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With tougher, double-stitched seams and more-durable shoulder strap clasps, this bag is unbreakable.


The unique dual shoe compartment design lets you carry two pairs of shoes, so you don't have to choose between your sneakers or lifting shoes. The water-resistant 1000D nylon construction means the compartments can be used as wet bags for towels and swimming gear.





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I can honestly say it is the best gym bag that I have ever owned. I use it for everything, including long weekends. The shoe pocket is genius and makes packing more efficient. With plenty of space and pockets, I can easily organize my workout clothes and equipment. I highly recommend the King Kong Giant. You won’t regret your purchase.

January 28, 2016
Review By Erik Tomas

    Our popular Original King Kong Bag is now available as a King Kong Giant. This unbreakable bag is built specifically for the unique demands of Elite Fitness. Thanks to its large capacity of 16.6 gallons, it’s also ideal for a weekend-long competition or overseas travel.

    You can carry everything you need for your workout or trip while keeping it all protected and organized with the King Kong Giant’s dedicated compartments and partitions.

    This bag’s durability comes from its military specification 1000D nylon construction, double-stitched seams, heavy-duty shoulder strap clasps, and innovative magnetic carry strap closure. That toughness looks good too, with seven colors available. It’ll make for a giant-sized upgrade on your overstuffed duffel bag.

    All our 1000D nylon-constructed bags come with our Generation warranty.  This means that the buckles, zippers, bindings, fabric and stitching on our products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 25 years as long as the original purchaser owns the product. If one of our products fails during the warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace the defective part or entire bag after photo assessment by our team.  This will require you to send it to us with postage paid, together with your proof of purchase.

    1. 55555

      My bag showed up with no tag, and had black marks on it, like it was dragged. My bag was red.
      Contacted King Kong and they immediately sent me a new one, and allowing me to keep the one that looked damaged. The bag is solid, well worth the money, couldn’t be happier and the customer service is incredible.

    2. 55555

      Amazing quality. I had originally bought the smaller version but realized quickly that i needed the larger one. Customer service was awesome. I sent the bag in no problems and they worked with me to get the bag i want. The quality of the bag is superb, it can withstand all the gym time and all my extra stuff i need in the day. This was my first kong purchase, it definitely will NOT be my last. I will purchase again. love this brand.

    3. 55555

      Quality and Size is perfect for all that you will need, the 2 shoe pockets help keep organization and tidiness within, the weight of the bag is perfect, with ample pockets for all equipment needed.

    4. 55555

      Great bag. Gift for my wife. Perfect for all her strongman gear. Very well made worth every penny.

    5. 55555

      Definitely a top notch bag! Actually it’s the toppest of top notch! Me and my fiance both the Giant in different colors because she got hers and I was jealous of her cool new bag and I needed one just like it. The 25 year warranty is also hard to beat. Do the math, at $129.00 for 25 years, that’s a little more than $5 a year. Smart buy if you ask me!

    6. 55555

      Great bag! Lots of room and very well made!

    7. 55555

      Tremendous bag. Super durable and just the right amount of space for all of my gear needs. Would strongly recommend to anyone.

    8. 55555

      Excellent bag. Fantastic quality. Better than all of the other bags I looked at. Highly recommended!!!

    9. 55555

      Got this bag for my husband. He does crossfit and is also in the military so he has a lot of stuff to carry around. He loves how sturdy the giant King Kong bag is. All the different pockets and compartments help him keep his stuff organized. He can finally fit his workout clothes, shoes, boots, uniform, supplements, protein powders, bath kit, extra socks and briefs, towel, and crossfit gear in one place. The camo print is really cool.

    10. 55555

      I love this bag! Very versatile and so far is holding up. I was skeptical at first and I didn’t know which size to get. But the Giant works perfect for my needs. I am military and it holds my uniform, gear and gym stuff with no problems. It isn’t too bulky either and doesn’t look like I’m carrying a big suitcase around. I am 6′, 200lbs, so for my size, it’s not too bad. Thanks Kong for a great bag!

    11. 55555

      I will never purchase a different bag again. I finally found the perfect gym bag that holds everything I need it to with enough left over space for a change of clothes or any extras. I do wish it came in a few more colors but the functionality of this bag is what matters and in that area, there is no other competition.

    12. 55555

      Vou redigir em português mesmo, pois sou Brasileiro e adquiri esse produto. Infelizmente não despacham par ao Brasil, mas consegui um amigo que trouxe para mim do EUA. Produto é TOP, bem acabado, e ENORME! Recomendo!!!

    13. 55555

      Worth every penny!! I live in Canada so this bag begs quite a premium with the exchange rate. I’m a powerlifter with all sorts of gear and tools (3 pairs of shoes, belt, knee sleeves, mobility stuff, hip circle, etc.), and this bag holds everything comfortably! I love all the pockets for organization. Amazing quality and construction.

    14. 55555

      Enormous. Durable. Quite the upgrade from my old bag. I really felt that with the 25 year warranty, this bag would pay for itself time and time again. It was worth every penny.

    15. 55555

      Great bag, was tired of trying to stuff just a little more in old gym bag! This baby can take anything I can throw at it, it’s a great design, with all the little extras I never knew I couldn’t live with out.

    16. 55555

      Recieved my King Giant last week, love it! I work in the emergency response/spill/recovery industry and my primary use will be for a go bag and or spill bag. I was able to fit 3 weeks of clothes, boots, and other essentials needed for the job. I’m sure I will be putting it to action soon.

    17. 55555

      Awesome bag!!!! Worth the money. Not to Big… Great customer service A+++++

    18. 55555

      Exactly what I hoped it would be! I love powerlifting, and I was seeking a bag that would allow me to carry all of my equipment – squat shoes, deadlift shoes, weightbelt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, shoulder saver, and slingshot. This is the first bag I’ve had that allowed me to keep all my equipment in one bag, and still zip it successfully. I would highly recommend the King Kong Giant to anyone seeking a bag large enough to carry full gear.

    19. 55555

      Spectacular bag!!!!! It took me a while to decide between the original and the Giant, and I am so very glad I went with the Giant – PLENTY of room for literally everything you need for the gym, but somehow it’s not too big. A good amount of pockets to organize your gear, amazing construction, and looks great too. Highly recommend.

    20. 55555

      Super high quality. Best gym bag I have ever owned. I would recommend this bag to anyone.

    21. 55555

      Amazing bag! I ordered for my husband’s birthday and he was super excited when he opened the box. He’s a fireman and it fits all the essentials he needs (with extra room) when he is on shift for 24hrs!

    22. 55555

      Great bag good for taking to Spartan and tough murder events. I love how tough this bag is and the hardware they used is top notch. The only down side is it it a bit large for my gym locker I will definitely be investing in the king Kong original in the coming months. Buy this bag!

    23. 55555

      Great Product!
      I bought this bag to be used as my every day gym bag and occasionally for weekend getaways! All the pockets help store more than enough and are all easily accessable with the amazing zippers on the bag. the shoe pockets are great to also keep that smell out of my change of clothes, and the sheer size of the bag helps with easy access to any of my gear that i need quickly

    24. 44444

      This is Naik from California USA, go to 24hrs fitness with personal trainer. I got this bag and loving it so much. It’s price is not justified for the material and design. But there’s nothing better on market. Nike, reebok , adidas all offer bags but it’s completely waste of money. King Kong is the way to go and hope they improve their design. Such as shoes compartment could be in column not raw. Thanks King Kong

    25. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag. Bought it after I saw my friend with one in the gym and don’t know why I waited so long and tried so many other bags before taking the plunge. There is literally so much room that I don’t know what to do with. Shoes, shirts, lifters, mobility crates, powders, belts, grips, and a rope….they all fit and with more room to spare! Definitely worth the money.

    26. 55555

      Best bag I’ve owned thus far! Because I train in two disciplines averaging out to almost seven days a week, I live out of a gym bag. I was needing something that would not only hold up, but offered plenty of room. Stack that awesome warranty on top of the former items and it’s hard to beat this product. I do wish that there were outer pockets on the opposite side as you can almost never have enough seperated compartment space.

    27. 55555

      This is an amazing bag and the only one you will ever need! I can fit everything in it; from foam rollers to multiple Crossfit shoes, it holds it all. Don’t be fooled by other similar looking bags out there, King Kong construction is well above the rest. All the zippers and clasps are metal and with military grade stitching everywhere. This bag is made to last!

    28. 44444

      I bought my husband one for his birthday and really liked it, so he had to get me one too!! 😊 Very well made and durable!!! I put ALL my gear in it, added some more stuff and I swear it’s lighter than my old gym bag!! Lots of extra space! Would’ve loved a pocket or two inside, but other than that, LOVE IT!!!!!

    29. 55555

      The bag is very well made and I expect it should last me quite a while. I echo many of the statements above regarding the shoe and meal pockets. With the size of the bag, I expected to still have quite a bit of room, even when using the shoe and meal pockets. I found, however, that when those pockets are used, it really cuts down on the space left in the bag. I am still impressed with the overall construction and quality, but am definitely glad I didn’t go with the smaller size. It would also be nice to have a couple small interior pockets for valuables. Overall, I would purchase again and my wife is currently interested in getting one as well.

    30. 55555

      Metal zippers! I got this bag as a gift, the best gym bag I have ever owned..hands down! Tons of space, made like the name implies! Expensive, but worth every penny!

    31. 55555

      Well made bag. All my gear fits just right.

    32. 55555

      Provides all the space I need and more. Plenty of storage areas, makes it easy to separate items.

    33. 55555

      It does hold everything I need. I do wish that the shoe compartment/compartments were like on the bottom or something so they didn’t take as much room in the main compartment, other than that though, I am pleased so far. I’ve only had it a week or two though.

    34. 55555

      Durability is top notch with thick fabric, strong zippers, and sturdy straps that easily bear the weight. All of the pockets are spacious and easy to get into and then close. I love the magnetic closure on the carry handle. I went with the giant because I have three pairs of shoes and quite a bit of accessory equipment for CrossFit, and I still have ample room for clothes and whatnot.

    35. 44444

      Bag is awesome, big and provides ample amount of space. Definitely durable, worth the $$$, and the price is excellent for what you get within the product. Would state that the interior pocket for the food prep area, or additional set of shoes takes up space.

    36. 55555

      Excellent very spacious!!

    37. 55555

      Excellent quality, lot of room… I use it for work/gym. Best bag on the market !

    38. 44444

      Great bag so far. Work for the railroad and been trying to find a durable bag to compete with the red oxx bags everyone uses out here. So far so good

    39. 55555

      Best bag I’ve ever owned. Period.

    40. 55555

      This is the BEST GYM BAG EVER! It’s very spacious! I have room in my bag for everything that I take to the gym with me! Very durable bag! I wish it had a few more pockets on the outside but other than that I would recommend the King Kong Giant to anyone in the market for a GREAT gym bag!

    41. 55555

      I was looking for a bag that had a little bit more room than the typical gym bags you see around and thankfully after a good chunk of time walking around 2 different malls not finding what I wanted I stumbled across King Kong online and immediately ordered this bag. It fits everything I want to travel with (gym stuff, change of clothes, work clothes, shoes, water bottle, towels) and there’s still room left over!
      Great quality and would highly suggest to anyone looking for a great gym bag – no matter your fitness level or the sport you play – it’s a must have!!

    42. 55555

      Couldn’t ask for a better bag!! Fits all my gym needs!

    43. 55555

      Definitely built to last. I love all the space and pockets but the shoe pocket does take up a lot of interior space. I wish it was on the bottom or a side pocket of some sort. Other than that no complaints! Definitely big enough to hold all of my gear and accessories. Love that it has two shaker slots because most only have one and I almost always a water bottle and a shaker on me at all times.

    44. 55555

      This is a great gym bag. Does everything the website says and more. The shoe compartments do take up space on the inside, but it is tall enough to still get all of your workout gear and accessories in it no problem.

    45. 55555

      This bag is great! I debated for a while about which bag to go with but I was sold after seeing it had two shoe compartments (I always have my lifters with me now!). It’s huge and fits anything and everything you’ll need for your workouts. Pull the trigger and buy it if you are thinking about it. You won’t be disappointed!

    46. 55555

      EXCELLENT customer service and products! I ordered the King Kong Giant and it was delivered without one of the straps. Once I told customer service, without any hassle, they sent me a brand new bag and let me keep the old one. No extra fees at all. I would recommend this company to anyone. I have a lot of stuff I need to bring to the gym because I go to work right after and can’t go home. This bag holds EVERYTHING. Food, clothes, shoes, boxing gloves, etc. Definitely worth every penny!

    47. 55555

      This bag is built to last! When they talk about the high grade material they mean it – it stands up to any other “military grade” construction I’ve run across in over 16 years of service. It is a perfect compliment to my day-to-day and multiple changes I go through.

    48. 55555

      I have a slight bag obsession. I’ve been looking for the perfect bag that will fit all my Crossfit accessories & still have enough room for clothing. This bag has all that & more. I love the double shoe compartments. It allows me to pack lifters & nanos easily. The three outside pockets are convenient for keys & snacks. The two drink holders is also a really nice touch. Great bag! Worth every penny.

    49. 55555

      First and foremost, I need to recognize this company for the absolute best customer experience I have ever received. The package my bag came in was in very rough shape and the bag itself (though it was in plastic) looked a little worn – probably from the shipping process. I took pictures and sent them to Stefan, just to make him aware of the issue. I explicitly noted that I did not expect a replacement or exchange. He responded to my email promptly and immediately sent out a replacement bag. I was blown away and will now be a loyal customer.

      As for the bag, I have had it for a few months and have been using it for weekly travel AND daily gym trips. This thing is seriously durable. The shoe compartment is GENIUS. I also like the side mesh pockets that can each hold a shaker cup, plus the front compartments that can hold other sm-med sized items. It fits my change of clothes (including shoes), my pre-workout, 2 shaker cups, belt, wrist wraps, resistance bands, towel, and other miscellaneous items. THANK YOU for a quality, well-designed product.

    50. 55555

      I’ve gone through quite a few of the cheap duffel bags over the last few years. I pack a lot of stuff for multiple daily workout routines. Typical load out is 20-25lbs worth of stuff. I was typically wearing out bags every 6 months. I walk 1/2 mile each day with the bag.

      I came across the King Kong brand on FaceBook, and loved the layout of the standard bag, but it was small for my needs. When they announced the Giant, I jumped on the pre-order.

      Flash forward to over a year later, and the bag is still rocking. some of the paint on the shoulder clasps has come off, but the bag is still in great shape. The beefy zippers with the pulls are strong. I’ve carried upwards of 50lbs in it (borrowing extra plates or dumbbells) with ease. This is built like a tank. I love mine so much, we just bought one for my wife.

    51. 55555

      Best bag I’ve ever owned. High quality and plenty of room for all my stuff.

    52. 55555

      I think when you guys made this bag you had me at mine rough tough durable takes a licking and keep on ticking I love this bag

    53. 55555

      Large enough for all my CrossFit and powerlifting gear, plus some extras. Comfortable to carry by shoulder or hand straps. The only downside is I was expecting the turquoise to be brighter.

    54. 55555

      Work hard and play hard, these bags can handle it all! Room for all your gear and high quality construction. My wife and I run ultra races and this handles that job perfectly. She also gets all her strongman gear in the giant or original with ease.

    55. 55555

      Absolutely amazing! I expected the build quality to be high but it far exceeded my expectations. It’s honestly a massive bag and I have no trouble taking everything I need for the whole day with me to the gym. Would buy again in a heartbeat. Thanks for making a great product!!

    56. 55555

      I have thoroughly enjoyed using my king kong giant bag to carry my clothes and shoes to and from work to the gym. The two shoe compartments do take up a significant amount of space in the bag when filled, but with the giant size there is still plenty of room to store all my clothing and accessories for the day. One suggestion for future iterations would be adding more internal pockets to help keep things separated more and easier to find in a hurry. Overall this is a sturdy bag that will hold up to the most rugged abuse.

    57. 55555

      Purchased the King kong Giant for use both at the gym and when traveling. The bag is huge! Really well made, lots of great pockets for storage. I was able to easily fit my lifters, metcons, lifting belt, bands, change of clothes, and had lots of room to spare. I am a woman who wears a size 8 shoe so the shoe compartments on this bag are big enough that I can actually fit two pairs of shoes in each slot. That being said, they would be perfect for someone who wears larger shoes and needs a shoe slot with extra space. Overall in love with my bag! And got lots of compliments on the style when I brought to the gym (I got the camo)

    58. 55555

      Rugged material. Lots of space. Lots of compartments.
      The only downfall is I wish they had a spot for wet clothes, towels, etc. I sweat a lot and then I have no place to put the wet clothes. Would be nice to have a weather proof compartment.

    59. 55555

      This is the best gym bag I’ve owned… ever. Initially, I entertained getting the original King Kong bag but had reservations about its overall size. After watching the Jnr. King Kong bag video, I was convinced it would be perfect. I have been able to store not only changes of clothes including a full sized towel, I have enough room for my gym accessories (wrist wraps, gloves, jump rope, wrist straps, etc). I use the shoulder sling to not only carry my bag but to weave through my knee sleeves to dry. If you’re in need of a great bag that doesn’t have a huge footprint and can carry everything needed for a great day at the gym… buy this one.

    60. 55555

      Great bag! Tons of space and the compartments help me stay organized. Expensive but hoping it’s long-lasting and worth the investment

    61. 55555

      I have a great deal of equipment to take to the gym. I have been trying to train for strongman and powerlifting, so I have various straps and other nonconventional pieces of training equipment. I also have a thick lever belt and knee sleeves. This bag has plenty of room and is strong enough to handle the weight of my gear. I was also impressed that the shoe compartment easily fit my size 17 shoes. Great bag. Well worth the money.

    62. 55555

      I swim, bike, run, lift… pretty much do it all. Some days I will have all my swim gear and spin gear in and room to spare! I was looking for something that was durable and had enough space to organize my stuff…. i found it with the kong giant. I get ready for work every morning at the gym and this bag lets me bring it all. The construction of the bag in sturdy and thick…. I don’t feel like this bag will rip and I’ve been putting it to the test. I love the ability to throw my damp swim gear in the bottom shoe pocket and my sneaks in the top when i’m done without getting all my other stuff stinky. I couldn’t love this bag more and I’m already sharing it with all my friends at the gym! Big win!

    63. 55555

      I’m so in love with this bag, it fits everything I have for the gym and then some. It’s heavy duty so I’m pretty sure it will hold up to everything I can do to it. If you’re someone who has to take everything to the gym with you, this is the bag for you.

    64. 55555

      This bag is amazing! I was a little let down at first sight, but then as I started to put all of my stuff into the bag I realized I was deceived! This bag has TONS of room and is the perfect bag for a workoutaholic.

    65. 55555

      This bag is the absolute best at keeping me organized ready to go! No more fighting for space to take all my supplies. I love t!!!

    66. 55555

      My husband just loves his new bag!! He’s so thrilled to be able to organize all his gear and be able to know exactly where everything is. The only thing he says it’s missing is a soft fabric pocket specifically for sunglasses!

    67. 55555

      Very sturdy. Great size bag for my husband who packs all his gear (e.g. bar clamps, rollers, lifting shoes, jump rope, etc.) for gym trips. So big, though, that he has to group items (e.g. personal items) into smaller bags to keep them together. More pockets would be nice. Overall, I think he loves his new bag!

    68. 55555

      AMAZING BAG! Fits EVERYTHING in a very organized manner. Built for a committed athlete.

    69. 55555

      I received this as a Christmas gift from my husband. It didn’t look very big at first, but looks are VERY deceiving. I was able to fit all my crossfit gear, lifters, change of clothes, etc. and I still have tons of space. It was also very easy to organize everything into all of the pockets, I LOVE IT!!!

    70. 55555

      My son loves his Christmas present! Best gift ever!!

    71. 55555

      Best bag I’ve ever bought!

    72. 55555

      Simply awesome. Plenty of space for all the stuff I need and lots of pockets to keep it all organized. Great time saver.

    73. 55555

      This bag is literally the greatest thing I have every bought gym equipment wise. The ability to carry all of my equipment is essential to making some crazy sick gains and this is just what I needed. The material used to make this bag is fantastic and durable it was 100% worth the money spent on it.

    74. 55555

      The bag is awesome.. it allows you to keep everything in its place!!

    75. 44444

      I love my bag. I also have the regular size King Kong bag. If I could make a suggestion. Find a way to put shoe compartment under the bag so as not to take up so much storage area. And maybe add a few interior or exterior pockets.

    76. 44444

      Very nice bag, well built. But wish it had a few more pockets and it really needs a rubber pad for the shoulder strap to keep it from slipping off when being carried.

    77. 55555

      The bag is what they say! It’s big, the zippers are solid, it’s got plenty of pockets… both for odds and ends and the larger compartments: one for shoes and the other for your sweaty clothes and/or food. The shoulder strap is also nice.

    78. 55555

      Great purchase!!! Very pleased with the construction of the bag and the size! Enough pockets for all of my things I carry. I also use it for my over night bag when I go to work. I’m a Firefighter/EMT and this bag has exceeded all of my expectations!! I love It!!!!

    79. 55555

      Love this bag. It fits all my gear and then some. I have size 14 shoes and the fit solid in the bag. Thanks guys appreciate it.

    80. 55555

      This bag is truly Spectacular ! Durable, multifunctional , and sporty features makes this bag best in class. I walked into my Crossfit gym last week and had everyone there checking it out – love all the pockets ! so perfect for all my gear & doubles as my travel bag . Thank you King Kong Apparel !

    81. 55555

      I love this bag!! Material is durable and space for everything. All the pockets keep everything organized.

    82. 55555

      Got this bag for my husband as a Christmas gift and I’m so happy with it! Going to get a lot of use out of if!

    83. 55555

      Best gym bag ever had. Large enough to fit all. Totally worth the investment.

    84. 55555

      durable, great quality, lots of great features (pockets and compartments), basic color and design, fits everything needed for gym and travel

    85. 55555

      Well made bag I first purchased the 3.0 but had to return it due to not being large enough for my needs. I bought the Giant and its great. Perfect size for my stuff.

    86. 55555

      Bought this bag after my old gym bag bit the dust. 10/10 on all aspects of this bag (quality, size, durability, style, design). it has pockets for everything and holds all my stuff and more.

    87. 55555

      Bought it as a gift -HUGE hit! The perfect gym bag for sure. He loves it, uses it for everything now, gym, travel you name it. Ordered and received very quick and easy. Thanks!!

    88. 55555

      Love the size of the bag. It literally is “Giant”. Sturdy and durable. Holds all of my powerlifting stuff!

    89. 55555

      Great bag. Sturdy and spacious

    90. 55555

      I go to the gym before work so not only do I need my gear but also room for my work shoes and under garments.

      I easily fit dress shoes, gym shoes, clothes and a bunch of CF gear: jump rope, lacrosse balls, wraps etc… best beg I’ve ever bought.

    91. 55555

      I bought this for my husband, he does Strongman competitions, and crossfit, so he has lots of equipment to take with him. He has so much, and he still has room. His words: it’s a big bag that’s easy to organize. He said he would get another one and recommends it for anyone.

    92. 55555

      This is, by far, the best gym bag that I have ever owned. I wear a size 13 shoe and I am able to pack my running shoes and bicycling cleats with room to spare. It is made of very high quality materials and will be the only bag that I will ever need. I highly recommend this purchase!

    93. 55555

      This bag is awesome, and it holds all of my CrossFit gear when I go to the box. It seems very well constructed and is a nice size. There are two shoe compartment, and they fit my size 14 nano’s and lifters. However, I wish the bag were a bit longer, as the shoe compartments take up a large amount of the inside of the bag. Overall, this is the best gym bag I have owned hands down.

    94. 55555

      I have been using a king kong bag for 3 years and I still love it. The quality is top notch and it holds all of my gym equipment fantastically. As a company, there have been marked improvements to both the material of the bag, the straps, the zippers and the general feel overall, and yet they have not strayed from what made them great originally. I got this larger bag to incorporate both the gym as well as travel, since I seem to do a lot of both and I couldn’t be happier. It is very similar to my older bag, but higher quality and much more space. Highly recommend this bag

    95. 55555

      I’ve known about the King Kong line for a couple of years now but I just wasn’t ready to make the purchase or I couldn’t see myself actually using the bag. Well, I recently started going to the gym 5 days a week and I go before work so I needed a bag to carry everything. The King Kong GIANT was it! I use it every day and it fits everything I need for showering, changing clothes, toiletries, etc. great bag at a reasonable price!! My wife wants one too whenever they come out in purple.

    96. 44444

      I love the bag! The only thing I would change is to add more compartments. There is plenty of room and is great for a competition weekend. I have 3 pair of shoes, all of my gear, a change of clothes, a foam roller, and much more in my bag and still have room! The meal bag is a great addition for a competition weekend, everything in one bag.

    97. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag. It is large and holds all my CrossFit gear, including rollers, two pair shoes, and anything you could put in it. The quality is top notch and very durable and the bag feels very quality from the first time you touch it. Great job, love my bag.

    98. 44444

      Very well constructed but the shoe compartment takes up too much space. This bag needs to be longer so you can pack your shoes and still have room for your essentials. Also, there should be better ventilation for your soiled clothes. I still recommend this bag based on its construction, quality and badass attitude.

    99. 55555

      Honestly, when I ordered it I thought I was just getting a good sized gym bag. When I pulled it out of the shipping box I knew quickly it was well designed and built with rigidity to last the trials of daily usage. Then I started to pack it for the next day at the gym and realized how beneficial a bag this size really is. My trips to the gym are at 530am before I head in to the office for the day, so I have the entire gambit of items needed to get ready for work each morning. There is still plenty of extra space, so I can pack an extra set of clothes for the days where I know I won’t have time to stop by the house after work. And don’t worry about it being too heavy, the padded strap is an excellent design feature that takes the pressure off of your shoulder and collar bone.

      Great work by King Kong. I highly recommend making this the only option for your gym bag.

    100. 55555

      Awesome bag. Very durable and spacious. Ideal bag for anyone who lives at the gym.

    101. 55555

      When I purchased this I honestly thought The Giant would be entirely too big. Going from a backpack to this bag it fits everything perfectly and even works for long weekends at competitions. 5* High Quality bag. I’ll never go back.

    102. 55555

      This is the end all be all bag to carry all your crap. Once I started doing CrossFit and needing to bring my own towel to the box, along with all my other regular crap I knew it was time for a bigger bag. After doing some homework it seemed like the King Kong Giant would need both my current and future needs if/when I start lugging around two separate pairs of shoes for CF.

      So far the materials are top notch and there are enough storage pockets to keep everything nicely organized. I also feel like when I put my shoes into the shoe compartment along with some sweaty gym clothes that the bag does a good job at keeping the odors out of the main compartment, which is awesome!

      I would definitely recommend this bag to anybody that’s looking to upgrade their current gym bag or to get started with their first bag. I’ve had crappy bags in the past and had to replace them when they fail. Get high quality from the start and save yourself the trouble!

    103. 55555

      I’m a soccer referee and have been through several bags – believe me when I say this is the best one to get. All the storage you need for the flags, boots, turf shoes and endless shirts – as well as outside pockets for your keys and phone when you need to get to them quick. Even with the shoe pockets extending into the main compartment there is still tons of room. The zips are ultra sturdy and all with a huge warranty. Love this bag – go get one!

    104. 55555

      This is by far the best bag I have owned. I am able to fit all of my crossfit stuff and wifey in this bag. Thought it was going to be too big but it is perfect. Best investment by far!

    105. 55555

      I just love this bag. On average, I carry three pairs of shoes, two powerlifting belts, work clothes, workout clothes, two large towels and all of my showering stuff….and I still have plenty of room left over. I even have a safe place to keep my jump rope, which I put under my lifters in the bottom shoe compartment to keep the rope flat. I absolutely love this bag. I can take everything with me for a full day of work and working out, showering, and stay organized. Don’t know how I made it without this bag! Love love love!!!

    106. 55555

      I’ve been using this bag for over a year to carry all my sports massage equipment for big events and competitions. I’d be lost without it! There’s room for everything to stay organized and easy to find. The bag is constructed solidly and shows absolutely no wear and tear. The straps haven’t shown any weakness and the zippers haven’t had a single problem even with heavy, constant use. I won’t buy any other brand of bag. We even buy and personalize King Kong bags for all of our employees.

    107. 55555

      I go to the gym early before work, I’m active duty Army so I need to fit gear and a uniform in my bag It fits my gym clothes, my uniform, boots, food for the day and all my hygiene gear with some room to spare. most importantly it’s high duty so it doesn’t break from the use and abuse I put it through. Excellent quality, this bag is tough and I love it, makes things easy for me, thanks!

    108. 55555

      this bag is a beast holds everything and still room! Ideally the 3.0 would have been good but now i can buy more stuff to throw in and have everything. Great material, great look, and fast shipping

    109. 55555

      The King Kong GIANT is just that. A huge bag that should be on the top of everyone’s must have when it comes to fitness. Heavy duty durability along side great craftsmanship makes hauling around your gym life an all-in-one package. Would recommend to all!

    110. 55555

      Great bag! Ton of space and excellent quality!

    111. 55555

      It’s my competition bag and has plenty of room for everything I need. Sturdy construction and no problems with straps breaking or zippers failing.

    112. 55555

      Recently purchased this bag as a Fathers Day gift. My husband said it has way more room than he thought and he is able to pack his workout gear and extras for a day at the firestaton with him.

    113. 44444

      Nice bag. Shoe compartments take up quite a bit of space though. Still, I love it.

    114. 55555

      Plenty of room and compartments for all things fitness!

    115. 55555

      I recently purchased the camo King Kong Giant. I am very pleased with this purchase. The two shoe compartments are an ingenious idea,not to mention the room it has inside. I love this bag. The shipping was fast and the bag is great.

    116. 55555

      The bag was exactly what I needed. I placed the order and within days it was delivered to my door. A very positive purchase experience.

    117. 55555

      Love this bag. Fits my lifting shoes and 2 pairs of Nike metcons plus my knee sleeves two sets of wraps couple rolls of tape jump rope and a lifting belt. Comes in handy in days I have to shower at my gym!

    118. 55555

      I’ve been looking for the perfect gym bag for years! I’m so glad I came across this company even though I was skeptical at first. Like a I said I have been looking for a gym bag for years and every before this has been a let down. So Ladies and Gentlemen look no further, this is last gym bag you will ever buy.
      The bag is made very tough and super durable. There is more space than you know what to do with it. I know what you all thinking you can fit 2 pairs of shoes and no room for clothes. I was surprised myself I can fit 2 pairs of shoes, 2 sets of clothes with towel, gloves, ankle support, all toiletries, 2 large shaker bottles and much more. This is the BEST bag!!!!

    119. 55555

      I love my giant! Whether I am going to a competition, a trip or to the gym there is room to fit every thing I could need. I got my dad a original 2.0 for Father’s Day to take all his officiating gear. These bags are amazingly well built and durable.

    120. 55555

      This bag is big and tough! Exactly what I was looking for.

    121. 44444

      I wanted to wait before I reviewed this product. I needed to use it and see how well it performed before I reviewed it. I chose it because of its compartmentalization. I really find the bag durable and the size fits many of the gym lockers that I frequent. The bag is durable and everything feels solidly constructed.

    122. 55555

      I have only had this bag for a few months and although it cost a bit more I am not at all upset as it is pure quality. I can tell that a great deal of thought was put in to make this one of my preferred bags as I have had bags from UA and Nike that never came close to the durability and usefulness of this bag. I have used it for multi day trips and as an everyday gym bag where it fulfills the rolls I throw to it admirably. Plenty of room for clothing, shoes and all my smell goods for after a workout. I even throw my smelly clothes in one of the compartments and never had an issue with it funking up my car even in the summer heat. If the price is your sticking point of why you do not get a bag from this manufacturer then take that leap and give this company a try.

    123. 55555

      The Giant is a great size and I couldn’t imagine having a smaller bag. I can fit everything I need for the day or even a long weekend for me and the family. I love the compartments at the end for shoes as I can fit multiple pairs in each one and my lunch box in the other. The only thing I thing would improve the bag is a Velcro strip to add a name tape ir patch.

    124. 55555


    125. 55555

      This is the ONLY bag that you will ever need. It is well made and large enough to carry all of your gear, but not so big that it is cumbersome. The side pockets are great for stashing tape, keys, cell phone and other personal items. I selected the black bag and it is perfect when wearing business attire.
      Honestly, my new King Kong 3.5 bag is the envy of my box!!

    126. 55555

      Bought this bag for my husband and the ludicrous amount items he brings with him to the gym. This bag fits everything he needs and even some things he doesn’t! Love the size, the ability to organize in a very efficient way and it’s still new but so far it seems quite durable as well. All in all a great bag.

    127. 55555

      I received this bag as a gift about a year ago and recently just purchased another one for my gf. We love our bags and will probably never own another gym bag.

    128. 55555

      The perfect bag for all your gear. The days of not having enough room for your gear are over. Weight belts, lifters, wraps, ropes you name it and it is in your bag. Durable stitching and high quality material makes this bag solid. What I really like about this bag is all the different compartments. No more rummaging through the bag looking for stuff. It is all in its place. I am thinking about getting another bag to travel with.

    129. 55555

      Excellent bag, put together well, order was processed without any problems and shipped when scheduled, meeting ETA. Maybe add a “holster” you can attach to the strap for phones.

    130. 55555

      Bag is perfect size to fit all my gym essentials and much more. I am able to get two pairs of size 13 shoes, 2 sets of clothes, weight lifting belt, wraps, braces, foam roller, etc. and still have plenty of room. Pricey but highly worth it. It also has a sturdy construction so I dont feel like it is going to rip apart like my other bags have.

    131. 55555

      This is hands down the best gym bag I’ve ever used. The space is perfect for all my gear. I’m a big fan of the two separate shoe compartments, and I also like how heavy duty and sturdy the zippers are. I’m a huge fan of this bag

    132. 55555

      I bought this for my husband. His old bag was a standard gym bag, big open middle and a side pocket, he could never find anything, or was constantly having to rearrange it. This bag is perfect, with all of its compartments and space, he never has issues anymore. He said it is the best gym bag he has ever had.

    133. 55555

      I was nervous at first when the bag arrived that it would not be able to fit all of my gear. However, it perfectly stores everything I want. Not only that, but all of my equipment stays organized and easily accessible. No more digging around to find something! The quality is fantastic; it is durable and keeps my items secure. I could not be happier with my purchase!

    134. 55555

      Best bag ever. I use it everyday.

    135. 44444

      Perfect size for all of my gym necessities and attachments. Extremely durable and easy to carry.

    136. 44444

      Love this bag! Very durable. Definitely worth every penny.

    137. 55555

      Awesome size. Good manufacturing. I am very satisfied.

    138. 55555

      Hands down the best bag I have ever owned. I was torn on which size to get but I opted for the “rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it” philosophy on size. I was not disappointed. I am never without anything I need at the box. It is especially great if you carry extras such as towel and shower bag. I actually used this bag to pack for a 3 night trip and it was perfect. Great quality, plenty of space, and even a response directly from Stefan when I sent a email with a question about my order. So their service is apparently as good as their product. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    139. 55555

      The bag is great! It holds everything I need and keeps it well organized.

    140. 55555

      Great bag! Durable, holds all my gym stuff, and all the pockets make it easy to keep stuff where it needs to be.

    141. 55555

      Wonderful bag and stitching. I have it full on a daily basis with quite a bit of weight. It’s holding up nicely

    142. 55555

      I Absolutely LOVE MY BAG!!! Can Not live without it!

    143. 55555

      I have had my King Kong Giant bag now for 2 months and could not be happier. I have 3 pairs of shoes and all the “typical crossfit gear with plenty of room left. King Kong products are top notch and well worth the money. Don’t waist your time with the target or walmart cheap bags if you use them on a daily basis.

    144. 55555

      It was a perfect bag for my husband. He can fit his shoes, clothes, shaker bottles and all of his extra WOD gear with no problem. I need one for myself now!

    145. 55555

      Awesome – everything fits.

    146. 55555

      Best bag I have bought in a long time! I have bought many gym bags trying to find the best one and finally found King Kong! Would highly recommend buying any of there bags you will agree with me 100%!

    147. 55555

      I can honestly say it is the best gym bag that I have ever owned. I use it for everything, including long weekends. The shoe pocket is genius and makes packing more efficient. With plenty of space and pockets, I can easily organize my workout clothes and equipment. I highly recommend the King Kong Giant. You won’t regret your purchase.

    148. 55555

      This bag is awesome. I wish it was a little bigger and it had more pockets. The shoe compartment takes up a lot of room! But over all it holds everything that I have.

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