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This unbreakable version of our flagship bag has heavier-duty shoulder strap clasps and sturdier, double-stitched seams.


Dedicated space for two pairs of shoes, from lifting shoes to dress shoes to sneakers. The compartments are made with water-resistant 1000D nylon, so they can be used as wet bags for towels and swimming gear.



MEAL BAG COMPATIBLE (sold separately)


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Hi, just a quick email to say how much I LOVE my pink bag that I recieved as a wedding anniversary present from my husband (he obviously knows me very well!!) although not a traditional wedding anniversary gift it’s probably one of the most thoughtful that I had received. I often head to crossfit after work and to have a bag that can fit so much in it so easily is amazing. To be able to fit into one bag several pairs of shoes, skipping ropes, towels, a complete change of clothes, knee guards, wrists wraps, belts etc makes my life beyond easier. And I have to say, I’ve made quite a few people envious at the box. Thank you so much for creating a useful, versatile and well made product!!

JANUARY 7, 2016

    This is the most advanced version of the Original King Kong Bag. It’s built specifically for the unique needs of Elite Fitness and will suit any active lifestyle.

    The improvements in King Kong Bag 3.0 have made it unbreakable. It’s constructed with durable military spec. 1000D nylon, and has stronger, double-stitched seams and heavier-duty shoulder strap clasps. The demands of even the most fanatical gym-goers won’t trouble the King Kong Bag 3.0.

    With a capacity of 11.9 gallons, it can comfortably carry everything you need for your workout. All your gym clothes, accessories, shoes and valuables will be protected and organized for easy access with the dedicated compartments and partitions.

    It’s time to upgrade from your overflowing backpack or flimsy duffel bag to the Original King Kong Bag 3.0.

    All our 1000D nylon-constructed bags come with our Generation warranty.  This means that the buckles, zippers, bindings, fabric and stitching on our products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 25 years as long as the original purchaser owns the product. If one of our products fails during the warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace the defective part or entire bag after photo assessment by our team.  This will require you to send it to us with postage paid, together with your proof of purchase.

    1. 55555

      Love, love, love my bag!!!!

    2. 55555

      Very durable and heavy duty. Stands up to the abuse of being a firefighter. I’ve used other bags in the past that always seemed cheap and didn’t hold up. Great product!

    3. 55555

      Seriously the best gym bag on the market. I did research for a month or so before deciding no other bag was really going to hold up or compare to this one. I’m so glad I got it! Worth every penny!!! Don’t buy something else because it cost less, this is the one you want!

    4. 55555

      This is the best gym bag I’ve owned. There is plenty of room and plenty of individual pockets for my items. I love the two isolated side pockets that fit my shower shoes and my shower bag. Tons of room for a change of clothes with shoes. The bag is also very durable. My favorite feature, though, is the magnetic closure that holds the handles together.

    5. 55555

      Great investment. The teal color is awesome and the bag feels super sturdy. I’m probably the most frugal person you will find, but I do not regret purchasing this bag.

    6. 55555

      I was giddy with excitement when I got this bag. And, it has lived up to my expectations! Plenty of room for everything I have or need and with all the pocket space, SO organized! Love it!!

    7. 55555

      Great product that’s durable with lots of space.

    8. 55555

      Awesome bag. Quality is great. Size is great. So many places to put things and stay organized.

    9. 55555

      Love it, perfect bag with a ton of space. Easy to keep everything sorted out. A must have….

    10. 55555

      I love this bag! I received it as a gift two years ago and it has been the perfect gym bag for me. It holds everything that I need, along with my lifters and training shoes. I bought one for my boyfriend this Christmas because he was jealous of the one he got me. Has to be one of the best gym bags out there.

    11. 55555

      Perfect Christmas gift for my husband. The shipping was quick. There was a minor issue with the order. Customer service responded quickly and efficiently. The bag appears to be excellent quality. After opening it, my husband began immediately loading his gear into it. We would highly recommend this product and customer service.

    12. 55555

      Awesome bag! Perfect size for all my gym essentials!

    13. 55555

      Very great gym bag! I bought it for my husband for Christmas and it’s the best purchase I have made. It’s extremely durable and has room for all his gym stuff. Would definitely recommend to anybody and everybody.

    14. 55555

      My husband loved the idea of having pockets that he could organize everything in! He’s able to fit gym gear, shoes, and overnight items for duty days in bag. It seems very durable with sturdy handles and closures. Looking forward to him having something that will stand the test of time.

    15. 55555

      The King Kong bag is perfect for travel to the gym and work. There is so much room for all of my gear and clothes. The padded strap makes it very comfortable to carry and extremely durable! I would recommend King Kong products everyone.

    16. 55555

      Great gym bag! Very durable and room for everything! Must have product!

    17. 55555

      This bag is perfect! Enough room for all my gym gear and my clothes! Highly recommended.

    18. 55555

      This bag is very durable and worth the money. I’ve gone through a few name brand bags that just haven’t lasted. I don’t think I will have to purchase another gym bag for a very long time. Thanks King Kong!!

    19. 55555

      I’ve had my King Kong Original Bag for years now. It’s stood up to my constant abuse with ease and barely has a mark been left on it to show. I’ve recommend this bag to anyone looking to replace their current one and have bought them as presents for friends and family. A must own for any gym goer.

    20. 55555

      I love this bag. It is extremely durable and HEAVY duty. This is a bag for a lifetime. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service and quality of my king kong bag!

    21. 55555

      This bag is perfect for me. It has pockets for my all my gear, and now it’s much easier to keep everything organized

    22. 55555

      I patiently waited for the black Friday to save a few $. Totally worth the wait! When I initially pulled the bag out and put it next to the one I was currently using my heart sank a bit…it looked roughly the same size and I was slightly disappointed as my current bag was not nearly big enough.
      HOWEVER as I started taking things out of my old bag and transferring them to the KK bag I started to noticed how much extra space there actually was. Even with both shoe slots full (which does take up some space in the bag) I was still able to fit my sleeves, wraps, belt, and change of clothes with PLENTY of room to spare. And I completely forgot about the side zip pocket that is also super massive!
      This bag is all around well constructed, love the color (I got charcoal), and holds more than you think it will. Well worth the price!

    23. 55555

      When my 15+ year old gym bag needed to be replaced I bought and returned a few different bags. Either the size was wrong, not enough pocket, flimsy material, or just plain ugly, I couldn’t find one I liked. So I researched and read multiple reviews on gym bags. Then I compared and bought the King Kong. I love it!! Perfect pockets make it easy to organize and it just fits in a locker. Looks good too!

    24. 55555

      Awesome bag! Super durable. I have two: one that I bought in late 2013, and one that I just bought because I wanted a different color.

    25. 55555

      I’ve been wanting a King Kong bags for years, and was finally able to afford one! I got the “blackout” version and it’s pretty badass. So happy I made the purchase. The zippers are so smooth!

      Only thing I would add is another pocket on the side that doesn’t have any pockets. That would be super helpful.

      Other then that, this bag is everything I had hoped for.

    26. 55555

      I love this bag! It is a great size and perfect for the gym/use as a weekend bag. I love the black out version of it and have gotten compliments on it.

    27. 55555

      All I have to say is my stuff has never been so organized! Love it!!!

    28. 55555

      I LOVE my new King Kong bag! I have always heard good thing, but I finally committed to it. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but with a 25 year guarantee and all the space in the bag, it’s totally worth it! I ordered the Teal (was kind of worried about the color because it looked baby blue on the site) and it’s beautiful. I’ve only had it for about a week and have gotten multiple comments on it. All my stuff fits and i have some extra room for when I go to competitions. Thank you, King Kong! I’m wanting to get the Meal Prep Back Pack next!

    29. 55555

      I bought the Teal bag and absolutely love it! The material (and zippers) will definitely hold up for a long time! I plan to use it as my carry on for a trip to Hawaii, then as my CrossFit gym bag when i return home. A great purchase for sure.

    30. 55555

      Love my King Kong bag, quality made and holds all my gear plus room to spare.

    31. 55555

      Love the bag….it fits everything you need…….I totally agree it never gets full. Love it!

    32. 55555

      Love love love my pink King Kong original! It’s the best bag I’ve ever purchased and definitely worth the cost. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know! Well definitely purchase more from this company.

    33. 55555

      I got the better deal!! For 129$ i expected far less quality.. The R&R that went into this bag is amazing. Perfect size, pockets for everything and sizable. Well made from zippers to closures and material chosen throughout the bag. A+++ A MUST HAVE

    34. 55555

      OUTSTANDING BAG!! I’ll keep this short as I want people to read it and get the point. This bag fits more than even advertised, I’m Active Duty Military and I have NEVER had a bag that fit my entire uniform to include BOOTS!!!! And on top of this I even fit my wife’s and myself gym clothes and shoes and everything else we need for the gym after work! I can’t say enough about how confident I am that this bag will last me a life time and certainly will not be the last product I purchase from King Kong apparel!!

    35. 55555

      I’ve been using this bag for the last few weeks and absolutely love it. It keeps all the “needed” accessories neatly organized and easy to find. Will definitely be exploring the bigger bag in the near future.

    36. 55555

      I love this bag. Plenty of pockets and compartments to separate things. I stick a pair of shoes in the bottom compartment and use the top shoe compartment to keep a change of clothes or wet swim gear separate from the rest. I’ve only had it for a week so I can’t attest to the longevity of it yet, but the bag feels super sturdy with thicker material than your standard gym bag. Very pleased with my purchase.

    37. 55555

      This bag is solid. Holds everything I need it too. The side shoe pocket fits my huge size 16 shoes and still leaves room for a towel and my clothes in the main pocket. The meal bag slides in perfectly so I always have my workout snacks. Dual water bottle spots for water bottle and shake bottle is clutch. Totally satisfied and could not ask for anything else in a gym bag.

    38. 55555

      I love the bag just wish it also had compartments inside of the back to organize better! Not only do I use it for the gym but it is easy to use for work travel as well.

    39. 55555

      Great bag, super durable! I use this for the gym and for travel. The little pockets in the front and the side shoe compartments are great for keeping things organized and easily finding smaller items.

    40. 44444

      Pretty cool bag. Bought it as an upgrade from the thin, poorly constructed bag I got from the sporting chain store. Quality construction all over this thing! Honestly it wasn’t as big as I was hoping, but I’m planning on buying a second one. I Crossfit and hit the pool, so too much gear to try and cram into one bag. The outer pockets are nice to not search the depths for my padlock. And the side pockets for shoes and swim stuff are awesome. I look forward to beating the crap out of this thing and watching it continue to provide!

    41. 55555

      To start off, this bag is absolutely AWESOME!! I’m very impressed with the quality and durability of this bag. No shortcuts were taken in the design and it shows. Shoe pockets are very convenient and in perfect location. All other pockets are great size and they allow for organizing anything you may want to carry. I especially like the double water bottle pockets on the end, no more dropping my shaker bottles. I’ve not filled the bag and see no need to try because there is plenty of room for mostly anything. Superior design!!

    42. 55555

      Amazing bag! Super roomy, and looks great as well! Enough room plus more for all gym necessities.

    43. 55555

      By far the best quality gym bag I have ever owned. It has plenty of space for all your gym needs. I love that the space is compartmentalized, it keeps things organized and easily accessible. I have the teal , and the color shown online does not do justice to the actual color of the bag. It is beautiful. My only regret is that I waited so long to invest in this bag.

    44. 55555

      Fantastic Bag that fits all of the requirements I was looking for. Separate compartments for dirty shoes or clothes and plenty of pockets, coupled with quality construction. While not explicitly stated that they are waterproof, I have not had any issues with leakage into the main compartment when putting sweaty clothes or shoes into them. If you are on the fence about what size to get and are considering the junior, I would recommend sizing up to the original. I am 6’4 and my shoes and clothes take up more space than normal. This version offers me just enough space for a full day worth of clothes and shower/shave supplies. Highly Recommend!

    45. 55555

      Great bag so far. Plenty of pockets on the outside which is what I wanted in a gym bag. Love the extra large zippers which are durable and easy to use too.

    46. 55555

      Great overall bag! It fits more than I thought it would. The design was well thought out and the construction seem very durable.

    47. 55555

      Sturdy and roomy! My favorite features are the many mini pockets and double shoe storage. Still plenty of room left when both shoe compartments are occupied.

    48. 55555

      I’m a runner and was looking for a bag to hold all my running gear including change of clothes, shoes, foam roller, and fuel. I looked around for various bags that had wet/shoe compartments and was not finding anything that I really liked; that is until I stumbled upon the King Kong 3.0 bag. I love the way its built and how much it holds. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a gym bag. Very well constructed and I love carrying it to and from work. The only change I would make is for the magnetic strap on the carry handle to be just a bit larger. Other than that its an amazing bag. You can’t go wrong with it.

    49. 55555

      Own the Giant duffle bag and just picked up the 3.0. Giant is good if you need to pack everything for an all day competition. 3.0 is perfect for your day to day. Both bags are solid.

    50. 55555

      The King Kong 3.0 Bag is the best gym bag I have used. Its sturdy construction and practical design is unsurpassed by any other bag I have seen on the market.

      After spend hours researching the best gym bag over the years, I discovered the King Kong Bag. The problem with most gym bags is that they usually fall into two categories. Either they are mass market bags that are made by massive athletic appeal companies at a modest price or they are designed by mid range luxury bag makers that try to mix in aesthetics.

      The problem with the former is that their bags, while acceptable in there own right. Often fail in innovate in any way. Take the most popular gym bags from the 3 largest athletic appeal companies and compare them side by side. While each of course is designed in their right. They have more similarities that differences. They are often a one piece bag composed mainly of polyester with a large brand logo slapped across half of the front. No special compartments, no durable and long lasting materials, nothing that sets them apart from the rest.

      On the other end you have designer bag makers that try to create gym bags that are made to be stylish or at the very least market their bags as being a upscale substitution to a traditional gym bag. Most of these bag makers use premium materials and their bags are crafted to be sturdy, reliable, and stylish. But here is where we run into the problem of practicality. Gym bags need to be practical first, not second. They lack innovation the same way most mass market gym bags do. Only this time you are shelling out possibly hundreds of dollars for a bag that isn’t built for the rough environment gym bags should be designed for.

      This is where the King Kong Bag sets itself apart. It’s designed from the ground up to incorporate all the aspects needed for a active lifestyle. It’s innovative, rigid, tough, and built to last with a warranty to boot. While still remaining distinctively fashionable. I recommend the King Kong Bag to anyone who is looking to make a long-term investment in the workout gear they use and stop wasting their money on cheaper products that won’t last you.

    51. 55555

      Great size and fits everything

    52. 55555

      Exactly what I needed. Plenty of space for all CrossFit related stuff – knee sleeves, grips, etc. Perfect to have another change of clothes with you.

    53. 55555

      Best Gym Bag I’ve ever owned!

    54. 55555

      I a absolutely love this bag. I shouldn’t have waited so long to order it. As my third King Kong bag, I’m certain that the quality is unmatched and it meets all my gym and travel needs.

    55. 55555

      I looked and looked for a good bag to keep all my CrossFit stuff in one place. I kept coming back to the King Kong OG. It just hit all the marks. Well worth the money in my opinion. I spend good money on high quality gear for other interests and believe that this is an investment! Pockets are perfect, zippers are great quality, and TONS of space. I love that I can separate stuff according to need and pack this for a short trip so I can bring my workout gear with me always. I ordered the camo, cause who doesn’t love camo!? I am the first one in my box to get one and I am sure there will be others to follow. I will preach the good word about this bag. I absolutely love it! Thank you King Kong!

    56. 55555

      I love my King Kong bag. There is so much room for all of my gear and clothes. There is so much room! I still have pockets that have nothing in them. It is a very comfortable to carry and extremely durable! I would recommend King Kong products to anyone.

    57. 44444

      I love this bag for its size and color. The bag appears to be well made and is sturdy. It holds everything I need for a workout or a vacation.

      Some things I’d like to see changed however: the shoe compartment on the bottom instead of the top, a way to cinch the shoe and meal compartments back to create more room when not in use, and a rubberized or treated lining for the shoe compartment to hold wet clothes when not carrying shoes(I.e. I plan to use this bag on my upcoming beach trip even though this is a primarily gym bag and would like to have a place to carry wet/damp clothes without having to carry another dedicated bag)

      All in all this is a good bag and I’ll recommend this brand to everyone I can.

    58. 55555

      Love it! Carries everything. Comfortable padded shoulder strap that doesn’t fall off and above all will take any abuse.

    59. 55555

      I love my Kong bag. It fits everything I need for my crossfit workout before or after work. I really like that I can carry 2 pairs of shoes now I don’t have to worry about forgetting my weightlifting shoes anymore. I love the colors too. If your shopping for a new bag I would highly recommend!

    60. 55555

      1 month in…Skeptic changed to die hard owner! I see adds for bags all the time and have tried many. I go through tons of bags for: Gym, Gun Range and a few sports, to name some frequent ones. I was hesitant but took the leap. I was looking to replace and downsize my current worn out gym bag. The size was perfect even accounting for the 2 compartments (shoe / food). I have to say, this bag not only looks tougher but is made tougher than most of my military gear and range bags I have seen over the years. Although the price could be a tad bit less, the bag has already exceeded my expectations and anticipate it continuing to do so. I plan on coming back to do a long term review – stay tuned

    61. 55555

      I had seen other members at my gym with these bags & I looked into them awhile back, but wasn’t ready to make the purchase and picked a less expensive bag. BIG MISTAKE on my part! Should have just purchased this one in the first place, I love the material and the compartments for all of my gear. I have the 3.0 in black…now to add more gear to fill it up more.

    62. 55555

      I’m really digging this bag! I CrossFit three times per week & Olympic Lift three times per week. This bag is able to comfortably hold all of my training gear including: two different weightlifting belts, multiple rolls of athletic tape, my Nike Romaleos 2s, two pairs of knee sleeves, block of chalk, RX jump rope w/2 different cables, 4 different pairs of wrist wraps, gymnastic grips, lacrosse ball, the stick, and a bunch of other random bits; all while being large enough to accommodate a change of clean clothes & food on competition days.

      This bag is replacing my 2nd gym bag from a major athletic apparel company (that rhymes w/Under Farmer) that suffered blown-out zippers. The OG King Kong bag is made of very high quality materials the heavy zippers and velcro enclosures alone would be worth the price of the bag.

      I originally purchased the King Kong Jr., but quickly realized while a great bag; it was a bit under-sized for my needs. It could hold all of my training gear, but it was a tight fit. The good news is King Kong Apparel made my exchange hassle-free. I paid the difference in price, dropped the other bag off for return shipping & they immediately shipped out the larger bag the same day. Can’t get any easier than that. IF you’re trying to decide between The OG & The JR, I would recommend you spend a little more $ & size up, you won’t regret it!

    63. 55555

      I love my bag! It has so much room for all my gym gear and more. It has definitely been an awesome upgrade from my old bag!

    64. 55555

      This is a great bag and the quality shows. Lots of pockets and way more space then my old bag. The shoe pockets are perfect as I used to have individual shoe bags.

    65. 55555

      The best gym bag ever! There is space for everything. Great for the gym and travels as a hand luggage.

    66. 55555

      I love my king kong bag! As a fitness instructor I need a bag that I can keep things organized and have easy access to.

    67. 55555

      I ordered this bag for my boyfriend as a gift. The item shipped quickly and got here in time for a perfect surprise! It is durable, yet lightweight. Double compartments allow him to pack clean clothes and dirty clothes without them stinking up everything in the bag! Love it! Need to order one for myself.

    68. 55555

      I love my King Kong bag so much! I waited until I could get the teal color and I’ve had many people say they like it! Perfect size for all my stuff plus much much more!

    69. 44444

      It took me a while to order this bag because of the price tag. I finally bit the bullet and purchased the original, I was stuck between that and the giant but the carry on capabilities sold me on the original.
      Pros: the bag actually feels durable! there is tons of space in the bag. i usually on carry around my lifters in the bottom shoe slot, that allows me to push the top-slot wherever. I carry belt, lifters, wrist straps, protein holder, extra clothes and towel with room left.
      Cons: If you use both shoes slots you lose a little room but its not the end of the world. The carry handles are magnets but aren’t the strongest but they are still functional.

    70. 55555

      I am so happy with my King Kong bag! It fits all of my crossfit gear, and I finally have some organization to it! The old bag I had made it impossible to find things in a hurry…with the King Kong bag, everything has a place. Plus, the hot pink is eye-grabbing so I always know where I left it at the gym :). Plenty of the girls I workout with are jealous and want their own now.

    71. 55555

      . I meant to get the biggest one, but the standard actually fits all my crap. 2 pairs of shoes, bicep blaster, hip band, meadows pack of resistance bands, wrist wraps, dip belt, wrist straps, fat gripz, and rope attachment all fit easily. Also feels more sturdy than my old UA bags. 10/10

    72. 55555

      Being a gear junkie, it was a matter of time before I purchased the KK after seeing it at my local Crossfit Box. Some hesitation due to price and having a bag with the same dimensions was totally unwarranted, as it is a high quality piece of equipment – everything from the straps to the zippers is tight and seemingly unbreakable. And, the layout is great – I can fit a lot more in the KK than my previous bag of the same dimensions. IMHO, the shoe compartments and the large outside side pocket are the best features.

    73. 55555

      Just got my kingkong bag! Love it so many pocets to store things, it’s light weight but can hold its own when it packed. The 2 shoe holder compartment is great can also be used to hold wet stuff, lpads of room in the main part. Should strap is awesome and padded and the 2 handle Close together with magnets (so much better than Velcro) pic on my insta: mebulla2001

    74. 55555

      I love my King Kong Bag. It is everything I ever wanted in a gym bag. I highly recommend getting this bag.

    75. 55555

      I was a little skeptical about spending top dollar on a workout bag. I had no idea that I was getting a bag that was so much more. I brought mine fishing with me this weekend and it worked wonderfully. I I kept my tackle boxes in the bottom shoe holder and my lunch in the King Kong lunch box in the top shoe holder. I used the side pouches for my knife, clipper, cell phone, and other miscellaneous items, and used the main storage for a towel, extra shirt, sunscreen, and insect repellent. It kept everything organized. I was the only one on the boat with all of their stuff in one central spot. It was perfect.

      As far as the craftmanship is concerned, I could tell when I took it out of the box that it was a quality product. It is made high quality materials across the board. I know that I will have this bag for a long time.

    76. 55555

      I love my Pink King Kong bag. The color is very vibrant and stands out in a crowd. I was debating getting the 3.0 or the Smaller bag and I’m glad I went with the 3.0. I’m new to crossfit and it’s perfect for storing all of the new necessities I have recently purchased. I highly recommend this bag to anyone who’s thinking about purchasing it. You will not regret it! I hope to add the meal bag insert soon! Definitely *****

    77. 44444

      I love my King Kong bag. It exactly as advertised. All my gear fits perfectly in this bag.

    78. 55555

      This bag was a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! All the extra compartments and space is great

    79. 55555

      Love, LOVE my new bag. Couldn’t wait to get the teal with all the pockets. Holds everything I need and more. Thank you for the wonderful product! Recommending to anyone who needs a bag!

    80. 55555

      Love my King Kong bag, I was a bit skeptical about the price but once I received it (within 7 days of purchasing it online) my doubts were blown away. The material is thick and sturdy, zips look like they could go to hell and back and still do their thing I’ve traveled a bit with it and it’s done well I can see it lasting years for sure got value for money. My favorite bit is the pockets. I love the fact I have a pocket for my romaleos 2’s a pocket for my keys and wrist wraps just about a pocket for everything I no longer have to pull everything out of my bag just to find my car keys. Anyway cheers King Kong Apparel it’s a fantastic product

    81. 55555

      Great bag. Can hold clothes, food and my laptop for work. So much easier to have everything in one spot. I will be testing the duriabilty of the bag, hopefully it lasts longer then expected.

    82. 55555

      Awesome Bag! I have traditionally had trouble getting more than 1 pair of shoes into my bags, but not with this one! I can fit all of my running, lifting and CrossFit gear into this bag!

    83. 55555

      Amazing bag. Well worth the price, especially after spending less on a number of bags. Lots of rooms for all of my oly equipment and pockets for small items. A space/spot for everything!

    84. 55555

      I finally bought my bag and absolutely love it! I should have gotten it sooner. Plenty of room for everything. Even for my size 13s in the shoe compartment. Very durable and heavy duty. Don’t do like me and wait. Do yourself a favor and get this bag!

    85. 55555

      Awesome bag! I have a TON of gear that I bring to the gym with me and this bag handles it all no problem. The shoe pockets are perfect- one fits my crossfit shoes and a pair of flip flops, while the other fits lifting shoes with room to spare. All the little accessory pockets are great for any odds and ends you may have. The only thing i had trouble fitting was my lifting belt (hard leather) not because of space, but shape. With a little finesse it fit right in. Definitely a perfect bag for Crossfitters!

    86. 55555

      Was very skeptical at first, then once I received my bag I was amazed at how awesome it really was. Lots of space, durable, perfect for me. I’m in the military and carry this with me everywhere. Can handle tons of shit in it. Awesome product.

    87. 44444

      Color: Teal
      I’ve been searching and searching for a new gym bag and really didn’t want to spend over $100 for one. Things I was looking for in bags on Amazon and elsewhere: side pockets for protein drink / pre-workout, front pockets for phone & headphones, shoe compartments big enough for more than 1 pair, side pocket for hair things, toothbrush, etc., and lastly – something big enough to shove my work clothes/shoes, gym things, my computer bag, and my lunch bag in.

      After looking forever, I finally bit the bullet and bought this bag, regardless of the price, because it had all of that…

      The color of the bag is NOT like the color in the picture. The name of the color is accurate. Search “teal color” in Google images and you’ll get the accurate color of the bag. The image shows more of an Aqua color, which I wanted. So, I’m not 100% happy about the color. It’s not my fav color, but I don’t mind it.

      That being said, I LOVE this bag. The shoe pockets are a lifesaver. I have always hated having to put my clothes in with my lifting shoes. I carry 3 pairs of shoes on leg days (lifters, runners, & deadlifters) and I can fit two pair in each shoe pocket. Just turn them sideways and I can fit 2 pair in just the bottom. The bag has also helped me consolidate my work bag. I can put my computer bag and lunch bag INSIDE of this one and carry it into work. I used to get so annoyed carrying a duffle, computer bag, and lunch bag everywhere.

      So far it seems pretty durable, with tough links and zippers. The only thing I wish is maybe an interior zipper mesh pocket inside of the main compartment for feminine products or maybe to put my wallet in.

      Otherwise, I think this bag has everything I need.

    88. 55555

      The Original Kong bag looks good and holds a ton of gear. It’s a serious upgrade from the worn-out duffel I’ve been hauling for years. Highly recommended.

    89. 55555

      Love my King Kong bag! It has space for everything that was just in one huge pocket in my old bag. I don’t have to dig through my bag for one little thing I’ve been looking for. The shoe pockets are amazing. It’s incredibly durable and seems like it has a long life to it. Definitely recommending this product to others!

    90. 44444

      Really nice bag! Good quality, durable fabric. Love the magnetic closure on the straps. Wish it had rubber feet for additional protection like another high end brand has. The real color is great, but a little darker than what is shown online.

    91. 55555

      The KK3 is one word OUTSTANDING. I have been doing the whole gym thing since 1980. This bag hands down is the best gym bag I have ever purchased. I strongly recommend it.

    92. 55555

      Easily the best gym bag that I’ve ever owned. Love the shoe pockets. Build quality is great. Worth every penny.

    93. 55555

      This is the 3rd bag we have purchased. The best on the market.

    94. 55555

      Awesome bag! Bought this for my husband who is very picky about bags. Bag has tons of storage without being bulky and is made really well. Will be ordering one for myself!

    95. 55555

      THIS WILL BE THE LAST BAG I WILL EVER BUY!!! Now I understand the feeling that everyone has towards the King Kong bag. I’ve been searching for a bag for a long time that can keep up with Crossfit and this bag is that and much more. King Kong wasn’t joking when they describe the durability and quality manufacturing. I recommend it to anyone.

    96. 55555

      Great bag!!! Plenty of storage space for all your gear and shoes. Love the outside compartments and shaker cup holders

    97. 55555

      I love this bag! The shoe storage works great. Everything has a place and it feels so durable. I’ve had numerous people as me about it and I can’t say enough. My previous two bags seemed strained with my gear in them, and sure enough they ripped. My Kong bag keeps its shape even with my stuff inside. I have no doubts it’s gonna last for many years.

    98. 55555

      Incredible bag. Recently decided to give up my gym locker and buy a duffel after my 12L trail bag started falling apart. After several glowing Youtuber reviews, I turned to KingKong. I definitely had an internal struggled between the “The Original” and the “Junior,” future proofed myself and went with “The Original.” Current lugging around three pairs of shoes (a pair of lifters, a pair of sprinting flats, and an in-between trainer pair), towel, gym clothes, two preworkouts, two shakers (one full), gym accessories (speed-rope, voodoo floss, lacrosse ball, wrist wraps, grips, gloves, sleeves, weight belt, pad lock, tape/blister fixes…), plus all of my work thingies (lunch, snacks, book…). There’s still room for more, but it’s carrying everything comfortably; it’s also smaller than I expected (still fits under subway seats). Just enough padding in the shoulder strap and it’s tough-as-poop! I’ve snagged it a couple of times under metal cabinets at work and it only left a scuff that easily rubbed off.

      Absolutely would recommend this bag to others (always getting complements on it, as well)…and looking forward to ordering one of the backpack to have a nice luggage set for traveling. Totally Great!!!

    99. 55555

      Stop searching… this is the ONLY BAG YOU’LL EVER NEED! I workout twice a day & carry two sets of cloths, a lacrosse ball, bluetooth headphones, earbuds, a large water bottle, a running belt with two water bottles, & two pairs of shoes. I searched all over the place to find a bag that would fit my needs & this is that bag. To top it off the bag is extremely well made & incredibly durable.

    100. 55555

      The King Kong bag arrived quickly, opened easily, and delights often. It has plenty of space for my two changes of clothes daily, two pairs of shoes, cones, a soccer ball, shinguards, sunscreen lotion, and a water bottle. The two shoe pockets are a bigger deal than I realized at first – shoes are the worst part of carrying a gym bag! King Kong makes it easy.

      It feels tough yet flexible, has enough pockets to organize but not so many to distract, and carries simply. It is an investment in years of workout and travel use for years to come.

    101. 55555

      Ive been searching for a good workout bag for so long….finally found the perfect bag!!

    102. 55555

      In connection with our local CrossFit affiliate we ordered the 10 piece original (NOT KFC). The King Kong staff were extremely responsive, via email, to questions we had. The ordering process was simple and straightforward. Our bags arrived on schedule and everyone loves their bags. I have been thanked many times over the past couple of weeks for getting our King Kong bags because everyone who got one is extremely satisfied. Keep up the good work King Kong!

    103. 55555

      Literally the best investment I have ever made. Two sets of clothes, meal prep containers, two shoes, towel, hygiene items and the tri color camo looks sick. Super sturdy and I have received so many compliments about my bag. 10/10 would buy a million times over. If you’re on the fence about buying one, leap off and never look back. You won’t be disappointed.

    104. 55555

      I love my pink King Kong bag. It was time for my old gym bag of 10 years to be replaced and this one is perfect. There’s plenty of space and pockets! The bag is very well made and comfortable to carry even when you put a lot of weight in it like I do! I would recommend this bag to anyone and the hot pink color gets a ton of compliments.

    105. 55555

      Seems really solid…love the pockets and the organization. Mine is red, I’m very happy with the bag.

    106. 55555

      Absolutely love the “Original “!! I bought a gray one for my boyfriend for Christmas, and loved it so much, I bought the pink one for me! We workout every day and it is perfect! We can fit our workout clothes and shoes, along with our work clothes and shoes and there is plenty of room for more! Cool looking and very well made! I love all of the compartments!

    107. 55555

      I was honestly pretty skeptical at first. $125 seemed like a lot for a bag. However after using it for the past month, the bag is a BARGAIN. The build quality far exceeded my hopes. I honestly think this bag will last forever. More importantly than that though, to me at least, is the Kong bag lets me keep everything I need in one place ready to go at a moments notice. I used to have to repack my bag every day to ensure I had the right gear for that day’s workout. But the Kong is so big, and so well designed (double shoe pocket is awesome!) that I pack it once with everything and then forget it. Love. This. Bag.

    108. 55555

      After going through a few gym bags, my King Kong Bag has been by far the best. Most bags have a main compartment, two side pockets and one accessories pocket (if you’re lucky). With a dedicated shoe compartment(s), a few dedicated accessories pockets and side pockets makes this bag perfect for organization in the gym or travel.

      Quality is sturdy… AND surprisingly, the magnetic handles are a nice touch. Not having to rip off/attach velcro on the handles is very much appreciated. The attention to detail and user experience separates this bag from its competition.

    109. 55555

      Bought a bag a few years ago for one of my sons, he loves it! Bought one for my husband for Christmas, he loves it! Just bought one for my other son for his birthday, and yes, he loves it!

    110. 55555

      Absolutely LOVE my bag! It has all kinds of compartments for all my CrossFit needs! Amazing quality of fabric too! I would highly recommend this bag!

    111. 55555

      Had my bag for about two weeks now, I love it. I have been trying to encourage my wife to get one too. Love the size of it, has enough space for two pairs of clothes and two pairs of shoes. I carry a water bottle, protein drink, toiletries, and a towel. I use it everyday I go to class, looking into getting the meal bag next.

    112. 55555

      This bag is what I’ve always wanted! I go to the gym after work and it’s got room for my crossfit shoes and lifters, so I always have them with me. The thing that sold me was the design of the shoe compartments. Having the shoes separated keeps the rest of the clothes and my other gear cleaner. Ventilation holes are a great bonus too.

      It would be nice to have a smaller zip pocket on the inside of the bag too. other than that I can’t imagine using anything else for workout gear

    113. 44444

      So I love my bag, I love the space and I feel it is high quality. They warrenty is phenomenal. I have gotten lots of complements on it and I suggest it to anyone who asks. However I was a little disappointed on the process of receiving my bag. I ordered the bag on 1/18 and did not even have an attempt to receive the bag until 1/31 and didn’t receive the bag until 2/3. I know most of this problem has to do with Fedex however due to restrictions from the company I could not reroute the bag to a location that was closer or more convenient for me to get to due to work schedule. I was also told that my bag was being sent but it was an incorrect email and it was not until I emailed back and questioned the original email that I was told it was actually being sent out at that date. The customer support was great and they emailed back quickly! It was just frustrating that I was told it would be 5-10 business days, so I ordered accordingly to receive it on time for an event, but it was not in that time frame.

    114. 55555

      I recently bought this bag for my husband as a birthday gift – and he was like a little kid on Christmas morning. Having 2 shoe compartments is idea l – plus an outside water bottle holder. AND it looks awesome!

    115. 55555

      Perect bag made to carry all of your gear. I bought this bag thinking it may be too big of a bag and was considering the jr. It ended up being the perfect size and all the pockets on the outside and inside of the bag made it easy to organize my gear. You can feel the quality as soon as you pull it out of the box. It should last for years.

    116. 55555

      Absolutely love it! Great quality, awesome pockets for all of my things. The separated shoe pockets are key! Mine arrived with a really strong/funny smell but after leaving it outside for a day it was fine! I may have to get one of these for the man!

    117. 55555

      This is by far the best gym bag I have ever owned. Has plenty of pockets, compartments and space to fit gym shoes, wraps, clothes, nutrition, belts, ropes and all my gym accessories. Built durable and strong to comfortably hold the heaviest gym gear.

    118. 55555

      I really love my bag. Not only that, but the customer service was super fast to help me with a problem that was not their fault at all.

    119. 55555

      Just an amazing quality bag. This is the way stuff should be made! Quality materials put together in a thoughtful way that meet both form and function for everyday use and abuse. I can not find a weak link on this bag. I am extremely satisfied with how this bag looks and performs. Thank you King Kong Apparel!

    120. 55555

      I love my King Kong Bag! I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years and this is the best bag I’ve found. Fits everything I need for the gym and much more.

    121. 55555

      This is a great bag: rugged and well designed. Good for the gym or travel.

    122. 55555

      I’ve always had nice bags for travel and other sports: (Tom Bihn, Red Oxx…) don’t know why I used cheapo gym bags. Well no more, now I have my new King Kong 3.0. Seems durable without being too stiff or heavy, good organization, holds everything I need for the gym. The shoe pockets do take up some of the interior storage area but If you really need a lot of space just flip the shoe pockets inside out and you have the whole main compartment available. Would definitely order again from this company.

    123. 55555

      The product description says it holds 2 pairs of shoes but I’m able to get 4 in just the side slots! And that doesn’t include all the other stuff I can fit in the main compartment or the other side. Very durable, seems like it’ll handle getting tossed around.

    124. 55555

      I waited and searched and waited and searched until I finally went in and purchased this product. As expected, nothing compares to this bag when it come to organization, durability, and construction. Is it more than other, yes and for good reason. Read the other reviews and just get it. #needacubbynomore

    125. 55555

      Being a gear head, getting the latest and greatest, I feel like I found that in this bag. 2 shoe compartments alone is amazing! The size of the bag is beyond perfect, now I have the 3.0, I can’t imagine the junior. This is the most perfect crossfit/travel gym bag I have ever purchased. Thanks for making it!

    126. 55555

      Exactly the bag I was looking for. So much space, and a place for everything. Highly recommended for anyone with a decent amount of gear. I’m suggesting them to any and all of my friends that might need a gym bag, as they’ll all be happy with this one.

    127. 55555

      I’ve been using this bag for over 18 months now and it still isn’t showing any signs of wear; the zippers are perfect, the stitching hasn’t come loose, and there aren’t even any pulls in the material. I’m very surprised with how well this bag is holding up.

    128. 55555

      Just got this bag recently so can comment much on durability but it’s seems to be excellent quality. It is big enough to carry all of my things for the gym and has plenty of compartments for miscellaneous things. The two areas for shoes is really nice. I can keep my lifters in one compartment and my gym shoes in the other.

    129. 55555

      Great bag! A must have for anyone that spends time training. The two shoe compartments are great. Plenty of compartments to keep things separate and easy to access. Wouldn’t go with any other bag on the market.

    130. 55555

      Great bag. Heavy duty construction with plenty of room for all my gear

    131. 44444

      The best gym bag I’ve ever owned. It had plenty of room for all by sleeves , compression , jump ropes and wraps in the front and sides. I absolutely love the 2 shoe pockets , amazing. The quality of ge bag is impeccable. I am positive whenever someone says you get what you pay for they were referring to this bag.

    132. 55555

      5 stars all the way!!! I had originally ordered a jr size, but as a trainer and CrossFit coach, I basically live out of my gym bag, so I figured the extra $25 was well worth the extra space. Plenty of room for my lifters, belt and knee pads, a couple meals, rope and wraps, not to mention a change of clothes. Compartments in front work great for the old wallet and accessories. High end product for sure!

    133. 55555

      A near perfect bag! I had been using a bag I purchased from a military clothing sales for almost 10 years and it was starting to show its age. Additionally I had added recycled ACU pockets to that back to segregate storage of healthcare products, wallets, phones, etc. I was glad to see how many pockets came on this KK bag. I could use one more shallow pocket on the top flap and maybe a few more square inches of space in the main compartment but those are minor criticisms. The zippers on this KK bag are wonderful. I can operated them one handed without having to hold the bag due to zipper friction. The shoulder strap pad is very comfortable and I was pleased to discover that the closure mechanism for the handles is magnets (bonus and hook and pile tapes tend to break down quickly in frequent use areas like a handle).
      I wasn’t sure I would like the side pockets that segregate space into the main compartment but it has worked out well so far for shower shoes and for transporting damp clothes and keeping them away from clean stuff in the main compartment.
      I had hoped the camo pattern would be the new Army OCP pattern but it is close enough. I resembes the BDU pattern more (from the late 80s to early 00s).

    134. 44444

      I recently bought this bag for my husband for Christmas. I was trying to find something he would love and be surprised. HE LOVED IT!!! He is a crossfitter who goes between the Box gym and a friends garage, so he uses his “gym bag” all the time. This size (3.0) was perfect. He couldn’t believe how much he could fit into it. It’s made well and you can feel the quality. This bag is made to last.

    135. 55555

      I’ve been eyeballing this bag for a while and finally received one from my fiance for Christmas. I love it. It looks great, seems very durable, and has plenty of space for all my necessities. I highly recommend.

    136. 44444

      I work out every day. King Kong bag has lots of space and pockets. Especially like double water bottle and double shoe compartments. Bag is extremely durable. I would add a zipped pocket inside the bag as well. I like a compartment to store my wallet and keys that is not easily accessible to other people. Other than that, the bag has great storage space and fits in my locker at the gym. Great gym bag!

    137. 55555

      Have had many bags and the difference between them and this bad are night and day. I don’t think I will ever have to replace it and I am very tough with my bags. My only regret is that I have gone this long without the bag.

    138. 55555

      I bought the Original King Kong Bag for my GF for Christmas. She was super excited from all the great reviews we had read prior to the Purchase. The second you feel the bag, you can tell it is comprised on quality material. The Original is not too big and not too small. It has all the compartments she needs for her daily routine, from home, to work, to the gym, and back. Great Bag! Great shipping and fast turn around time! Overall a great experience working with King Kong

    139. 55555

      Bought one for my son a couple of years ago, he loves it. Bought one for my husband for Christmas, he was super excited! I enjoyed getting rid of his old nasty gym bag. My other son wants one for his birthday. Both of my sons are Crossfit Regional competitors and this bag is perfect for them! Love it!

    140. 55555

      Love this bag!! So much storage space the double shoe compartment allows me to easily transport my work and gym shoes. I can store valuables in the front small pockets and still have plenty of room for a few changes of clothes and a towel in the main compartment. I would recommend this bag to anyone!

    141. 55555

      This was a gift for my boyfriend. Seeing how he put all of his lifting gear, clothes, food, and supplements in all one backpack didn’t seem to work I decided that getting a bag which almost seems like it was designed with Crossfit in kind I had to buy it.

    142. 55555

      I LOVE my bag!!!! I love the color and the durability and everything about it. 5 stars plus! Thanks for also have AMAZING customer service.

    143. 11111

      I was disappointed with the Original King Kong Bag. Yes, it was made to be sturdy and tough, but it should be with its premium price. However, the bag was just a duffle bag with no real pockets or storage areas for all types of gear. If you are swimming, running and biking, this bag does not cut it. Other competitors have better gym bags for the same price. I found the Ogio Endurance 9.0 gym bag far superior. With more pockets and storage areas to handle all of your fitness needs. Sorry King Kong for you make quality bag, but others are better.

    144. 55555

      Just picked up a Black 3.0. This bag is great, it’s tough, and big enough to hold all my gear, and the shoe compartment is super convenient. My only regret is not getting one sooner. It’s worth every penny, and arrived within a week, (Ontario, Canada), of placing my order online without issue.

    145. 55555

      I had a very similar bag, just a little bigger (too big). The material was thin and shredded inside of what I carried was too heavy. Had I known the King Kong bag existed, I would’ve saved myself a great deal of pain. I couldn’t tear this bag’s material if I tried. Everything is sturdy from the shoulder strap down to the zippers. This bag will last longer than you will lol. This is a perfect example of the saying. “You get what you pay for.” Great Quality and great size options. You will NOT be disappointed!

    146. 44444


    147. 55555

      excellent bag. have had it for about 2 years. great quality. only suggestion is change the mesh outer pockets to full nylon material. ripped twice and had to sew close. highly recommended this bag to multiple people at the gym

    148. 55555

      My husband has been begging for one of your bags for a year now! I got him one for Christmas and I’m so excited for him to open it! I opened it when the box came and its exactly what he needs and wants!! Great quality too!!!

    149. 55555

      My King Kong bag is by far the best gym bag I have ever owned. It is super durable and spacey, which is nice since I have so much gear!

    150. 55555

      Bought for a gift, they loved it

    151. 44444

      I’ve been researching and eyeing KONG for a year looking for a high quality, extremely durable and ample storage/compartments gym bag. This was my 2nd purchase within 3 months. 1st purchase was the pink giant kong and it is awesome… lots of room and it is a BEAST of a bag, so much so I thought maybe I needed something a little smaller…so in comes the teal original. LOVE the color.. same great bag with only one exception: the magnets are TOTALLY weak on the handles. Whether the bag is stuffed full or not, I cannot keep the handles together. That thingy sewn in one of the handles is useless. Just would have liked my second to be as perfect as my 1st bag was.

    152. 55555

      This is far and away my favorite gym bag I’ve ever owned. The pockets on the outside are great for my jump rope, wraps, and other small items. The dual shoe compartment is the best!! After all that there is still plenty of room in the main compartment for my big leather belt, knee sleeves, with room to spare.

    153. 55555

      Great bag, fits all the everyday needed accessories for crossfit and more. I love the amount of pockets the bag has as I’m very particular with needing to have things separate. I think the production of your new colors is what really sold me !!! Love the teal and the blue. I would recommend these bags to any amateur athlete.

    154. 55555

      This bag has way more room than I could’ve imagined! Was able to fit all of my gear in it easily with space to spare. The material also feels really sturdy and will last a lifetime. Would highly recommend this bag, it’s everything as advertised and more!

    155. 55555

      I’m a competitive powerlifter, weightlifter, crossfitter…and this bag meets my daily needs. It holds 2 pairs of shoes, 2 belts, wraps/straps, 2 sets of bands, jump rope, slingshot, mobility tools, headphones, change of clothes, and full size towel. I previously toted 3 bags around before this! It’s as bullet proof as can be. One of best purchases I’ve made to date to make days easier. Will be a King Kong bag owner for life.

    156. 55555

      I have to admit I was a little hesitant to spend the $$ for this bag but in the end if you are a CrossFitter or go to the gym daily it is well worth the investment. Plenty of room for all your gear. Love the shoe compartments for my lifters and Metcons. This bag is super durable and well made so I know that I will not be buying another one in 8 months like my last purchase. Really happy I purchased my King Kong 3.0.

    157. 55555

      Bought the bag right before American Open and it was everything I needed and more for all my gear. Love that it has two storage areas for shoes and all the little compartments for all my other things like tape, voodoo bands, etc. This was the perfect carry on item. I was able to avoid having to check a bag because this one was so versatile.

    158. 44444

      From what I’ve seen so far, the bag appears durable and well-made. Being that I just purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son, it has not been used yet. He is a college student who will be using this as a workout bag, overnight bag and hiking bag. He will put it to the test! The one addition I would make is to offer more colors!

    159. 55555

      A must have!!! Pretty much the only gym bag you will ever need. I haven’t had mine for very long but I expect years of use. But so far so good. It’s fits every I wear in it. I live in Utah and it’s winter right now so I wear my big leather jacket and it surprisely fits in the bag along with my pants and shirt and two pairs of shoes in the shoe compartments. I like the magnetic handle grips and the way it’s fits with the shoulder sling. Get one bro!

    160. 55555

      I Crossfit and I got the junior size bag and love it. The bag has held up great. It has taken a beating and you would not know it by looking at it. I have outgrown the junior bad so I had to move up to the original. I absolutely love the original size and know this will suit me for many years to come. I love the new blue color and glad I went with it. I love all of my King King products.

    161. 55555

      Probably one of the best bag ever. I got a blue one and it looks like a beast. Fit everything inside it and still have a lot of space left.. looks good n feels good. Must have!

    162. 44444

      Overall this is a pretty good bag. The material of the bag doesn’t feel cheap, the zippers and strap don’t feel like they’re going to break any time soon either. I love the pockets and storage, however, I have a love hate relationship with the shoe pockets. On one hand I like that I can store my shoes in a separate pocket and they fit easily; I can store a pair running shoes and sandals in one pocket and still have room, I wear a size 10 in mens. But, on the other hand, the shoe pockets take up about half the space of the bag and if there’s no shoes in them there’s two big piece of material just sitting in the way inside the bag. With that being said there is still a lot of room for your stuff inside.

    163. 55555

      I use this bad boy 5-6 days per week, and all I can say is that I love this bag. I stuff it in gym lockers, take it as a carry on during flights, and use it for weekenders– it’s held up great. I use it for the excellent functionality, but will continue to use and buy King Kong products because of the second-to-none quality.

    164. 55555

      Ive been through about a dozen bags in the 3 years of crossfit and travelling constantly for my job, and this is the perfect bag. Its the last one you’ll ever need.

    165. 55555

      Excellent bag! I can never put too many items in this bag. I put it through he’ll and it handles what I dish out, like a champ.

    166. 55555

      If I thought the King Kong Jr was good, the original size is great! Ordered in new teal color and the bag is perfect. Great color, great size, great organization for all of my gear. Going to use it as my Christmas travel bag before loading it up with my gear for the box. ◾️◾️➖➖➖◾️◾️

    167. 55555

      Have my black 3.0 bag for a couple weeks now and it been a good choice bag for my gym tools. Bag size is good. Materials is strong and feels good. It would be nice to have thicker padding for the shoulder strap. The vent holes are nice for the dirty clothes and gloves. It is the perfect choice for an everyday gym bag!

    168. 55555

      Hot DAMN!!!!!! This is the first bag that can hold all my training gear to include an extra change of clothes and shower stuff.
      I’m so stocked I made this investment. Best training investment next to my lifting shoes!!!!

    169. 55555

      Love my beautiful teal bag! It literally fits EVERYTHING! Great shoulder strap, fantastic quality! Extremely pleased, worth every penny! I’ll never purchase a standard gym bag again 🙂

    170. 55555

      I love my bag! It’s a perfect fit for all my gear, keeps me organized, and it’s insanely durable. Best investment ever.

    171. 55555

      Love this durable bag and all it compartments! I know right where all my gear is… Less time stuck searching = more time for gainzzz!!! So happy with mine, I just got my husband one for Christmas too!! Best bag ever!

    172. 55555

      Love my new teal bag so much, I waited two months for the color and would wait longer .. so worth the wait . Best bag ever.. highly recommend the King Kong original. Signup for mailing list .. was able to score great deal and bought a backpack for those days were you don’t need all your gear !

    173. 55555

      Love this Bag, Durable, lots of pockets. and looks amazing! Worth every penny. Got my bro one too!

    174. 55555

      Most AMAZING Bag EVER!!!

      Name: So after years of just stuffing everything in a bag, getting frustrated every day at the gym looking for things, I finally made the decision to try the King Kong Duffel, per the recommendation of Jaymee. Well this bag has far exceeded any expectation I had, my only regret is that I didn’t make the switch earlier! I look forward to many years of use!!

    175. 55555

      The bag is has a great design that lets me fit my Olympic shoes and converse comfortably. I have space for extra food, bands, knee sleeves, voodoo bands, chalk, pre/post workout, with room to spare! Overall great bag and the last gym bag I’ll ever need

    176. 55555

      This bag is great overall. I do think the stitching on the side pockets could be tightened up a bit. Other than that I have no complaints and I love the way the bag feels when I am commuting.

    177. 55555

      I literally have all the CrossFit gear ever made and this bag holds it ALL. Lifters and Metcons, lifting belt, multiple pairs of knee sleeves, collars, jump rope, headbands, mobility tools, tape…you name it, I lug it around. This bag is so big sometimes things get lost for a couple of minutes! My only suggestion would be to add Velcro hooks or pockets inside the large compartment to help keep that area organized. Other than that this bag is sturdy and durable. Everyone should get one!

    178. 55555

      Awesome Bag and easy ordering and shipping process. Worth the money!

    179. 55555

      Bought this gym bag for my crossfit loving husband. He absolutely loved the bag and he looked like a little kid in a candy store! He loved how there were two compartments for his shoes and lot’s of space for all his workout equipment. Made him eager to go workout after he organized his new favorite bag! Two thumbs up!

    180. 55555

      I have been looking for a replacement gym back for some time now. One with enough space to hold my shoes, and my uniform when I change to go to the gym. Also, has to have the accessory pockets for headphones, mobility tools and such. The King Kong bag was absolutely perfect. Even more than fulfilling my requirements for use, the construction is incredible. The material is strong, has heavy duty zippers, sewing is strong, overall this bag is going to hold up to my lifestyle. King Kong Apparel has a new loyal customer. Trust this company, they are making things happen!!

    181. 55555

      This bag is awesome. Really though. I’m surprised i havent heard about it before stumbling over it on a google search for a “durable gym bag.” Its built like a tank, not too flashy, tons of pockets, and the double shoe compartement is great. The only note ill make to buyers is that if you are looking for tons of space AND also want to use both shoe pockets, go with the bigger version. This is just right for me (three pairs of shoes, wrist wraps, towell, gym clothes, shampoo, other small things) but I know some people like to bring their whole gym with them.

    182. 55555

      Really nice bag. Awesome quality and shoes compartments are clutch af. I would sum it up as the perfect gym bag for virtually anyone.

    183. 55555

      Great bag! Very well built and plenty of space!!!

    184. 55555

      Quality product and durable. My husband is an arborist and actually uses his to haul around his gear. We are amazed by the durability. This was definitely a golden purchase.

    185. 55555

      For years I’ve had a backpack and thought I was fine. With becoming more engaged with crossfit and Olympic lifts as well as still doing triathlon training I have become quite the gear collector. This bag has literally made every day of working out a little bit easier. Whether it’s the shoe organizer or the many side pockets I can find my equipment quickly and easily. The quality of this bag truly stands out. If I could rate this higher than five stars I would. Thank you for a great product that is worth every penny. Also, your customer service skills are impeccable.

    186. 55555

      We bought this bag for our son who is a Cross Fit trainer and who also participates in Cross Fit. He loves it. Plenty of room for all of his gear. Not too big, not too small, just right. This was the first thing on his birthday list and we were thrilled with the very fast delivery. The smile on his face when he opened it was priceless. I feel certain, it will carry him through many work outs, training sessions and competitions.

    187. 55555

      Awesome bag for an everyday carry. Plenty of room for my work uniform and workout clothes. The ability to carry two sets of shoes was a must for me and keeping them away from my clothes is necessary to keep the uniform sharp. Easy access to out side pocket for keys, wallet, and phone keeps me from searching through the entire bag. Quality of the bag and zipped was what I expected (really good quality, I’m rough on my gear). This is the bag for me.

    188. 55555

      Absolutely love the new bag! Being able to keep my running shoes and my lifters in the same bag is a huge bonus for me. The large pocket on the side is the perfect place for my knee and elbow sleeves. The exterior webbed pockets are great for headbands after they have been rinsed out. They allow for ample air movement so they can dry. The large center pocket fits my lifting belt, and all they other stuff I need for my workouts.

    189. 55555

      I got this bag for my fiancee for his birthday. It has compartments to organize all his gear. Before, he was packing and unpacking his bag every day because he didn’t have room for it all, but now he can always have his gear with him for whatever the WOD might throw at him! It is super durable and he loves the camp color.

    190. 55555

      This is the best gym bag I have ever used! All the compartments are great for all my gym toys. This bag takes abuse and it still looks new. This is and was my best purchase as far as gym gear goes. I have been recommending this bag and showing this bag off like it’s dang woman!

    191. 55555

      This bag is great! It was exactly the same size as my old bag yet somehow I can fit way more stuff in there. One suggestion though. On the next version put a zippered pocket either on the top of the bag or inside the top flap to put keys, phone, and wallet (like 6″x9″)

    192. 55555

      This bag is huge! SO much room. I’m going to have to buy MORE CrossFit gear just to use all the available space (like that was ever a problem)! Worth every penny as the construction, durability and SPACE is so wonderful. Always being back and forth at the gym this is a perfect bag for what I need. Thanks for making such a great product!!

    193. 55555

      I bought this bag for my boyfriend and he LOVES it. He loves all the space. He has sooooo much crap (hehehe) All the room in the bag fits all his equipment he needs for pumping iron. He loves the durability of the bag and is excited to have it for a long time. But now seeing the bag up close and personal, I am a little jealous and now want one of my own. I am happy to say that my old gym bag broke so I see a King Kong bag in my near future. AMAZING product and highly recommend it to anyone who spends mucho time at the gym and has a lot a lot stuff.

    194. 55555

      I bought a regular King Kong about a month ago. It’s an awesome bag that holds more stuff than I have for the gym. It’s exactly what was advertised and more. I like how the shoe compartments keep your shoes from your clean clothes and extra pockets for gear like the sweaty wrist wraps. It’s a very tough bag.

    195. 55555

      This is my third King Kong Bag. Picked one up on a whim to hold all of my gym gear, ended up buying another for just my work stuff (lunch, change of clothes for the gym, etc.), and bought a third for a friend. I come from a military background where I’m used to lugging around lots of different things in various “go-bags,” rucksacks, etc., and the King Kong Bag is definitely at the top of my list for functionality and durability. I’m able to hold my Oly shoes, belt, straps, gloves, various knee sleeves, etc., and compartmentalize everything so it’s all where I need it to be. My only hope is that they come out with a desert tan color – love me some desert tan.

    196. 55555

      A long journey of trying to find a CrossFit gym bag – not too big, too small, too heavy, too many pockets, not enough pockets, holds ALL my gym stuff (2 pairs of shoes, flip flops, gym outfit, sweatshirt, 2 jump ropes, tape, knee sleeves, wrist wrap, rope climb guard, socks, toiletries, earbuds, phone charger, protein, bottles) and a professional workday outfit (outfit, shoes, blazer, etc) resulted in a King Kong Bag Original 3.0. Super thrilled that the bag holds everything and some room to spare. Bag is suprisingly lightweight and compact thus does not take much trunk space – which is very little for me since I own a hybrid vehicle that has a traditional battery and another battery in the trunk.

    197. 44444

      Good quality bag. Perfect size if you’ve got some extra shoes and things like a belt, knee sleeves, wraps, etc. Plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized. Overall feel and construction feels pretty bomb proof. Couple things I would change. 1) Stronger magnets on the carry handle. I find myself fumbling with it all the time. It sticks, but just barely. At this point, I may just stitch in velcro to keep it snug and secure. 2) Deeper webbing on the end pockets, or perhaps some type of rubber at the top to keep bottles from falling out. I stick my water bottles in the webbed pockets. They’ve fallen out a few times now when I move the bag around or throw it around my shoulders. Deeper pockets or something to grip the bottles at the top would solve this issue.

      Overall though, I expect this bag to last for years!

    198. 55555

      I freaking love it. I’m a paramedic so I’ve always got a small rip kit with me, I have so much extra room in this bag, I added my team size weekend competition size rip kit for hands, and other first aid stuff. I also have my huge leather belt, and I added some things I only take out for special occasions and it’s STILL not full. I am beyond happy that I got this and not the junior.

    199. 55555

      The absolute pinnacle of quality. I love this bag. Make sure you pick your color wisely, the bag will outlast your love the color.

    200. 55555

      Fantastic bag with a heavy duty build. I love that I can throw all of my gym essentials in there and still have plenty of room. Nothing worse than a bag that is ready to burst at the seems. This has tons of space for more stuff whenever I’m on the go and need to carry a change of clothes, meals, etc.

      Highly recommend this to anyone in the market for a new gym bag.

    201. 55555

      I have tried multiple bags and this one by far is the best. Enough room for all of my shoes and other stuff I take to the gym.

    202. 55555

      This bag just makes sense. It is built to last with superior construction. The front pockets are well thought out and are great for all of those little things that get lost in the bottom of your gym bag. Having 2 shoe pockets rocks and significantly increases the packing flexibility of the bag. I am particularly impressed that the bag designer included ventilation in each large pocket – I work out in the am and my bag sits in the trunk of my car all day (oftentimes in oppressive heat). The venting allows everything to breath rather than marinate. Nice work – I am a convert.

    203. 55555

      I received my 3.0 bag last week and I feel like it’s my adult baby blanket. This bag goes everywhere with me! Whenever I workout or have to travel for work, there is not another bag I’d take with me. The duel compartments for shoes is great but this bag is meant for you, customize it for your life uses. Whether the duel pockets are to be used for your lifter shoes and another pair of headphones and tablet for work and travel. As a CrossFit coach, I can say how useful this bag is for the gym, how durable it is compared to other athletes bags and what they say happens to their bags between tears, easily stained from accidental protein shake spills, etc. I’ve seen athletes that have kids, use one side of the bag for their workout gear and the other side pockets for the kids snacks, toys, individual pockets for wipes, and whatever they desire not to carry in their hands. Our lives vary each day from what we plan to do and what we actually end up doing. The KingKong 3.0 will make sure it keeps up with you and your needs. Thank you to those that designed this bag for more than just another gym bag!

    204. 55555

      The bag is great and lives up to the hype. I got it the day before leaving for a holiday. Not only did it hold all of my normal gym gear, I also packed 3 days worth of close in and still had a bit of space. I only use one pair of gym shoes, regardless a great bag, well built.

    205. 55555

      This bag works so well for switching between sports. CrossFit Soccer and baseball. It is built to be able to handle so much stuff in an organized way, and I’m never worried it will break. I love this bag

    206. 55555

      Very impressed with this bag. Seems very durable and there is a surprising amount of space. I was a little worried about how much room would be left once I had my size 12 gym shoes in the shoe compartment, but it is more than adequate to fit all my gear.

    207. 44444

      Great bag, kind of wished I went a bit bigger but this will do. Durable material, lots of pockets. Should be great.

    208. 55555

      I am SO GLAD I got this bag! I thought it was going to be too big but it is perfect! I carry my lifters and my nanos or running shoes always along nicely with a belt, wraps, grips, tape, massage balls, supplements, shakers, extra clothes, knee sleeves….it holds sooooo much! And I LOVE THE PINK 💕

    209. 55555

      First of all this bag kick ass!!!
      I would love too see a velcro strap on the inside to keeping the extra shoe pocket out to the way when it is not in use. Also a large zipper pocket along the back.

    210. 44444

      While shopping for a new bag, I was looking for something with lots of pockets to organize some of the smaller stuff I bring with me to the gym along with enough capacity to hold a good sized change of clothes, a towel one or two pairs of shoes.
      I usually work out before going to work, so I need to pack my work clothes and shoes into the bag. The ‘Original is a good +/- 50L size – and it’s not too long and has a good width to it.
      The bag has three smaller pockets on the front, perfect for carrying my lock, work-out notebooks and my smart watch.
      The pocket on the end is great for things I put in and take out all of the time – my phone, wallet, watch, etc…that I put on before work; two water bottels on the end of that pcocket are very handy.

      The other end has two shoe compartments. I’m not crazy about these. Putting my shoes inside my bag has ever bothered my and i continue to this this. I’ve rolled and clamped these compartments to keep them small and minimize the space they take up inside the bag. There’s enough room left in the minimized to store some extra items inside like an extra bathing suit and an extra belt.
      The zippers are great and the handles and carrying strap are sturdy enough to make me think they’ll last a long time.

    211. 55555

      I needed a new gym bag quick since my last one “died” just before I needed to go out of town for my first powerlifting meet. I was glad I came across your site and purchased the original King Kong duffel. It arrived promptly and I was able to fit not only all my powerlifting gear, including a belt and two pairs of shoes, but also the change of clothes I needed for the weekend. I absolutely love this bag with all the compartments to keep everything in order!

    212. 55555

      Love my new King Kong it holds all of my gym stuff plus more and it is very durable!!!!

    213. 55555

      Love my 3.0 bag it fits all the gear I could possibly need! The shoe compartment is awesome. Bag feels extremely durable and the shoulder strap is plush. Highly recommend picking one of these up if you are even debating it.

    214. 55555

      This bag is very well built and will easily out last anything I carry around in it. It’s a great tool for the job and a worthwhile investment. Don’t waste time looking at standard duffles, this is purpose designed and built. Carries everything I need for a great workout and cleaning up for work afterwards. I even stash a couple wrenches in it too, just to make sure I can always keep those rigs nice and tight. Good Stuff!

    215. 55555

      This is quite possibly the best purchase I have made this year. Anything I want to carry can fit in this bag, and I mean ANYTHING!! Extremely happy, especially seeing everyone else so jealous of my awesome bag.

    216. 55555

      Love love love it! I bought this for my husband for our second anniversary and it is exactly what he needed. No more leaving stuff everywhere. It all has a compartment to fit in.

    217. 55555

      I don’t have to run out to my car anymore to change shoes or get gear. It’s in the bag. Excellent purchase.

    218. 55555

      I ordered this awesome bag about a month ago. I have been through 3 other cheaper bags. This bag definitely worth every penny! Money well spent!

    219. 55555

      I have purchased the large duffle bag and the original 3.0 duffle bag. I love it so much, you will NOT find a better bag. The quality of the bag is exceptional . I love the two different compartments for your shoes. One for lifters and one for My Nanos. It has so many compartments to keep all your gear organized. I will never own another bag for my gym bag. Nothing compares. And the company’s customer service is to be commended. Great customer service and product.
      Kristy Helms North Carolina

    220. 55555

      I just recieved my original King Kong bag in the mail and I absolutely love it! It is huge and I can fit everything I need for my workouts as well as my work clothes and a towel. It is extremely sturdy and the best bag I have ever used. I highly recommend you getting one!

    221. 55555

      To say this bag is amazing is an understatement. It is built to last you can feel the durability built into the bag when using it verses other bags on the market. This bag is a must.

    222. 55555

      Bought this bag for my boyfriend’s birthday & he loves it! CrossFit is a big part of his life and this bag fits all of his necessities & then some. It has great look to it & I got it monogrammed with his nickname. I recommend this bag!

    223. 55555

      Great bag! I’ve been crossfitting for about three years now and I’m a gear junkie. I’ve amassed quite a bit of stuff for the gym and my previous bag wasn’t cutting it. I spent the money, got this bag, and it’s such a big difference. The storage and various compartments make it so useful. I can fit two pairs of shoes in each shoe compartment! I’m only a size 8 in men’s, but still… Impressive. I’m a fan now and wouldn’t hesitate to get another of I needed it. This bag is built very sturdy and with great material so I doubt it will wear or like my previous gym bag.

    224. 55555

      Love my bag. I use it for Crossfit and Everything has a place. I recently was broken in to at home and they stole my bag! So, of course, I bought a new one.

    225. 55555

      I have always gone to the gym with an old drawstring bag and I knew it was time to invest in a new gym bag! After researching for hours, I have come across “KingKong” as a potential choice of gym bag alongside the other big gym bag companies. I was amazed at how easy to navigate the site was and how plain and simple everything was. Nothing tricky about the KingKong gym bag. It was love at first site. The bag has many pockets to perfectly partition your belongings. I love how durable the material of the bag feels and how sturdy the zippers are. Even feels great to carry around without the bag feeling too bulky. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking to invest in a lifelong gym bag! Thanks KingKong!

    226. 55555

      I had high expectations but my bag is WAY better than I expected. I love the material that it’s made with, I love all the pockets, especially the shoes. It’s the perfect size. Definitely worth the money. I’m in love.

    227. 44444

      The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because at least one of the 2 side ‘shoe’ compartments should be tailored to fit the Meal Bag Insert perfectly without extra space within the side compartment. This definitely takes up space when it’s not filled completely. Other than that it’s the perfect size bag.

    228. 55555

      I could not possibly more pleased with this purchase. I have been researching gym bags for a while looking for one that offers the two shoe bag slots plus the necessary space inside for both my belts and everything else I jam in there. Being someone who travels a lot for work and drops in at various crossfit gyms, it is nice to have a gym bag that can carry everything I need and is made of exceptional quality. The exterior pockets work well for holding my keys and wallet plus a notebook to log my workouts. The side compartments are a great size for other items such as a small protein shaker bottle which I can really appreciate for an ease of access. The shipping time was impressive too, showed up right on time for my next road trip. Thank you King Kong Apparel.

    229. 55555

      This bag is perfect for all of my gear. The interior space is great, but the exterior pockets for my keys, water bottle, wallet and phones are the best. Everything has a place and there is a place for almost everything!

    230. 55555

      I am in LOVE with my Hot Pink King Kong bag! I’ve got 3 pairs of shoes, my lifting belt and various other odds and ends in it with plenty of room to spare! SO glad I got this and wish I had gotten it sooner!

    231. 55555

      This bag is the perfect size for all my gear. The shoulder strap is sturdy and comfortable. The design is everything I have always wanted in a gym bag! Well done!

    232. 55555

      I love my new bag!! It fits everything I need for the gym plus extra clothes still with room for more! I’m also excited about the level of quality this bag has. I know it will be my long term gym bag! Thanks so much!

    233. 55555

      Perfect Bag, I can hold everything I need for Crossfit and then some. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    234. 55555

      Heavy duty bag with plenty of room. Great bag and worth the investment.

    235. 55555

      Bag is big enough to carry 2 pair is shoes, my weight lifting belt and all supplies needed for gym. Also has space for change of clothes and shower accessories. My favorite thing is, even with all that stuff (and room to spare) bag is not oversized or awkward to carry. Bag is also built to last, very durable.

    236. 55555

      Fantastic bag! Bought for my husband and I’ll be getting one soon!

    237. 55555

      Great bag. I have a spot for all my gear.

    238. 55555

      Everything & more of what I expect in a gym bag. Roomy, durable, & esthetic. It’s awesome & I love it.

    239. 55555

      I purchased this bag (original KK in camo) for my husband, who was looking for the ‘perfect gym bag’. He could not be happier! This bag holds all of his CF gear, shaker and water bottles, meal bag, lifting shoes etc. and then some! He is extremely happy with the pockets in every part of the bag, saying “they’ve thought of everything!” The quality construction and materials are top notch. We are huge King Kong bag fans! I’m planning to get one for me, as well.

    240. 55555

      Love the shoe pocket. Lots of space. Lots of pockets. I usually keep 3-4 sets of gym clothes, 2 towels, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, gloves, etc all in my bag, and even with a pair of shoes in there now as well, there is still room to spare. Very comfortable to carry too.

    241. 55555

      Love this bag! It has pockets and space for everything.

    242. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag!! My husband and I both have one now and it is amazing. We both had bags that fell apart – zippers, the strap for the bag, everything! This bag is durable first and foremost! It fits everything i need and keeps it organized!

    243. 55555

      Perfect bag and makes everything easier to carry. Wish would of known sooner about your bags

    244. 44444

      There’s so many pockets to hold everything I need in them. The only thing I would change is the shoe compartment taking up some of the space of the main compartment. But with all the extra pockets, it’s not a huge problem. I put all my extras beside clothes in them. My friends at the gym like the bag better than the ones they carry.

    245. 55555

      So… This was my Father’s Day gift to the best “Husband/Dad”! He loves this bag. From Police Department to the gym or gym to training, then home again, he finds the compartments useful, the bag durable and the brand top of the line! Funny, cause that’s all the things we find great about him… useful, durable and top of the line!! Thanks King Kong!

    246. 55555

      Great bag , large capacity can hold tons of stuff , very durable , multiplayer pocket , it’s perfect .

    247. 55555

      This bag is perfect , it fits crossfit shoes in one spot and weight lifting shoes in another , I can keep multiple bottles of water plus it’s very durable can go thru the riggers .

    248. 55555

      Bag is fantastic, holds a lot of gear in a well-organized way. Hefty zippers and fantastic velcro means that it’ll hold a long time. One piece of feedback: took a long time to get a shipping ID or status of the order, as the main page for order status wasn’t working

    249. 55555

      Love the bag! Bought this for my hubby for Father’s Day. We My both have one now and it easily holds all our crossfit equipment and gear.

    250. 55555

      Very nice Bag! The shoe tunnels do take up a lot of room however, if you only pack one pair you have a ton more space for other things. Love all the pockets. I can easily carry all my gear with me. Light weight design as well.

    251. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag!! By far my favorite gym bag! Holds everything I need for the gym! Will definitely be buying the larger one soon!

    252. 55555

      This is the most practical duffel bag on the market! This bag has enough compartments to keep everything organized. I am able to fit everything King Kong claims can fit, and then some. The quality of this bag is incredible. I really like how strong the zippers are; nothing’s worse than your zipper breaking due to lack of quality. Not only is it an excellent bag for the gym, it is also great bag for traveling. King Kong really sets the standard when it comes to duffel bags!

    253. 55555

      Purchased as a gift for my husband and he LOVES it. Durable, functional and everything he needs for the gym fits and is organized with the different pockets…just like he likes it! Weehaw!

    254. 55555

      Best duffel bag I have ever owned! I have one for CrossFit and one for Brazilian jiu-jitsu….they are also both great for travel. I bought my wife the Jr. for CrossFit as well.

    255. 55555

      Awesome bag! It is easy to carry and has so much room although not bulky feeling. Plenty of room for everything & individual pockets for easy access to things you need quickly! Very durable construction & I know this will last!! It was purchased to raffle for a fundraiser & was a big hit! Everyone wants one. Customer service is incredible as well. Immediately response to messages and very fast shipping. I can’t wait to be able to get one for myself.

    256. 55555

      Recently purchased this for my husband for Father’s Day and he loves it. It is plenty big enough to fit all his clothes, runners, shave kit, weight belt, protein shake cup, etc. It’s big sturdy and doesn’t look enormous. Great bag.

    257. 55555

      Received my bag and couldn’t be happier!! Size is perfect (not too big or too small) and very durable! It did take a bit to receive since they were out of stock but they shipped as soon as they! Great customer service and would recommend this product!!

    258. 55555

      This has been on of the best gym backs I have ever had. So much room and carries the a lot more than I was expect. I use it for both travel and gym. It’s very durable and the material is heavy duty. I would recommend this to any person. Even the average gym person. Should check out these bags. The bag is multi-use and dashing to carry. It awesome. Already looking into my next perchase from King Kong.

    259. 55555

      No other bag is even comparable. This thing is simply awesome! Fits my Metcons, lifters, and running shoes and leaves plenty enough room for all of my other gear and goods.

    260. 55555

      Just opened it a couple of days ago. So far the bag is great. Great material, great size for my needs. Was able to pack all my clothes, recovery gear, shakers, training and lifting shoes. Was so stocked to get it.

      The only bad thing was that I had to wait quite a bit to order it and after ordering had to wait more than a week to get it shipped.

      Aside from the waiting time, it’s a great product. Looks like I’m going to have gym bag for years.

    261. 55555

      I purchased the “Original” king kong bag for my husband as a gift and he hasn’t gone a day without using it since. It fits everything that he needs in an organized fashion without making it difficult or hard to get to. He can easily find everything he needs and has extra room for whatever else he might want to add in that day. It was the perfect gift!

    262. 55555

      I recently got this bag after getting frustrated with the quality and small size of my old bag for the last time. The quality of the build along with all of the separated pockets to keep me organized makes the original King Kong bag my favorite gym bag EVER! A little pricey but you definitely get a higher quality and more thought out product.

    263. 55555

      Got this bag for my boyfriend and he loves it! He had a Lululemon duffle bag that he liked but it was just too small and flimsy. This bag is the perfect size for him. He loves all the pockets and the shoe storage to keep everything organized. It fits his protein, knee sleeves, weight belt, lacrosse balls and much more perfectly .

    264. 44444

      Love the dual shoe compartment, but it does take away a lot of the internal storage space. It does hold my gear, and the bag itself is tough. Looks like I found a bag I won’t have to replace in a year.

    265. 55555

      I bought the King Kong bag after doing much research into finding a quality, durable and organized bag. It seems the research has paid off. For years I was using cheap gym bags that seemed ‘disposable’ since they only lasted a year before the zipper broke, the lining tore, or some other weak point fell apart. The King Kong bag is made of awesome material and you can feel the integrity in every aspect realizing they left no stone un-turned when they did their product design. I am very happy so far and am confident I will continue to be for a long time to come.

    266. 55555

      This is an awesome bag! It is perfect for going to the gym because it has pockets and space for everything

    267. 55555

      Great bag. Holds everything I need and more. Durable. Best Crossfit bag on the market

    268. 55555

      This bag is the best bag I have ever had! I absolutely LOVE it! I crossfit and I can any and everything I need in it.

    269. 55555

      This bag makes it easy to find whatever I need for a WOD because there’s a place for everything!

    270. 55555

      Love my bag! I have it in pink and it was bigger than I expected when it arrived, but I can fit everything I need in it. I do Crossfit/powerlifting at a non-Xfit gym, so sometimes I have to bring in my own equipment. I can fit all my workout gear, my lifting shoes, plus an Abmat and fractional plates with room to spare. I use the second shoe area for my jump rope or work clothes when I have to change at the gym. I couldn’t ask for a better bag.

    271. 55555

      This bag is amazing! I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and weightlifting/Crossfit about five to six times a week. I can fit my jiu jitsu gi, workout clothes, a pair of lifting shoes and Nanos, water bottle, protein shaker, vitamins, resisting bands/lacrosse ball and still have room for an extra change of clothes. I love the fact that it has a bunch of small pockets to put things as your watch, headphones, cell phone and etc. The bag is made of great quality material.

    272. 55555

      This bag is great. I debated on the JR or the original and glad I went with the original. I carry 2 pairs of size 14 shoes, 2 changes of gym clothes, supplements, mobility bands, gloves, shaker cup, inzer belt, and a few other things. The bag does get heavy but carries well and balanced. There are at least 4 of these bags at my box or gym if you will. I own a lot of bags, and I’d replace this one if I lost it.

    273. 55555

      Super heavy duty, comfortable! It’s great I can fit more then enough things in it and everyone always compliments me at the gym about it. Also great for traveling

    274. 55555

      Love this bag. Very well made. Heavy duty! Shoe garages are great. I use one for my belt. Magnetic carry handles are superior for entry over velco/hook & loop. I can’t remember if it was in the description, but it has a hard liner bottom so it holds shape. Mesh pockets on the end are perfect for protein shaker bottles.

      Some improvements I would suggest:
      1. Add more ventilation for the shoe garages. I noticed, the first time I used them, that my shoes were still damp with sweat the next day.
      2. Add a side pocket specifically for jump ropes (maybe 6″ x 6″)

    275. 55555

      Absolutely love this bag! People think I’m crazy because I haven’t stopped talking about how amazing it is. I get ready for work at the gym and there is plenty of room for everything I need to get my day going. It’s also ridiculously comfortable to carry and looks great!

    276. 55555

      The best bag. I can fit 2 pairs of metcon 2s, one pair of lifters, my belt, compression gear, mobility tools, and multiple jars of supplements in this bag easily. Its also very durable and looks cool too.

    277. 55555

      Best gym bag ever! It is well made with ample space and well thought out compartments/pockets. Well worth the money

    278. 55555

      I really love this bag!!!. I’m not disappointed, it word every penny. Every one in my box ask about it. I highly recommend this product

    279. 55555

      Best bag I have ever owned! Really made to last. Great zippers and compartments.

    280. 44444

      Awesome bag, really tough, good straps. Will last longer than any other bag I have had!

    281. 55555

      Love this bag! 3.0 is a good size for that “not too big, not too small” size. Room for my lifters, food, and every small thing with all of the pockets it has! I’ve had it for a couple months and seems pretty solid! Thanks guys!

    282. 55555

      Best Crossfit bag I’ve ever owned. A lot of room and very durable. Should have bought it a long time ago.

    283. 55555

      This is THE BAG a CrossFitter needs! Talk about versatility!!! I have both of my shoes, Metcons and Lifters, clothes, belt, wrist bands and more! I LOVE THIS THING.

    284. 55555

      This bag is amazing!!! It fits everything I need for work and the gym, without being TOO big or bulky. I get compliments all the time.

    285. 55555

      Great bag, very durable. Plenty of space. Meal replacement bag could be a bit different but overall great.

    286. 44444

      What I love about this bag is that it’s every bit as tough and strong as advertised. I carry so much.
      In my bags they always rip, tear and fall apart in short order. But not this bag! I’m very happy with how this bag is holding up. I do recommend this bag.

    287. 55555

      Excellent bag! Tons of storage, many useful compartments, and unbelievable build quality! I finally found THE gym bag.

    288. 55555

      What an amazing bag!!!! It’s a huge hit every time I go to the gym, people are raving about it. I highly recommend them to the always active on the go people who aren’t very organized. Can’t wait to see more colours hit the market!

    289. 55555

      The original King Kong bag is exactly what I needed to go to the gym everyday. It has the perfect number of pockets to store items and lots of space for clothes. I also use it for traveling and it has been phenomenal.

    290. 55555

      I love this bag. The two spots for shoes is awesome.

    291. 55555

      This bag is great! It does everything it says it does and has the durability to back it up. Easy to deal with company that knows its products. Definitely a good buy.

    292. 44444

      Really like this bag. Plenty of room for lunch, Crossfit, Crossfit stuff like jumprope, post work out clothes. Seems really durable after few months of daily use. Not completely sold on the magnetic closure for the handles and would like a contrast color interior. This latter would presumably bump up the price though for a product that seems fairly priced as it is. Would give a 5th star for that feature.

    293. 55555

      I absolutely love this bag! The compartments are laid out well, and the construction is super durable. My only regret is not getting the XL bag, because I feel like the shoe pouches take up most of the interior storage space, even when there aren’t shoes in them. If you’re on the fence, go for the bigger one is my advice! That one regret aside, I highly recommend this bag to everyone!

    294. 55555

      Great Gym back finally a bag which fits all my Crossfit gear and a change of clothes.

    295. 44444

      Get bag, lots of external storage

    296. 55555

      Great bag. It is hits the spot for space and carries everything I need. This is now my go-to-bag for the box.

    297. 55555

      Durable bag with plenty of space

    298. 55555

      By far the best gym bag I have used. The two shoe compartment alone makes this bag worth the money. All my gear easily fits and is readily accessible. I will never use a different bag unless KingKong makes a better one.

    299. 55555

      By far one of the best bags I’ve bought! Spacious and plenty of pockets to store all my gear!

    300. 55555

      Amazing gym bag!
      This gym bag is amazing! My previous gym was a good starter when I began crossfit. But two years later, a jump rope, wrist wraps, and three different pairs of shoes that I need on hand all the time my old gym bag kept getting smaller by the minute. One of my friends at my gym uses this bag and it looked amazing, so I purchased one myself. I couldn’t be happier! I got the multi-cam because I just love me some multi-cam and I was not disappointed. The design, style, and quality of this bag is top notch. I don’t see myself needing another gym bag for a while with the level of quality this is made. When I do need a new one I will always get this one!

    301. 44444

      I love my bag. The only change I would ever want would be maybe to add an additional pocket or mesh pocket on the inside of the bag. Other than that, its great. I carry all of my wraps, tape, and supplements in my bag.

    302. 55555

      Finally a gym bag for the serious lifter
      I’ve had my 3.0 for a week.i cannot get over the organization that it has.my 3 pairs of shoes are separated from my other gear.i have my shaker bottles outside.i have pockets to organize my wraps,ropes,tape,extra clothes,my roller.i can say it is one of the best purchases for my fitness goals I have made.its sturdy.metal snaps and rings.king kong you guys have made my year.i will be purchasing other products very soon.thank you so much!!!

    303. 55555

      Worth the Money!
      I’ve been burned buying expensive stuff online. Expected something mediocre, but this bag delivered as promised and was worth every cent. Tough, durable and incredibly functional. A beast in every sense of the word. I ordered a second to use a luggage. Great customers service too. Ask for John. He answered my emails on a holiday just to make sure I got the right fit. Solid product and worth the money.

    304. 33333

      I really like this bag and would happily recommend it for any crossiftter who needs to carry a range of gear around.
      The shoe compartments, and varied storage pockets help a great deal.
      Unfortunately the red and black string tags that connect to the zippers are either melted or hot glued into place. Within the first few months of use, many of the strings have come apart and pulled through the zipper which now makes opening and closing the zippers a frustrating and time costuming process.

      If they could fix this problem, this bag would get a 5 star rating.

    305. 55555

      This is a great company and Awesome bag. I emailed with a few questions and concerns and got immediate responses by John. I highly recommend this bag and company!!

    306. The best bag I have ever owned. I can fit everything I need for BJJ, as well as my CrossFit classes, inside the 3.0 and still have room to spare. Keep up the solid work King Kong…

    307. I got the King Kong Giant for Christmas and I am in love with it!! The only thing that would make it even better would be some sort of organizers inside of the large area so I could separate nasty stuff from clean stuff. Thank you for building a bag that can accommodate all of my stuff!!!

    308. My husband loves this bag! The two spots for shoes is genius, and all the sections have helped keep his supplies organized. He has plenty of space in the main area for clothes, bin of chalk, weight belt Etc. He was very surprised I found such a great Christmas gift. Thanks King Kong!

    309. For quite some time I wanted a good bag and finally found one.

      A suggestion to those looking… If you are looking for something just for a few items then the King Kong Jr would be good, but if you are going to carrying shoes, water, snack, ect… I definitely recommend the original or XL.

    310. My ONLY complaint about this bag is that I don’t love the selection of colors. Otherwise, this is the best bag out there for crossfitters. You can easily fit two pairs of shoes, your belt, sleeves, rope – whatever you’ve got, this bag fits and does so comfortably. Most important to me: it keeps everything ORGANIZED. There’s a perfect spot for any type of gear you’ve got and it’s really durable. Huge fan!

    311. Fantastic product perfect size love the 2 shoe pockets.

    312. Great bag. I like the double-shoe compartments. I use one for shoes and the other for storage. I like the bag so much I bought one to use to bring my stuff to and from work in.

    313. Absolutely love this bag! It’s practical which is my favorite part! The shoe compartments are great and there is still plenty of room in the bag! Wouldn’t change anything about it!

    314. The best! Love it!

    315. I’ve only been using my King Kong bag for about 3 weeks but I absolutely LOVE IT! Plenty of room and storage space and it’s very durable. It’s definitely worth the $125 price tag!!

    316. I’ve been searching for the perfect size gym bag for a while, also in a decent price range. The King Kong jr. is the perfect size! I especially like how there’s a separate compartment for lifters to save space inside the bag. My only complaint would be that the stitching on one of the outside pockets came loose in a corner and I almost lost a diamond ring I took off before my workout. Other than that, it’s the best!

    317. The bag was a Christmas gift for our son in Colorado who does Cross Fit. He was totally jazzed about it.

    318. Definitely roomy and material is very durable. A little disappointed with the size because, I thought the regular would be bigger. Overall, happy and excited to use my bag!

    319. I seldom leave reviews because I normally am skeptical of there validity. This is the exception. While the bag costs more than what is readily available in the big sports stores, it is the best gym bag purchase I have made. Superior quality of materials and construction sets this bag apart from other “competitors”. I am very pleased and have and will continue to recommend to my friends and workout buddies. You will not regret spending the extra few dollars to get the value this bag has to offer. The only thing missing is an exclusive pocket/pouch for extra sweaty apparel.

    320. 55555

      Hi, just a quick email to say how much I LOVE my pink bag that I recieved as a wedding anniversary present from my husband (he obviously knows me very well!!) although not a traditional wedding anniversary gift it’s probably one of the most thoughtful that I had received. I often head to crossfit after work and to have a bag that can fit so much in it so easily is amazing. To be able to fit into one bag several pairs of shoes, skipping ropes, towels, a complete change of clothes, knee guards, wrists wraps, belts etc makes my life beyond easier. And I have to say, I’ve made quite a few people envious at the box. Thank you so much for creating a useful, versatile and well made product!!

    321. This bag is amazing. Seriously you can load up everything in here without worrying about it running out of space. I did preorder the King Kong giant and other than waiting way longer than expected to receive it (2 months longer) I seriously have no negative things to say about this bag. Seriously recommend to anyone who has a lot of items to travel with them to the gym or people who go straight after work. You can literally fit a closet in here!

    322. I recently purchased the Original Kong Bag and meal bag.Im a driver and diabetic,the meal bag is perfect for my meals and pills and the Original bag is the best bag ive ever had!!It compares in quality and toughness to my seabag i had in The Marines!!I love them both and will be a customer for life!!!Now if they would just come out with a black beanie that would be the icing!!!!

    323. Absolutely amazing!! Looks set to last a lifetime. A perfect Gym companion for all kinds of workouts. Lots of space. You can’t go wrong with this, just go ahead and get it. Btw: Personally i think black is the best choice if ordering remotely – Asit

    324. Amazing bag! Top notch customer service. Quality of the bag is out of this world. Very happy with it. I use Original bag for gym and Giant bag for travel. Love them both! Do yourself a favor and get a King Kong bag!

    325. Thank you sir for all the help. King Kong bags have definitely revolutionized the gym bag industry and we’re a proud supporters of this company!

    326. 55555

      I received a Black bag for Fathers Day from my kids. Since then, it has replaced my usual gym and work bag and it goes with me everywhere. I train during work (in ADF), so I take my gym gear, work gear and lunch in the one bag. I use the bottom shoe compartment for shoes, the top carries my gym clothes, gloves, MMA mitts, training towel and rain jacket.
      The main compartment fits my lunch, iPad, note books etc. end pocket has wallet car keys, protein snack bars etc. Side pockets have multi tool torch, Bluetooth headphones, sunglasses. And the end pockets carry my smart shaker and water bottle. And the best thing is that with all this gear, there is still a heap of room left. This is the best designed bag I have come across. I travel a lot and this will now replace my standard carry on. I highly recommend this bag for anyone who needs to carry gear to work or travelling. I will no longer have to wait for my gym gear when the airline loses my bags as with the King Kong, it will be with me.

    327. I had to order mine from a 3rd party retailer because they were sold out here. Now I know why, these bags are built tough and keep your stuff organized. I dont do that crossfit crap, however I am a gym rat and do travel a lot. I was looking for a well designed bag to travel with and this is it. For once I am thankful for an ad that popped up on facebook. Very happy with this purchase, great value for the price.

    328. I have the large, hot pink original. Very well made and durable. I love all the storage pockets, especially the side pockets for extra sneakers. Great purchase!

    329. Large and durable. I love all the pockets and storage spots, especially the 2 for extra sneakers. I also love the hot pink color! Great purchase!

    330. Great bag. Best gym bag I’ve ever had. I take it everywhere. More than enough space so I never worry about running out.

    331. I’ve had my camo Original King Kong Bag 3.0 for about two month now and have been 100% satisfied ! Finally a bag that fits all my stuff. This is the best gym bag that I have ever owned.This bag is huge and is built to last forever! The only problem I have with it is that I can NEVER GET IT FULL!! 5/5 stars!!

    332. This bag is awesome! I bought the red bag and the color is great! That means a lot to me. I love all hte pockets and the bag is very rugged and durable! I only wish it had more room. Once you put shoes in the individual pockets, they take up a lot of interior room. If you’re going to use it for more than a gym bag, buy the extra large. I bought my bag right before they came out with the larger size. Dang. Oh well, the bag is still amazing!!!

    333. The bag is excellent in terms of design and compartmente and sidepockets, really loved the amount and differntiations of the pockets and ultimately the 2 shoes compartments, but what disappointed is the size or the bag would have loved it better if it was a little bit bigger.

    334. The bag is absolutely amazing as far as construction, storage space, and quality! The only thing that’s disappointing is that the charcoal is definitely an army-green, not dark grey like I expected. Not a huge deal, but be aware that your bag will look more green than grey.

    335. This is unquestionably the best gym bag I have ever owned. Heavy duty. Great zippers. A lot of pockets. I’ve gone through a lot of gym bags sold by top name brands. This King Kong is better than all of them.

    336. This is the best gym bag that I have ever owned. The material is heavy, zippers are strong (not the cheap ones) and the snaps are top notch. I have room to carry my gym clothes, supplements, lifting shoes, basketball shoes, basketball and my other lifting accessories I need. This is probably a lifetimes bag. Great buy!!!!!

    337. Love this bag! The highest complement I can give a product- it does what it says it will do! my gym friends call it my “closet” since it can hold everything I need to bring and way more than that! The sep compartments are intelligently designed and perfect for all needs. If you are thinking of getting this bag- I would tell you to just go for it – I love mine!!

    338. Had the bag for a week or so now and while that makes it difficult for me to comment on the longevity of the bag I can certainly confirm the reviews above/below. This is a brilliant bag! Like many others I am not even using half of the space, but I love all the pockets (it should be some sort of standard to have shoe slot on gym bags!) and you can really feel it is a quality bag that is designed to last for ages. Compared to all other bags I have had this feels like a massive upgrade rather than just a replacement (and I doubt I will need to replace this one any time soon). It had to be flown across the pond to me in the UK, but that was fairly quick and painless as well so I wouldn’t let that put you off. I am so pleased with my purchase and as an additional bonus; the customer service is absolutely fantastic.

    339. 2 pairs of shoes, my used gym clothes kept in the shoe slot, my lunch everyday, breakfast most days and extra training clothes. Plus room for my rope and bits and pieces. Had the bad 4 weeks now and finally found a bag that works. May get the bigger one as well for travel.

    340. This bag is huge and is built to last forever. Definitely worth the money.

    341. Love my hot pink bag. At first I thought it was too big but it didn’t take long for me to fill it up! Plenty of room for shoes, etc. love all the pockets.

    342. Love my King Kong bag! Keeps everything well organized. Room for Nano’s as well as lifting shoes as well as plenty of inside storage for lifting belt. Great Bag!!

    343. I absolutely LOVE my bag. It keeps me very organized and it allows me to hold everything I need to take tot he gym or competitions. I could not ask for a better bag! It is nice and sturdy, but it also looks good! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

    344. Love my King Kong bag! Fits everything I need for working out and then some. There is a little tear in the top shoe compartment but other than that the bag is perfect.

    345. I’m so excited to have this bag! Everything fits so well! Very adaptable and strong. Thank you!

    346. 55555

      Well.. Your obviously reading these reviews to see if you should get the bag!

      Let’s keep it short and simple,
      This will bag will last time, It caters for everyone needs.

      For example the other I used this bag to go school work and the gym plus packed all my food in the bag. the bag still felt supportive on my shoulders

    347. I love this bag. I bought it a couple months ago and there are zero regrets! I am not easy on my gym bags, and have had ones in the past rip or break within a month. This bag is high quality and durable. I talk it up to anyone who asks and it is well worth the price. The shoe pockets are awesome for keeping my gym shoes organized, and there are so many compartments for everything else. You will not find a better bag out there, and it is definitely worth the price!

    348. As a firefighter I work out both at home and at the station. I needed a bag that could hold all my gym stuff and a few uniforms. This bag does it all and looks good doing it. Customer service is top notch with King Kong! You won’t regret buying this bag

    349. I bought this bag a couple months ago after my gym offered an affiliate discount code and finding nothing even remotely close on the market. This bag has been fantastic for me, I keep a couple pairs of shoes, my belt, a change of clothes, protein, multiple water bottles, and god knows what else. It’s stood up to fairly good abuse but still looks good and wouldn’t get questioned as some sort of tactical bag if out in public. The only issue that I’ve run into is that it seems to absorb odor fairly easily, and I can’t determine what it’s from since all my individual items don’t smell and I keep everything fairly clean and aired out. So far emptying it and washing it with dish soap and water has worked well, but doing that every month or so is tiresome.

    350. The toughest and highest quality gym bag I have ever owned. Well designed to hold all your gym gear. Worth the cabbage to get a high quality product. Great customer service and company.

    351. I absolutely love my pink King Kong bag! It’s the perfect size for me and all my gear (and I have a lot!). I can actually fit two pairs of shoes in each of the shoe compartments so I can carry lifters, nanos, running shoes, and work shoes without putting any dirty shoes in with my clothes. The side compartment is perfect for my jump rope and wraps. I can also fit shaker bottles in the mesh pockets, which is nice. I will most likely be ordering another for my husband. Bottom line: get this bag, you won’t regret it!

    352. I’ve got two of the Original King Kong bags – one for work which carries my gym clothes, lunch, and other items and another for the gym with my olympic weightlifting shoes, belt, and other accessories. The fit, finish, and durability of the King Kong bags is unmatched and I’ve found that the combination of functional pockets and compartments to outclass the competition. I used to own several Reebok and UnderArmour bags, and they’ve now all bit the dust or have been retired. If you are like me and where a tie to work and have a whole slew of gym essentials (shoes, belts, etc.), then you will definitely find value in the King Kong bags.

    353. “I have been using the Original King Kong bag for several months, and have been extremely happy with it. The bag is “heavy duty” as advertised, and it has enough pockets and room for me to drag all of my crossfit gear around. I especially like the dual shoe compartments, as I like to keep a pair of lifters and running shoes available. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking.

    354. I love, love, love my King Kong Bag! Prior to getting this bag I would carry two bags…one for my gym bag and one for my mobility bag and I was always missing a pair of shoes! I now only have to carry one bag and I always have an extra pair of shoes with me! It is an amazing bag and the perfect size. Not too big, not too small! I have the pink bag and my husband has the black. Both colors wear very well and the bags are very durable! I would highly recommend this bag to anyone who carries around a bunch of stuff! It’s perfect!

    355. The King Kong bag is amazing, all my stuff fits in there, you name it from the shoes to my weightlifting belt to my jump rope and wrist wraps. All around bag for everything. You will be pleased. It helps keeping everything organized with dedicated compartments. No complaints .

    356. Excellent bag! Material is strong and solid. Fits my stuff perfect and makes it easy to find and put away.

    357. Best gym bag ever!!!!! Holds everything I want and need. The bag is nearly indestructible, and looks great .

    358. Love the bag. Thought it would be a little bigger than what it was. Should have waited for the new KK XL that i seen photos for. Slightly bigger and would have worked perfect but this bag is well worth it.

    359. I absolutely love this bag. It is able to hold everything I could possibly need with me for CrossFit. It’s extremely durable as well. I’ve had no issues with any mesh starting to rip or break, or any other defects some other reviews have indicated, and I’ve definitely stuffed items in that outside mesh pocket portion so that it’s been stretched out. Bought one originally and my wife finally agreed to let me get her one too to replace the Victoria’s Secret tote/backpack/reusable cloth grocery bag that she was using instead, and she loves hers too. Overall, I am extremely happy with this bag, and know it will last me for several years, at least. Use the promo code CFBOARDS10 too when purchasing this if you’re really that put off by the higher price. It’s absolutely worth it even at full price, as the quality of the bag is outstanding.

    360. Initially I thought the King Kong bag would be too big for my needs but after using it for a few weeks, it has come in quite handy. For example, I usually go to the grocery store after going to the gym and I can easily fit some groceries in my bag to free up my hands or making it easier to go up flights of stairs. I know it had a ton of pockets already, but more pockets would make this bag even better; perhaps on the inside so you can separate a spare set of clothes from your sweaty knee-bands/ gear. Also, the long strap doesn’t stay in place for me; it tends to slip. Otherwise, great bag and even better in PINK!!!

    361. I own “The Original” King Kong Bag 3.0. I like it so much that I bought the same one for my husband in a different color. I noticed that our zipper pulls are different and that it is good to see the upgrade/change. My zipper pulls are woven together with black and red rope. They look badass but they are starting to un-weave themselves and fall apart. My husbands bag has a more durable canvas/plastic zipper pull. Equally badass looking but I know those wont fall apart like mine. Other than that, absolutely no complaints. The bag is generous in size, constructed well, and tons of pockets. Thanks King Kong!

    362. Bags amazing, can fit my basketball shoes and gym shoes in it along with my lifting belt and so much more!
      10/10 stars

    363. Love the bag. It is obviously perfect for the gym – you can fit everything in it. We just got back from vacation, and I took the king kong so I could hit a few boxes while we were in Florida and it fit perfectly in all overhead space. The dimensions of the bag are to regulation (It might be an inch taller if packed completely FULL). I packed all clothes for a week, my Metcons, rope, wodies, etc. and it fit perfectly. The only thing that would make the bag any better would be if it had wheels to pull around the airport. lol.

    364. In short, this is a great company and great product. In terms of the product itself, not much more you could ask for in a gym bag. I especially love the two pockets for shoes, and this makes perfect sense for someone like myself where I have squat shoes, and occasionally deadlift or cross training shoes. The material is very durable and overall the bag is great.

      What even more impressed me about this company is their customer service. I had an issue with the bag and the owner of the company responded on a Sunday afternoon right after I had submitted an inquiry and took care of the issue immediately. That kind of service and standing behind customers really deserves recognition and support. Two thumbs up guys.

      Citadel Nutrition

    365. Love the exterior Velcro pockets! The zipper front and side pockets are also sized perfectly for gear and other items, like a wallet. The only thing I would point out is that the internal shoe compartments take up about half of the inside capacity of the bag. This is only a small issue if you use both shoe compartments. I gave 4 stars due to that. The bag construction is great, and I foresee many more years of use from this bag.

    366. love my camo bag! finally a bag that fits all my stuff – unlike other reviewers here I have no problem filling it up hahaha the only thing I would critize is the mesh at the front: I’ve used my bag for 3 weeks and the mesh has already started breaking at the top. I know it’s the weakest link of the bag but had hoped it was a bit tougher. other than that: A-Plus!

    367. Best gym bag I have ever owned. It’s spacious & durable. If I ever need a new one, I’ll be sure to get another king Kong bag.

    368. 55555

      Love this bag!!! I searched for months trying to find a bag big enough to fit everything but wasn’t overly fussed on the original colour choices. When I was emailed about the pink bag I jumped on and pre-ordered straight away and I can honestly say I don’t think I will ever buy another brand again. Its lightweight and fits absolutely everything in it, with more compartments than you can poke a stick at!
      Perfection 🙂

    369. Boyfriend loved his bag. Able to pack all his gym necessities all in one place. Carries it around with him everywhere! Looking forward in getting one for myself. Great product!

    370. 55555

      I love this bag ! I had my doubts that it would fit everything but it did and had room to spare! Very durable bag, lots of pockets, best gym bag I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of them.

    371. 55555

      This bag is incredible. I received it as a gift and couldn’t be happier. The organisation of the pockets is well thought out and I love that I can keep my lifting shoes separate for easy access. Definitely worth buying!


    373. This is a initial review. I bought this bag for transporting my workout clothes, shoes and food to work and the gym. 4 stars because the pictures make it look huge, it’s not it’s standard duffel bag size.

    374. I just wanted to drop a quick email to say a huge thank you for my letter in the mail! This is the very first time I have received a hand written note from a company before. My fiance is actually the one who got me hooked on your products. He did a lot of research and found your website after having so many gym bags break on him! He decided to give your bag a shot and fell in love with it. He has had it for almost 2 years now and it still looks new. After my bag started to fall apart and it was time for me to get a new one, I knew exactly which one I wanted. I have had it for about a month now and can’t imagine using any other product. The durability and material are fantastic! I use my bag practically every day and have a lot of equipment that I need to store inside. There is a pocket for everything–my favorite is the double shoe storage! I’m looking forward to many more months with this bag and using more of your products!

    375. I don’t usually do product reviews, but this bag is incredible, so I think it merits one.
      I coach at a CrossFit affiliate, and this bag carries all of my gear and my training partner’s with total ease. For me, the most important feature that most bags lack is organization (tons of pockets), but this bag has plenty! It has tons of room, and the quality is amazing. The material and the zippers are military grade, so this bag will last for ages. Even the metal hooks for the straps are impressively high-grade. It’s kind of hard to gauge exactly how much will fit in this bag until you stuff it with gear (and realize how huge it is). It’s massive, and yet still feels compact when I carry it. It has two shoe compartments, but you won’t need both for shoes. I fit my Oly shoes, running shoes, and a pair of sandals all in one of them easily, so I use the second for storing bands and rehab equipment. You could also use it as a dirty clothes compartment, since it’s vented. Even with both shoe pockets completely full (which encroaches on the inner space of the main compartment), there is still plenty of space inside the main for a lifting belt, sweatshirt, work and workout clothes for two people. In one of the smaller side pockets alone, I can fit two pairs of wrist wraps, two compression (VooDoo) wraps, and athletic tape.
      This bag carries everything you own, separates it for easy access, and is virtually bulletproof. Whatever you need a bag for, this is the one to get. It has more than anyone could want or need. Incredible product!

    376. Love my bag. I showed it around to about 10 people at the box I work at within the first few days of getting it because it was so perfect. Don’t buy anything else.

    377. The bag has totally lived up to my expectations and I’m very happy with it. I use it 5-6 times per week going to the box and it’s perfect. It carries my lifters, nanos, belt and all of my other workout gear (tape, wraps, sleeves, etc.) without any problems. I really like all of the different compartments and pockets, and the construction of the bag itself is great. If something were to happen to it, I’d buy a replacement right away.

    378. I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much my boyfriend LOVES his bag. The bag has all the right pockets, and he is able to get to his work out equipment without wasting time by sifting through a normal duffle bag. Now I’m totally jealous of his bag, so I might be getting one to cart my cycling gear around.

      Our previous roommate was the one who turned us on to King Kong Apparel. She loves her bag, and has had great customer service interactions with the company, so we knew going with a King Kong bag was the right choice.

      Can’t wait until the pink duffle becomes available, or even better, a purple one. =)

    379. This is the best gym bag ever! I have gone through so many because they are not sufficiently strong enough or well made to withstand daily use with a lot of items to carry. All the various compartments help me keep items organized. And it fits just right in a standard locker. Thank you,

    380. Best gatdam gym bag I have ever owned. It’s perfect for storing all my lifting gear, including Oly shoes. Since I workout before or after work, I use to carry a separate bag for my laptop. Now I throw everything in the King Kong bag and it gets me through the day. Love the rugged construction and feel. Worth every penny!

    381. I’ve had the bag for about a month now and have been very satisfied. The construction is great and you can tell there is attention to detail. I love the duel side pockets that keep shoes or wet clothes separated from everything else in your bag. The smaller pockets with velcro and zippers are perfect for holding a lacrosse ball and other mobility items along with tape. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive a hand written note from the company a few weeks after I ordered the bag thanking me for my purchase. That says a lot about the effort they are putting into customer service. I would highly recommend this company and bag to anyone.

    382. I’ve had my @kingkongapparel bag for over 3 months now and I love this bag! It’s a heavy duty and strong bag. One of the best parts is how many different pockets and storage areas there are in this bag! In one side pocket, I keep my @reebok lifter plus shoes in there. I keep all of my @rehband sleeves and belts in the side pocket above my shoes. My Rehband sleeves do smell sometimes so it’s great to have a separate areas for them! In the larger side pocket, I have my wraps, straps, and gymnastic grips in there. In one front pocket, I have my tape, ring box, and callus file in it. The middle front pocket I keep my keys, money, and a note that @edulmes wrote to me along time ago that I keep. The other front pocket, I keep my speed rope and phone in there. Lastly in the main part of the bag, I either have my training clothes or my work clothes in there. So you can see, you can store so much in this bag. Trust me this the bag to have to carry ALL of your training gear in! You’ll never go back to a different bag!!

    383. This bag is awesome. The materials and workmanship are top-notch and it ‘s laid out perfectly for CrossFit. It easily carries my lifters, nanos, lifting belt and all of my other workout gear. The various pockets are perfect for stashing wraps, tape, etc. It also looks like it will last forever.

    384. I am absolutely stoked, i love it. Perfect bag for all my gym and exercise gear with plenty of room for my corporate attire. Bag is strong, durable and looks good.

    385. Just received my King Kong 3.0 in black. Can’t tell you how much I love this bag. Read all the reveiws online and had huge expectations and was not disappointed. Had bought and returned a competitors bag and am so glad I did. Like most Crossfitters, I have a ton of gear and there is nothing but room in this bag. Would order again in a second.

    386. This is my second “Original” King Kong bag. I purchased the 2.0 bag a while back and currently use it as a weekend travel bag. I have an online shopping addiction and could not resist the appeal of the upgraded 3.0 design, which currently serves as my gym bag. The 3.0 bag does not disappoint. The material and overall build quality are top notch.. The new shoulder strap is boss. It has plenty of pockets for my gym shoes, clean clothes, dirty clothes, towel, belt, chalk, jump rope, wrist wraps, notebook, lacrosse balls, and so on. I highly recommend you purchase this bag for the gym or for travel purposes, you will not be disappointed.

    387. Hi, the bag has arrived and I’m very happy for it
      It’s beautiful, strong, high capacity, so the best for go at the gym and have all I need for a crossfit wod (my friends have asked me were I bought and I’ve talked them of you)
      Thank You
      I was sure to buy the right and the best bag and so it has been
      You work very well

    388. This bag is by far the best designed crossfit/gym bag I have ever owned. It is made of durable material but still very light. The functional pockets and compartments make storing my gear very easy. There is enough room to store anything you may need while the overall size of the bag is compact enough that it isn’t overwhelming. This bag is a great piece of gear to have. I will be a King Kong customer for life!

    389. This is a FANTASTIC bag!!! Construction, design, and functionality are superb! I now have all the space I need for my gear and clothes without having to pull everything out to get what I need. The bottom of the bag is sturdy enough to not get that annoying sag in the middle of the bag Definitely buy this bag.

    390. I just got my Black 3.0 this past week and I LOVE IT! The separate shoe compartments are so convenient, and they still leave plenty of room. I don’t see myself filling this bag to capacity any time soon, but it does give me a great excuse to buy more gear. It also seems super durable, as in it would probably survive a bomb blast. Great product, I can’t wait to keep using and keep filling it!

    391. I absolutely love my King Kong bag. It’s caught the eyes of several fellow crossfitters and I’m always referring them to your site. The only problem I have with it is that I can NEVER GET IT FULL!!

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