy duty all around and plenty of space for anything you need for the day or a weekend trip. I use it daily….Love the bag!

    131. 55555

      Great bag! It fits all my essentials for the gym nicely. I love the extra pocket to hold shoes.

    132. 55555

      Love this back pack! I have the original king kong bag which is great, but this back pack is great for a quick trip to the gym! Great quality and it looks and feels great!

    133. 55555

      I’ve owned quite a few backpacks over the years, covering all sorts of genres (hiking, biking, backpacking, camping photography, workout etc..). This bag may be the most well thought out one I’ve purchased yet. You can pack a deceptively large amount into it, but still not have bulk. It has tons of access points to get at your stuff. Construction is top notch. Locations for things are well designed and placed. I absolutely love it.

    134. 55555

      Great backpack love the duffel option

    135. 55555

      The best gym bag I have ever owned and I have owned many a bags from Adidas to Under Armour and none compare in quality and space plus a place for my tablet and my seneheiser headphones

    136. 55555

      Went from the original 1.0 to this bad boy and couldn’t be happier. If you can’t fit your gym equipment in there your spending to much time in equipment and not enough on lifting. Best King Kong yet. Seriously the perfect size and I have size 12 combat boots inside daily

    137. 55555

      great bag plenti of room and functional

    138. 55555

      This bag is legit! Got tired of what was being passed as a “backpack” from local retailers, so I went online and found King Kong back packs. After getting the 411 on the products, I dove into a pre-order. Never looked back. Good zippers, strong straps, solid material, feels comfortable, does the job it was designed for, and honestly looks awesome. I am pleased with my purchase and as my ex likes to say, I am hard to please.

    139. 55555

      Hell yeah! I love this gear. The pack fits everything and then some!

    140. 44444

      Great bag, tons of room and compartments. The zipper sticks a bit and I can’t tell if it’s because it’s new or what. Holds all of my gear and then some. Having the shoe pocket in the front is such a space saver!

    141. 44444

      Solid bag. To early to tell how durable it is. Well thought out. Holds a ton of crap. Needs some Velcro strips for patches.

    142. 55555

      This is the best back pack I have ever owned. 1. This is is durable as hell. The material is so high quality and so durable I can see it lasting for a long time. 2. The shoe/meal pouch is awesome, one less thing to carry around. 3. The main pouch opens like a book, which is so nice to be able to pack everything up like that instead of trying to stuff everything through the top. 4. Everything zips down. If you aren’t using the side pockets or front pouch they zip down and everything is nice and slimmed down.

      Seriously, hands down, best bag ever. I use this for work and the gym and can imagine I will be using it when I travel as well.

    143. 44444

      Lots of space, a little bigger than I wanted. It’s a bit cumbersome to carry around. Gets all my gear to the gym though!!

    144. 55555

      Already loving my original King Kong bag, and knowing that it was one of the best bags I’ve ever had, I decided to pre order this back pack. This has to be one of the most practical backpacks one can buy. The quality of this backpack is second to none. I also purchased the meal bag to go along with, and it fits perfectly. And most importantly, it fits comfortably.

    145. 55555

      I feel like Stefan and his team made this for me. I travel a lot and it works perfect for my 2-3 day trips. Stefan answered any questions personally and his team once again delivers excellence.

    146. 55555

      Awesome bag!! I can fit all my gym stuff in no problem

    147. 55555

      Awesome bag! Durable made well. I love it! Maybe add pockets to other side of bag…..but that’s being critical otherwise very satisfied customer.

    148. 55555

      Got ours in yesterday, and have taken it to the a couple of times already. It has tons of space without being unnecessarily bulky (I had 3 size 13 shoes in it at one point with workout clothes). Everything appears to be made sturdy, and with heavy buckles and zippers. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear fully loaded. The only thing I regret is that this bag wasn’t available sooner! The camo pattern is sick!!

    149. 55555

      The bag came in and it was a lot bigger than it looked on the website which was awesome. There where more than enough extra pockets with plenty of places to fit you gear. All in all I am really pleased with the product and how you can tell it’s built tough and will really last and hold up to my hardcore lifestyle. I recommend buying this bag.

    150. 55555

      I got this bag for a friend. It has every compartment imaginable. Knee sleeves are perfect in the vented outside pockets. Shoes in the front. Everything on the inside layers perfectly with the duffle opening. The netted smaller bags inside are great for setting what you need but keeping smaller items like tape or wraps and straps from being loose in the bag! Perfect! 5 stars!!

    151. 55555

      I pre ordered the backpack II, and received it prior to the scheduled release date to my excitement. I bought this bag because of the extra compartments for shoes and everything else I might need for the day for working out or anytime else I’m doing. I ride my motorcycle around and this bag is perfect to fit on my back while riding.

    152. The guys hooked me up with a pre-production prototype backpack to test and review. I buy a new backpack every couple of months, and I was pumped to see what the guys at King Kong had come up with. There are a bunch of pockets that I love – similar to the King Kong duffels. Expandable bottle holders on the sides, 3 internal pockets, a top soft pocket with some sleeves for phone, wallet, keys, a soft protected laptop section. My favourite part is the duffel-style zip at the back so I can pack it flat – I bloody love it and used it a lot. The front pocket that pulls out is great for a pair of shoes – I hate putting shoes in with clean clothes. Very comfortable carry, my back didn’t get too hot (which happens with some tight-fitting backpacks), and the chest strap stopped it from moving on my back. All in all it’s such an unreal bag – great job!

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